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Chinese Parents is a simulation game developed by independent Chinese game developer, Su Junqing, and published by Coconut Island Games. The game allows players to simulate the life of a Chinese child from birth until they go to university.
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Chinese Parents MOD APK Overview

Chinese Parents is a simulation game developed by independent Chinese game developer, Su Junqing, and published by Coconut Island Games. The game allows players to simulate the life of a Chinese child from birth until they go to university. The player takes on the role of a parent, making decisions about their child’s education, health, social life, and hobbies. The ultimate goal is to raise a successful child who can achieve their dreams and become a well-rounded individual.

Throughout the game, the player faces challenges such as their child getting sick, academic pressure, and social issues. The player must make choices that affect their child’s attributes, such as intelligence, creativity, and physical fitness while keeping an eye on their happiness and stress levels. The player can also engage in mini-games, such as playing musical instruments or practising calligraphy, to improve their child’s skills.

The game features a unique cultural aspect, as it reflects the values and expectations of Chinese parents in real life. These include high academic achievement, obedience to authority, and respect for elders. The game also includes cultural events and traditions, such as the Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Chinese Parents has received critical acclaim for its unique gameplay, charming graphics, and cultural authenticity. The game is available on various platforms, including Steam, iOS, and Android. It has become popular among gamers worldwide, particularly in China and other Asian countries, as it provides an entertaining and insightful look into the world of Chinese parenting.

Information About Chinese Parents MOD APK

App Name Chinese Parents MOD APK
Latest Version 1.9.5
Size 127 MB
Developed By Littoral Games
Platform Android

4.4 and up

Worldwide Downloads 100 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Unlocked
Updated 2 days ago
Category Simulation

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Chinese Parents MOD APK Features

Take A Journey From A Young Toddler To An Adult

You will play the part of the most typical infant in Chinese Parents, a youngster who has a whole life ahead of him. born and start to develop in his position. On your journey, you will undoubtedly run into new challenges, trials, issues, seemingly insurmountable tasks, and much more. Do you believe growing up in a Chinese family is simple? Wrong!

Games with your mother or laziness have no place here. You will struggle since life and upbringing in Chinese families are structured differently than they are in European households. Experience your first stage of life, from conception through acceptance into a famous university.

Becoming A Chinese-American As A Child

When you are born into a Chinese family in the 1990s, Chinese Parents MOD APK’s gameplay starts. You must follow the Chinese way of life, which entails beginning your studies as soon as possible and living your life to the fullest until the age of 18, since you will soon be expected to take the Gaokao, one of the most important tests of your life. As you go in the game, you will meet a variety of interesting personalities and hear many wonderful stories from them that will aid your progress.

Exam GaoKao: Take it on!

The Gaokao is the name of the admission examination for Chinese universities. It’s one of the game’s most crucial components and necessitates a lot of study time and outside help to pass. Shanghai Intelligence highlights the numerous difficulties facing the Chinese school system with its in-game instructional elements. The stress and strain related to this exam are also covered.

Explore Your Romantic Relationships To Learn What Is Going On

Building strong ties in the game involves a lot of interaction with other players. These connections are essential because they facilitate the development of alliances that affect game success. Being human requires us to make decisions about how to form and end relationships. Bonds can be broken by making the wrong choice, thus caution must be used when making these choices. Some ladies encounter the player under specific conditions and are breathtakingly attractive. This influences whether or not to pursue a romantic connection. With this choice, more content is introduced to the game.

Your Decision Has A Big Impact

Chinese Parents offer a vast variety of tests, conversations with diverse individuals, a sea of choices that will affect the course of the main character’s life in the future, and much more. The game’s scenario will alter each time you take a new action. What’s most intriguing is how much of this also depends on your first decision.

For instance, a male will have various issues as he grows up, but a lady may experience something different. Also, a lot relies on individual traits, such as kid IQ. Consider how soon you can persuade him to get up or perform the first somersault, and how happy your parents will be of you.

Create Incredible Friends

Although growing up in China will be difficult and challenging, you don’t have to shoulder all the burdens by yourself since you have people who can support you. In the game, you may hang out with up to 14 pals and engage with them to talk about your concerns and get support from them. You will see them drift away to their own lives as your life progresses since even the closest of friends must part ways at some point. You have the option of choosing to live a stress-free life or one in which you continue to study while under stress.

Play Entertaining Mini-Games

Chinese Parents provide you access to a vast selection of minigames that, in one way or another, can help you improve in terms of performance as well as other areas. Grow, advance, astound your parents, and tell the story of your life the way you see fit. Because each character has its own backstory and set of skills, you can read the novel more than once and have completely different experiences each time. From birth till adulthood, the infant must be cared for and developmentally and behaviorally trained.

Live the Life You Want

You may easily get your ideal career, job, wife, vehicle, house, and everything else you have in your ideal life dream if you have Chinese parents, which brings you one step closer to living your dream life as it is in the game. You must begin your family, and the adventure continues with each succeeding generation.

Your family was quite typical of Chinese families. Before taking Gaokao, one of the most important tests, you have 18 years to experience life to the fullest and make decisions that allow you to be honest. You’ll gain a different understanding of the plot and characters depending on whether you play as a girl or a boy. A fantastic approach to increase your character’s stats is to play the Fragment minigame.

Make A Career Decision

The game offers almost 100 different career paths. Each one has its own particular set of challenges to conquer. Choose a profession that aligns with your interests and abilities by carefully considering your career alternatives. You have a range of professional options, including those as a lawyer, businessperson, doctor, or member of the military. Must follow the particular tale of each one.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chinese Parents MOD APK

How do Chinese parents discipline?

Several scholars have described traditional Chinese parenting as being “authoritarian.” Authoritarian parenting is a method of raising children that places a strong emphasis on high standards and has a propensity to punish or isolate children in order to exert control over them.

Is Chinese parents an online game?

Bring up a child from birth to college. The game, Chinese Parents, is popular in a country where moms and dads are known for being demanding, reprimanding, and occasionally affectionate. Since its September debut, it has attracted a sizable following on Steam, a website operated by American video game developer Valve Corporation.

What do Chinese parents value?

Hard labour and filial piety are seen as traditional characteristics that are frequently stressed in Chinese cultures (Jose et al. 2000). For instance, Chinese parents traditionally hold the view that all kids can succeed in school and in their social lives if they put in the necessary effort (Chen and Uttal 1988; Jose et al.

Are Chinese parents overprotective?

According to a poll of more than 1,500 Chinese parents, they frequently meddle significantly in their kids’ everyday life. The majority of respondents—roughly 70%—said that helicopter parenting or overparenting would make their children more dependent on them.

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