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Age of History 2 MOD APK is a grand strategy war game developed and published by Lukasz Jakowski Games. The game was released in 2018 and is available for Windows, Android, and iOS.
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Age of History 2 is a compelling mobile strategy game that invites players to rewrite history. As a grand strategy wargame, it offers an intricate mix of diplomacy, conflict, and nation-building across different historical periods. Players take on the role of a leader guiding their civilization through the ages, from the dawn of civilization to the modern era. The game challenges your strategic abilities, asking you to balance military might with diplomatic finesse, manage your economy, and navigate the complex political landscape of your world.

The beauty of Age of History 2 lies in its depth and flexibility. Players can choose any nation, big or small, and lead it towards global domination or a specific historical objective. The game’s vast timeline and detailed map, encompassing hundreds of territories, offer endless scenarios for players to explore. Whether you’re rewriting the outcome of the World Wars, preventing the fall of the Roman Empire, or building a global superpower from a small island nation, Age of History 2 provides a sandbox of historical possibilities.

Age of History 2 Features

The Display Of A World Map

Participants in Age of History II may be taken aback when the global map with numerous, incredibly accurate historical borders first appears on their gadget screen. The players will use the map as they play the game because that is its main objective. By completing the tasks, the participants gain a great deal of meaning from the global map. Particularly, the map in the game is meticulously detailed.

Deep Diplomatic and Economic Systems

At the heart of Age of History 2 are its deep diplomatic and economic systems. Players must navigate a complex web of relationships with other nations, employing diplomacy, threats, or outright warfare to achieve their objectives. The game’s economic system requires careful management of resources, trade, and development to fund your ambitions. These systems are interconnected, as economic strength can influence diplomatic relations, and vice versa, forcing players to make strategic decisions that will impact their nation’s survival and prosperity.

Historic Individuals

In this game, there are numerous methods to write your history. Historical figures of all stripes have interesting tales to share. In the game map, look for a variety of historical people. Historical accounts can tell you more about these individuals and their actions. Historical accounts can teach you about wars, triumphs, and defeats.

Moreover, learned about the conflicts fought in many parts of the world. There are other maps of historical conflicts from all over the world that you can view. You will gain knowledge of the various tactics and methods that were employed during these conflicts through this. A list of all the conflicts fought across various eras can also be found in historical documents.

Wars And Events

The game’s map also mentions various global events and battles. Locate these conflicts on the map of the game to find out how they went and how they ended. You have a choice of playing this game online or on your computer. Any gaming website that has a web browser will also let you play the game.

Learn more about the many historical events that took place throughout the world. You will gain a better understanding of the world’s current predicament and its causes as a result. This game offers two different game modes.

Quick To View All Information

A traditional strategy game’s strongest feature is providing the player with factual information, and Age of History II delivers just that. Participants in the game are most pleased with the publisher’s information since it is so precise and lucid. Players can simply watch what’s happening on the screen while participating in missions rather than speculating on the information they’re curious about. The primary illustration is watching the countries fighting in the world war through a screen at a specific moment. The gadget screen makes it quite simple to see information like the name of the nation, its flag, and the number of soldiers.

Simple Visuals

Age of History II’s graphics are not as impressive as those of other strategy games available. The home screen’s globe map serves as the game’s primary building block. Simple icons on the screen simplify all tactics, diplomacy, and fighting. As a result, you can easily design the strategy you desire by simply touching the relevant feature icons. Generally, the graphics in this game are quite straightforward, yet sufficient to satisfy players.

Establish A United World Order

The player’s ultimate objective when playing the game is to establish a single global order. All nations on earth live in peace, prosperity, and happiness. But is it really simple to accomplish? Probably not, as this is a large-scale international conflict that calls for parties to implement clever policies to achieve the tasks. To overcome factions that have sinister goals and are wreaking chaos, players must utilize all of their might and strategic thinking.

To reach an agreement to put an end to sabotage and conflict on a global scale, players can propose significant papers like the Peace Treaty. Gamers will learn a great deal about many different civilizations and acquire priceless historical information.

Treaties of Peace and Revolution

You can negotiate several peace accords with other countries in this entertaining game. If you want to join forces with others to increase your influence and power, you can do this. This game raises the bar for realistic military strategy! Also, you will be able to incite revolutions in other nations to occupy them by force. There are lots of exciting things you may do in this game right now. Appreciate the top tactics at this very now!

MOD Features

– Unlimited Money

– Unlimited Army

– MOD Unlocked

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Age of History 2 is a mobile game that offers depth, strategy, and the chance to live out countless historical what-ifs. With its detailed map, comprehensive systems for diplomacy and economy, strategic military gameplay, customization options, and multiplayer mode, it stands as a testament to what mobile strategy games can achieve. Whether you’re a history buff, a strategy game aficionado, or just someone looking for a challenging and engaging game, Age of History 2 promises a rewarding and immersive experience. Step into the shoes of history’s greatest leaders and chart a new course for your civilization in Age of History 2.

What's new

New scenario: Victorian Era, 1836
New scenario: Ancient Greece
99% loading bug fix - If doesn't help game data/cache need to be cleared
Rewritten system of saves in game for more stability
New scenario: Napoleonic wars 1792
New: Minimum army to attack and capture any province must be over 10 units
It's possible to rotate the game in landscape mode
Modern World and WW2 scenario optimization! Now, AI makes its moves much faster!
Music is back! All 29 tracks!


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