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Beat Blade Mod Apk is a rhythm-based action game that combines the elements of music and martial arts. The game is available on mobile devices and can be downloaded for free. The objective of the game is to slice and dice through a series of obstacles using a sword while following the rhythm of the music.
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Beat Blade MOD APK Overview

Beat Blade Mod Apk is a rhythm-based action game that combines the elements of music and martial arts. The game is available on mobile devices and can be downloaded for free. The objective of the game is to slice and dice through a series of obstacles using a sword while following the rhythm of the music. The game features a wide variety of music genres, including electronic, hip-hop, and pop, and each song has a unique level with different obstacles and challenges.

Players control a character with a sword and must swipe left, right, up, or down to slice through objects such as boxes, walls, and barriers. The game features a combo system that rewards players for slicing through multiple objects in a row without missing a beat. Players can also use special abilities and power-ups to enhance their gameplay and earn higher scores.

The game has several modes, including a story mode, where players progress through different levels and unlock new music and characters. There is also an endless mode, where players compete against other players around the world to see who can achieve the highest score.

Beat Blade: Dash Dance features colourful and vibrant graphics with smooth animations, making the game visually appealing and engaging. The game also has a social aspect, where players can connect with friends, share their scores, and compete in real-time battles.

Overall, Beat Blade: Dash Dance is a fun and addictive rhythm game that offers a unique twist on the genre. With its combination of music and martial arts, the game provides a fresh and exciting gameplay experience for players who enjoy rhythm-based games.

Information About Beat Blade MOD APK

App Name Beat Blade MOD APK
Latest Version 4.0.7
Size 138 MB
Developed By BattleCry HQ Studio
Platform Android
Requirement 5.1 and up
Worldwide Downloads 10 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Energy / Ammo
Updated 2 days ago
Category Music

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Beat Blade MOD APK Features

Many Unique Tunes

Several well-known songs have been synthesised for the in-game music genres like EDM, Hip Hop, KPop, and Anime. Moreover, there are still songs that require Coins to be unlocked. It can be a song that is currently trending highly or a pricey collection. Beat Blade: Dash Dancing MOD gives you unlimited funds to use at first to select any tune. Just manipulate the race character erratically and gather a sufficient number of cubes.

Suspending The Swordsman In The World Of Music

Players will command a swordsman moving in a stunning musical environment in Beat Blade: Dash Dancing. When a lot of upbeat music is playing, the player is entertained since they will attempt to reach the level’s goal. Players will also face several difficulties and encounters while playing this game. Also, controlling a wide variety of objects is really simple.

Pick A Weapon

Demon Blade, Watermelon, Flying Pan, and Star Wand, are the names of the weapons used to slash the cube. They can be swords, lollipops, egg frying pans, or ice cream, but all have hidden powers. Every time you move to the sides, the cube will be sliced ​​no matter what weapon you choose.


Beat Blade offers attractive visuals and captivating gameplay. You will just adore the design of the game’s small character, we are confident. The other textures may also benefit from some meticulous work. Sometimes, white and coloured boxes blend together, messing up the gameplay or making it difficult for you to see where you need to manoeuvre your character. To be honest, the game has a lot of promise, and if the lag while moving the character is fixed and custom songs are included, this might become a very good mobile rhythm game.

Raise Your Score and Successfully Complete The Level

In Beat Blade: Dash Dancing, square blocks of various colours will constantly emerge as you control the character. Players will use these squares to score points by slicing them. As there are a lot of them, you’ll attempt not to give up any in order to complete the level with the greatest results possible. Every time the swordsman cuts the squares quickly, and especially when several squares are stacked together, you will feel drawn to him.

There are constant progress bars in the game, and you’ll strive to reach the shuttles that are located above them. The progress bar will keep filling up until the diamond lights up, depending on the combinations and amount of squares you slash during the game. It may be viewed as a goal the player will aim to accomplish, and it shows the degree of screen completion. You must restart that level from the beginning if you fail, so take caution around potentially harmful objects.

Graphic Effects Help the Game Experience

In comparison to other games of the same genre, visual effects are another strength of this title. Your character will sprint as a genuine ninja while you are moving. Gamers will have little trouble sensing how the music moves with each step. It makes it simple for you to choose rhythms that suit your mood. As a result, there are instances when you can manoeuvre precisely without looking at the screen. Moreover, Ninja’s hands will emit light effects as you begin to chop into a beat. That is very appropriate and fits the song’s speed. As a result, the player will receive prompt action rather than being delayed while making a move.

Maximized, Concentrating on Fluid Movement and Music

As previously said, Beat Blade: Dash Dancing does a fantastic job of crafting the character animation moves. If you like Temple Run in the past, you will undoubtedly enjoy this game. You only need to hold and drag on the screen to move Ninja throughout the game. The character will continue to run straight forward in the centre of the screen if you let off the button. If there are no obstacles in your path, you may relax your hands a little bit because of this mechanism. Yet, you must act swiftly to touch the screen to recover control when a barrier occurs. The game’s difficulty curve is relatively low.

Character’s Weapons and Regular Updates Every Week

The game’s characters will cut into the beats that show up on the screen using a weapon. While only cosmetic, this piece makes a powerful impact. Long-term users of the standard style of Ninja sword will get weary of them. They can better gauge game progress with a minor modification in their arsenal. Beat Blade: Dash Dancing will also receive frequent updates, innovations, and enhancements every week. New character models have not yet been made available in the game. Even if you still have to play Ninja, things can change in the future.

So Many Stunning Songs You Can’t-Miss

Players will be thrilled by the variety of music available when they play Beat Blade: Dash Dancing. You will attempt to unlock all of the songs in the game, which has a variety of songs with various themes. Also, there are many degrees of difficulty, including easy, medium, and hard. Naturally, if a player wants to successfully complete a level, their speed and reflexes will need to be strengthened. When using a new weapon and changing into a swordsman to slash several various tiles, gamers can alter their gameplay experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beat Blade MOD APK

Is Beat Blade free?

Beat Blade is a free game, but in-app purchases are necessary for some products including music, skins, and ad-free playthroughs. Now, iOS and Android users may download Beat Blade.

Who created beat blade?

The virtual reality rhythm game Beat Saber was created and released by Beat Games in the Czech Republic.

What is the hardest song in beat blade?

What are the “Beat Saber” album’s toughest songs? The Camellia songs are the toughest official songs. Many players concur that Spin Eternally by Camellia on Expert+ is the second-toughest song because it is so quick, and Ghost by Camellia on Expert+ is the hardest song since it is so difficult.

What's new

-More bug fixes from previous versions.



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