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Adorable Home is a simulation mobile game developed by HyperBeard that allows players to create and decorate their own virtual home, adopt and take care of cute virtual pets, and interact with their partner in the game.
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Adorable Home MOD APK Overview

Adorable Home is a simulation mobile game developed by HyperBeard that allows players to create and decorate their own virtual home, adopt and take care of cute virtual pets, and interact with their partner in the game. The game starts with players moving into their new home, which they can decorate with a wide range of furniture and decor items that they can purchase using in-game currency or real money. Players can also customize their avatar and their partner’s avatar, who can help with household chores, cook meals, and provide companionship.

Adorable Home also features a pet system, where players can adopt various animals, including cats, dogs, and birds, and take care of their needs, such as feeding and playing with them. Players can also collect stickers by completing daily tasks and petting their pets, which they can exchange for new items.

In addition to taking care of their home and pets, players can participate in daily and weekly events to earn more currency and unlock exclusive items. They can also interact with other players in the game’s social features, such as sharing pictures of their home and pets and visiting their friends’ homes. Adorable Home’s simple and relaxing gameplay, charming visuals, and cute animal characters have made it a popular mobile game. The game is free to play, but players can purchase in-game currency and premium items with real money.

Information About Adorable Home MOD APK

App Name Adorable Home MOD APK
Latest Version
Size 123 MB
Developed By HyperBeard
Platform Android
Requirement 5.1 and up
Worldwide Downloads 10 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Hearts, Currency
Updated 2 days ago
Category Simulation

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Adorable Home MOD APK Features

Choose Your Love

You and your spouse will relocate to a new home in the suburbs with your darling little kitten as you enter this adorable world. This game’s character choice is straightforward but unique since it has a deeper significance. Any character, whether male and female, male and male or female and female, is an option. Whether you’re gay or straight, you can be yourself in this game and build a solid relationship because it respects and appreciates the LGBT community, which is why so many gamers all over the world adore it.

Sound and 2D Graphics

You are quite mistaken if you believe Cute House will include stunning graphics that are both cutting-edge and sophisticated. This game’s graphics are created in a straightforward, conventional manner with a well-known 2D format, promising to provide you with the most fascinating moments as soon as you play it. HyperBeard, the game’s publisher, is skilled at selecting the right audio. The fact that it features a piece of background music that is generally mellow and introspective, providing players with melodic and enticing music throughout the encounter, is proof positive. Pets also make a very vibrant sounds whether they are joyful or agitated.

Let’s Construct the Initial Home

All humans on this planet must have a place to call home, and purchasing a new home, decorating it, and settling into it with a loving family are always unforgettable experiences. Every pair can embark on fantastic, adventurous trips throughout the game. Choose a character first. Unlike characters in other games that only come in male or female forms, your character does not have a limited identity. Your character preference in this game is still superior to any other game because it has an LGBTQ+-friendly environment. The next step is to approach your life partner and be upfront about your preferences once you have decided on your character.

Play As the Characters You Like Best

Android players in Cute Home can first select the characters of their choice from a variety of genders and appearances. You can pick the ideal appearances for you and your companion, with whom you intend to spend the rest of your life in this tiny house of yours. The game will feature a variety of characters, each with a distinctive appearance. Make a wise decision and get set for your lovely trip.

Unlimited Love Points

As the player starts dating, their only goal is maintaining a committed connection. The pair must look out for one another in order to have a healthy relationship. After work, make some delectable cuisine for your lovers and serve it to them. Have Pepper abide by all established boundaries for the two of them. The more love you share with others, the more love you will receive in return, and you can use those love points to buy any home decor items you might need. In order to symbolise gender equality, this game mod opens with pride flags. Rainbow colours suggest that everyone has their own preferences and way of life and that no one is in charge of anybody else.

Perfect Graphics For Relaxation

Cute Home’s aesthetics are not particularly impressive, yet this is what draws in a lot of gamers. Warm and delicate tones are used in combination with simple but wonderful drawing techniques to give the images a sympathetic and joyful appearance. The visuals of the game seem to transport you to a happy, peaceful love story. With the game’s photo feature, take a tonne of pictures to fill your happy album. Cute House depicts a loving existence in a way that is natural and you may recognise yourself in it. You are the one who understands yourself the best, and you will always have to make decisions that affect how your life turns out.

Let’s Go House Shopping

Everyone tries to adorn their homes as much as they can, which satisfies players’ wishes. With infinite money, Cute House Mod APK allows users to purchase everything they want for their homes. whenever you have free time, decorate your kitchen, hallway, your bedroom, and every other room in the house. You can purchase anything not only with money but also with love points. There are numerous categories in the market, including boxes, pets, food, gardens, couches, and many more. There are much too many things you’ll run into in this game, but one of the most important ones is that you can shop endlessly even if you don’t have enough points.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Adorable Home MOD APK

LGBTQ+ people are welcome at Beautiful Home. It makes references to mature themes and occasionally shows characters dressed provocatively; after all, this is a game about spouses using their home’s amenities (such as the bathroom and bedroom). It might not be suitable for kids.

Does the baby in Adorable Home do anything?

Once the Nursery has been unlocked, the user can choose the name and skin tone of their child. The player and/or their partner can be seen keeping an eye on the infant while it is resting, playing, or getting care.

What else can you do in Adorable Home?

You can increase your “love” by playing the three minigames of caressing, pedicuring, and showering. Although each method of care has its own set of guidelines, the main requirement is to maintain Snow and the other cats’ happiness.

What happens at night in Adorable Home?

All areas will dim at night, and while you are sleeping, all in-room lighting will be switched on. By depressing the lightbulb button in the lower-left corner, these lights can be turned off. The lights will turn back on when the player enters a room after turning them off.

How do you speed up farm in Adorable Home?

By tapping a plant that has not yet reached maturity to open its harvest time popup, which can be done by tapping a plant to watch an advertisement, you can shorten growth times by a random number of hours (between 2-8).

How do you get max Love in Adorable Home?

Love is all we require, and then some more. Tap the “accept love x 80” button several times to receive more love. Try repeatedly hitting the “accept love x 80” button to obtain at least 300 additional loves after finishing each assignment rather than tapping the “double love x 160” button and viewing advertisements.

How long does it take to unlock the Garden in Adorable Home?

The Garden is the second place in Cute House that may be unlocked. It is one of the game’s seven locations. The Garden can be accessed by the player with 3,000 Love. Sometimes when the player enters the Garden at night, fireflies will fly across the screen.

What's new

Adorable Home is adding Cloud Save so you can keep your progress anywhere!



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