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Age of Apes MOD APK is a strategy game developed by tap4fun that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are extinct, and apes have evolved into intelligent beings.
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Age of Apes is an innovative mobile game that transports players into a post-human world where apes rule the planet. This strategy-based game combines elements of warfare, community building, and exploration, setting it apart from traditional mobile games. Players lead their troop of intelligent apes, striving to find and control the last remaining bananas on earth, the most valuable resource in this new age. The game’s engaging storyline, filled with humor and unexpected twists, captivates players, encouraging them to dive deep into this ape-dominated world.

The uniqueness of Age of Apes lies in its creative approach to the strategy genre, offering players a chance to engage in battles, form alliances, and strategize for control over banana resources and territory. With its vibrant graphics and dynamic environments, the game creates a compelling post-apocalyptic world that is both entertaining and challenging. Players are not just participants but leaders who make critical decisions that shape the future of their ape society. Age of Apes stands out for its ability to blend strategy, teamwork, and adventure, making it a must-play game for enthusiasts of all ages.

Age of Apes Features

Prevent Destruction From Apes Empire

Players will be taken to a world where everything was destroyed by the Last War of Humanity in the Age of Apes. Although it was a godsend that the monkeys made it through the conflict, the fact that there were no bananas for them to eat made for a violent scenario. The six strongest monkeys took the initiative and began to control space to pursue bananas amid the chaos. Naturally, they have also developed rockets for this purpose.

Strategic Gameplay and Base Building

At the core of Age of Apes is its strategic gameplay and base-building feature. Players are tasked with constructing and upgrading their own ape city, turning it into a stronghold against enemy attacks. This involves managing resources, developing infrastructure, and defending territory. The strategic element extends to organizing troops for battle, deciding when to fight or retreat, and optimizing resource allocation to ensure the growth and survival of the ape community.

Battle and Vanquish Adversaries

Mutant monkeys want to wipe off other apes and rule the universe, not live in peace. To live and protect the entire planet’s resources from these terrible apes, you must engage in ferocious combat with them. You must build base camps for this reason for your army to receive the necessary training and battle these powerful monkeys in the following game levels. Nonetheless, bouts will happen on their own, and you’ll need to assess your combatants’ strength and ability before a fight. You can evaluate your warriors’ abilities and attributes to determine which one is best for a certain combat or conflict.

Explore the Post-Apocalyptic World

Learn many truths regarding the end of the world and discover what the world was like after this terrible disaster. Later in Age of the Apes Full Version Unlocked, white mutants will appear, and you could have to battle them in PvE mode. See and experience the terrible world in the interim, where everything has been destroyed. Carry a map with you and look up the status of important locations. Find out who is responsible for the world’s destruction.

Put Together a Communication System

Technology has devastated the earth, and everything has simply been destroyed. Think of creative solutions, such as a TV-like information source in-game. that would allow you to learn about the state of your planet. Watch for alliances with other soldiers as well. Create initiatives that improve your planet.

Construct New Cities and Buildings

And there are now only monkeys remaining after humanity departed. Take the lead, then begin to reconstruct everything. The area is completely covered in fog, which can make it challenging for the monkeys to complete their tasks. While the other group goes in search of building materials, the first group goes in search of uranium.

MOD Features

– Unlimited Money

– Speed Increase

– No Ads

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Age of Apes offers a unique and immersive mobile gaming experience that combines strategy, adventure, and community in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by apes. With its emphasis on strategic gameplay, alliance formation, diverse characters, engaging quests, and continuous updates, the game provides endless entertainment and challenges for players. Whether you are strategizing for the next big battle, exploring new territories, or leading your alliance to victory, Age of Apes promises a thrilling adventure in the quest for banana supremacy. Step into this ape-dominated world and lead your troop to glory, one banana at a time.

What's new

- New Fighter: Wildland Baron, Derick, a popular leader of the Wild Monkeys who lives up to his reputation! This first fighter who excels at leading Wall Breakers will bring an all-new experience.
- New Fighter Statues: The statues for Fiona, Bazell, D-Generate Dave, and The Clark Brothers are completed! Earn their double talents to unlock them!
- New Fortress Race Event: Duel other monkeys during the event and strive to conquer the fortress as fast as possible!


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