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Angry Birds Journey is the latest instalment in the popular Angry Birds franchise developed by Rovio Entertainment. The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms.
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Angry Birds Journey MOD APK Overview

Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk is the latest instalment in the popular Angry Birds franchise developed by Rovio Entertainment. The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

In Angry Birds Journey, players use a slingshot to launch birds at structures and pigs in an effort to clear levels and progress through the game’s storyline. The gameplay mechanics remain similar to the previous games in the series, with players pulling back on the slingshot to launch their birds at the target.

The game features a new storyline, set on a mysterious island filled with secrets and puzzles. As players progress through the levels, they unlock new birds with unique abilities, such as a boomerang bird that can turn back in mid-flight, and a giant bird that can crush structures with its weight.

In addition to the regular levels, there are also daily challenges and limited-time events that offer new gameplay mechanics and rewards. The game also features a social aspect, allowing players to connect with friends and compete for high scores on the leaderboard. Angry Birds Journey also boasts updated graphics and sound effects, making for a visually stunning gaming experience. The game is free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases available for players who want to enhance their gameplay experience.

Overall, Angry Birds Journey is a fun and engaging game that builds on the successful formula of the previous Angry Birds games while introducing new elements and mechanics to keep players engaged.

Information About Angry Birds Journey MOD APK

App Name Angry Birds Journey MOD APK
Latest Version
Size 152 MB
Developed By Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Platform Android
Requirement 7.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads 10 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Lives / Coins / Hearts
Updated 2 days ago
Category Puzzle

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Angry Birds Journey MOD APK Features

Pigeon Protected Light Helmet

The Angry Birds Adventure for Helmet Pig has painstakingly created these adorable pigs, making it harder and harder to destroy them. As a result, when you push them onto the cart and remove their helmets, the game gets more challenging. The pigs will be able to avoid being shot, fall down safely, and easily live thanks to the assistance of this unique helmet.

Very Different Levels

Players may choose from hundreds of various stages in Angry Birds Journey, ranging in difficulty from simple to challenging. There will be three playable stages in each level, each with a unique task that players must complete in order to unlock the next level. Each playing level has a wide variety of obstacles to overcome. Wooden barriers that can be easily breached with a single bullet can occasionally be found, but there are also formidable rock walls. The arrangement of the walls differs on each level as well. Players in this game must thus have a flexible strategy to get past obstacles they had not expected.

Straightforward Mechanisms And Controls

Thanks to the clear concepts and straightforward touch controls in Angry Birds Journey, Android players may immediately immerse themselves in this basic and easy puzzle experience. Feel free to use simple gesture controls to operate your birdy slingshots, then let go of the screen to fire devastating projectiles at your foes. Use all of your limited shots to deftly unravel the game’s many puzzle layouts. You should be able to fully appreciate the fantastic mobile game as a result of all of these factors.

Recovery Is Essential Only For Lost Eggs

When you unintentionally lose the egg marvels to naughty pigs, it is when the self-sacrificing deeds to destroy the tower start. Catch all the huge ones and put them in the cart, then destroy them to entirely restore the lost magic eggs. There are hundreds of levels that open up, letting you fully immerse yourself in this universe while engaging in battles with enormous structures and getting rid of all the pigs.

Items of Assistance And Rewards

To “sweep” every level in Angry Birds Journey, players need to use a sensible approach. Extreme challenges, though, might occasionally make you feel trapped. Use the game’s assistance items as a result. These are the components needed to improve the character’s talents. Consider the birds as “cards” in the game. Also, in order to create a bigger “card,” players must amass plenty of identical “cards”. The character’s talents will be improved in a variety of ways, including strength, speed, and many others. Consider exploring them.

Several Interesting and Calming Puzzles to Solve

You may try to solve a variety of intriguing and soothing in-game puzzles in Angry Birds Journey to make the game more engaging. Have fun tackling the fascinating puzzle sets and challenges. Using your mobile devices, try to solve the puzzles and enjoy yourself to the most. And regardless of where you are in the game, Android players can always enjoy playing their favourite gameplay of puzzle solving owing to the rising degrees of complexity in Angry Birds Journey.

Image and Audio Quality

The captivating 3D visuals in this game are stunning. The game experience is both intriguing and quite peaceful. You may employ the amazing and adorable birds you see to destroy your opponents. The setting of this game is incredibly colourful, which the users find to be quite appealing and eye-catching. The controls are quite easy to use; all you have to do is use your figure to draw the slingshot, make a shot at the opposing bases, and destroy them all to beat them.

Fresh Figures

Players will get the chance to interact with the most well-known characters in this most recent instalment of the venerable Angry Birds series. In addition, gamers will make new, amusing, and interesting pals through their new adventures. They will be significant allies in your journey between familiar and foreign regions. This will undoubtedly increase your enjoyment of the encounter.

Exciting Levels to Play In The Game

If you’re interested, you may now play the entertaining gameplay of Angry Birds Journey, which features several exclusive in-game levels. Discover hundreds of distinct challenges, each with its own special gameplay and components. Learn to appreciate the distinct, yet always present, casual enjoyment at every level. Enjoy yourself as you complete the amazing levels to earn unique coins and receive your fantastic goodies. These factors will all keep you engrossed in the fantastic mobile game.


As was already noted, Angry Birds Journey has the same straightforward, time-honoured gameplay as its predecessors. Players must focus on two things in order to shoot accurately. It starts with the shot distance. The farther you draw the birds back, the more powerfully they will shoot when they land. The shooting angle is the second. Every level’s win depends greatly on the angle of the shot.

To “harvest” the unfortunate pigs and knock down as many barriers as they can, players must line up their shot’s angle. But take attention to how much ammunition you have at each stage. Each time the player fires, they will reduce by one.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Angry Birds Journey MOD APK

How do you get more lives on Angry Birds Journey?

After completing an in-app purchase, you will receive a unique deal that allows you to earn infinite lives for two hours. You can play the level if you have one or more lives. A life is lost if the level is failed or if the quit button is pressed before shooting the first bird or bubble (this doesn’t happen in Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds POP!).

Is Angry Birds Journey safe?

Angry Birds Trip is often rather entertaining. The gameplay is as fantastic as it gets in terms of being addicting, and the sheer volume of levels ensures durability. Even though adult players won’t be delighted, children and preteens will love the comical characters and simple puzzle techniques.

Is Angry Birds Journey offline?

An offline puzzler is Angry Birds Journey. As you travel the planet, you must use a slingshot to toss birds, blast obstacles, and knock the piggies over.

What does the sun do on Angry Birds Journey?

A recent addition to Angry Birds Journey is the Sunflower. After levels are finished, it will offer you more suns each day for a short while. When engaged, it will also appear at the conclusion of each level.

How do you change birds in Angry Birds Journey?

To pick or deselect a bird, tap it. Be careful to select your birds wisely based on their traits and the type of foe you are up against.

How many levels are there in Angry Birds Journey?

Eight different lands may be found throughout all of Angry Birds Journey.

What is Angry Birds Journey instant?

A new version of one of the most well-known skill-based games available for Android devices, Angry Birds Journey. The birds are returned, and to find the missing magic eggs, you must now successfully finish a great number of levels.

What's new

The journey continues!

- Valentine’s Day Kiosk: Collect Cupid Hearts and trade them for goodies and an exclusive avatar!
- Fireflies improvement: They now unite with the Mama Firefly.
- New Land - Toadstool Towers: Find the next Egg Wonder in this mammoth mushroom forest.
- ViVi found a stash of new AVATARS for the hardiest Daily Adventurers!
- Bug fixes.



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