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Blade Idle is a mobile game that combines elements of idle and RPG gameplay. In the game, players assume the role of a blade master, tasked with defeating various enemies and progressing through levels.
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Blade Idle MOD APK Overview

Blade Idle Mod Apk is a mobile game that combines elements of idle and RPG gameplay. In the game, players assume the role of a blade master, tasked with defeating various enemies and progressing through levels.

The gameplay is simple yet addictive. Players earn gold by defeating enemies, which can be used to upgrade their blade and increase its damage output. As players progress through levels, they encounter more powerful enemies and bosses, which require stronger blades to defeat.

In addition to upgrading their blade, players can also recruit heroes to join their party. These heroes provide additional damage and buffs to the player’s blade, allowing them to progress even further. There are a variety of heroes to choose from, each with unique abilities and strengths.

One unique aspect of Blade Idle is its prestige system. Once players have reached a certain level, they can prestige, which resets their progress but allows them to earn permanent upgrades and bonuses. This encourages players to continue playing and working towards higher levels. The game also features daily quests and achievements, which provide additional rewards and challenges for players to complete.

Overall, Blade Idle offers an enjoyable and addictive gameplay experience for fans of idle and RPG games. Its simple mechanics, diverse heroes, and prestige system provide plenty of replay value for players looking to continue their blade master journey.

Information About Blade Idle MOD APK

App Name Blade Idle MOD APK
Latest Version 1.31.0
Size 280 MB
Developed By mobirix
Platform Android
Requirement 5.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads 1 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money / God Mode / One Shot Kill / No Skill CD / Menu
Updated 2 days ago
Category Simulation

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Blade Idle MOD APK Features

Alter Your Appearance

The need to constantly change your outfits is essential for girls. In order to satisfy the herb girl’s requirement, Blade Idle provides a variety of outfits. many forms and patterns. The beast’s attire resembled that of a brown pig, a blue fish, or a yellow chicken. The long-sleeved shirt of the general in the brown armour is green. A royal suite featuring glistening gold-plated design accents. Office female with a black vest, knowledge-based eyewear, and bunged hair behind her head. simple school clothes with a uniform skirt in grey. Hair is clean and properly cut.

Grudgingly Accepting The Knighthood

An intriguing cut clip introducing Blade Idle’s story may be found in the game’s opening. A female herbalist was in the forest looking for medicinal plants when she was suddenly attacked by woodland creatures. She rushed all the way into the forest’s heart when she suddenly spotted a big sword. Also, She took up her sword in defence and instantly understood its immense strength. She now had the status of a knight, one who hunted down and killed woodland creatures to save the defenceless. She now sets out on her quest, and you will accompany her.

Gather Equipment

When fighting youkai in the knock-on battle, objects and gift boxes occasionally fall to the ground. Click on these gift boxes to take note of them and collect them. Rare equipment may significantly boost a player’s strength. divided into a variety of elements, including accessories, tools, support cards,… The armour’s colour and form can vary. Wearing them will strengthen your protection and lessen the harm done by invading attackers. The attack stats of your sword are likewise increased by the iron gloves. They are intricately patterned in shades of yellow, blue, and grey in an opulent, vintage manner.

Fight In The Monster And Knight Dungeon

Due to the gameplay and graphics of the game, it has a sizable fan base. The player’s actions will be shown vertically on the screen. Every battle is a challenge and a chance to demonstrate your skills. Use the sword to battle your way through each dungeon. Learn to use a range of weapons, and develop your combat abilities. You will run into a number of opponents as you explore the region. Each adversary requires a different assault approach to be successful. As soon as you spot the adversary, take over the space!

Continuously Improve At Each Step

Throughout the game, players must enhance the knight. They are the ones that choose the character’s strength during each level and the fighting tactics. They will multiply the character’s level after every combat, boosting metrics like HP, DEF, ATK, and more. Also, the character will acquire a new talent to use in the game with each level up. Moreover, equipping the character with gear is another option to upgrade.

The Travels Of A Female Knight To Fight

The primary character will be outfitted with a tool that allows him or her to quickly unleash several assaults in the direction of the foe. When you are strong and determined to overcome obstacles, it is simpler to accomplish so. If not, the difficulty will rise as the number of steps increases. Your death will finally result from any negligence as the difficulty level gradually rises. Point the knight in the direction of the underground stronghold and begin the assault. This adventure will need a significant amount of work to finish. As long as you fight until the very end, you will prevail. Yet the time spent preparing is just as significant.

Sword Library

Possessing the legendary sword in your possession is a game-high point as well as one of the key weapons. Of course, changing these swords is commonplace. In addition to modifying them, you may improve them to boost your attack numbers. The large fish skeleton and a very unfortunate pig’s brown leg. a massive, enormous sword with angel wings at the point. The wooden mace was coated with many sharp nails, and the blade was formed like a long brown bread. Nobody recalls that the first sword was a straightforward, long wooden sword.

Many Weapons And Tools

Players will be pleased with Blade Idle’s weapon. The sword will be your primary battle tool, as well as those of your allies. Every time you enter the combat, the system will be altered, making the victory even easier. The result of an attack can be somewhat but significantly influenced by gloves, armour, and other items. To optimise your revenues, you must be selective about when you utilise it. The most direct route to victory is the employment of any weapon. Armed with potent weaponry, you can easily take on dozens of foes. Enhance and equip your knights to help them succeed in their missions.

Several New Skins And Experiences Are Unlocked

In addition to the equipment system, Blade Idle also stands for its distinctive skin selection. The look of female knights will be radically altered, including that of dinosaur costumes, schoolgirls, office employees, battle outfits, and more. There is a shift of weaponry and each set is incredibly artistic and beautiful. The sword’s look has altered yet it remains the same. It may be a stick, a huge chicken thigh, a knife, or a sausage, depending on the skin.

Detailed And Vibrant 2D Graphics

In all honesty, I enjoy this game’s visuals. It features a detailed design, smooth movement, and impressive effects. It is made with a vibrant 2D background. The battle moves are fluid, and the character’s appearance is both stylish and charming. The setting is becoming more varied, and the adversaries are becoming more distinct. Moreover, equipment and weapons are sharply and incredibly creatively crafted.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Blade Idle MOD APK

What emulator for Blade Idle?

The best PC platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for a realistic gaming experience is BlueStacks! Play Blade Idle on your Computer to take advantage of the expansive and stunning display while playing this adventure simulation game!

What does accuracy do in blade idle?

If you roll well on an ATK roll and have enough ACU, you can retain it. PEN and ACU will be easier to reach after the summoning for Accessory is unlocked, allowing you to switch dogs to damage to go through levels more quickly. You will always succeed if you fulfil the ACU criteria. If not, you will miss the crowds.

What is the best purchase in Blade Idle?

The ad package is by far the greatest investment because it grants permanent buffs and requires less frequent viewing of advertisements than the alternative, which requires frequent viewing of hours’ worth of advertising to obtain the same benefits.

What level is raid in Blade Idle?

Blade Idle will have a new feature in June 2022 called The Raid. To win prizes, several players would engage in simultaneous competition to destroy a boss. You must pass Stages 15–50 in order to access the Raid.

What is the max hyper crit in Blade Idle?

Crit Rate, Super Crit Rate, and Hyper Crit Rate now have a maximum level of 400, whereas Crit Damage, Super Crit Damage, and Hyper Crit Damage currently have a maximum level of 1500.

What do emblems do in Blade idle?

Emblems are enduring accomplishment bonuses that help your character gain strength. They may be obtained by acquiring a predetermined quantity of emblem marks that can be exchanged for an emblem.

How do you level up fast in Blade idle?

1. Invest all levels into ATK before reaching Level 1500. 2. At reaching Level 1500, invest all ATK points in skill ATK rather than resetting them, with any extra points flowing back into ATK.

What's new

- Add New contents : Rune, Mine
- Add New Package
- Improved Game system
- Bug fixes



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