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Darkrise is an action-packed mobile game developed by a small indie game studio called ‪Super Planet‬. The game is set in a dark and mystical world, where players take on the role of a powerful hero tasked with defeating the dark forces that have invaded the land.
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Darkrise MOD APK Overview

Darkrise Mod Apk is an action-packed mobile game developed by a small indie game studio called ‪Super Planet‬. The game is set in a dark and mystical world, where players take on the role of a powerful hero tasked with defeating the dark forces that have invaded the land. The gameplay consists of exploring different levels, battling enemies, and collecting loot.

One of the standout features of Darkrise is its character customization system. Players can choose from a variety of heroes, each with their unique abilities and playstyles. As they progress through the game, players can level up their characters and equip them with new gear and weapons to make them more powerful.

The game’s combat system is fast-paced and challenging, with players needing to time their attacks and dodges carefully to succeed. There are also boss battles that provide an extra challenge for players who have mastered the basics.

In addition to the main storyline, Darkrise also features daily and weekly events that offer special rewards for players who participate. The game’s graphics are top-notch, with detailed character models and beautiful environments that bring the game’s dark fantasy world to life.

Overall, Darkrise is an engaging and addictive game that offers plenty of content for players to sink their teeth into. Whether you’re a fan of action RPGs or just looking for a fun mobile game to play, Darkrise is definitely worth checking out.

Information About Darkrise MOD APK

App Name Darkrise MOD APK
Latest Version 0.18.5
Size 119 MB
Developed By Roika
Platform Android
Requirement 6.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads 1 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Free Shopping / Mana
Updated 2 days ago
Category Role Playing

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Darkrise MOD APK Features

Slaying Monsters Journey

In Darkrise, a malevolent force has polluted the environment you call home. They let harmful creatures out into the world, where they cause destruction. They often and ruthlessly assaulted people’s possessions and residences. This nefarious group’s ultimate objective is to make your location one of its strongholds.

You will have amazing talents and capabilities in this role-playing game. You must get up, get your weapons and supplies together, and start battling with the others in the region if the peace is to be kept. Because monsters can appear at any time and from anywhere, it is best to be constantly vigilant for them.

Take Awesome World Travels

The gameplay of Darkrise is most notable for its ability to transform any circumstance or setting into a beautiful place, from big towns to dungeons. Additionally, each of the places or biomes that players visit has a distinct aesthetic while also offering a variety of enemies, terrain, and combat conditions. This expands the globe and offers players limitless opportunities to become immersed in thrilling and fantastic experiences.

Higher Difficulty

The high degree of difficulty in Darkrise makes for a demanding and thrilling experience for gamers. You will encounter a tonne of challenges throughout the game, each one tougher than the last. Your character’s health and continual awareness of your surroundings are both important factors in the success of your strikes. At the same time, watch out for enemy strikes directed at you.

You may rapidly learn the game’s mechanics by playing the first few levels. Since they have no defence and are fairly weak at the beginning of the game, the monsters are fairly simple to kill. This is one of the various ways that game producers assist players in learning the game so they can advance swiftly to the point where they can engage in high-level combat.

Easily Customizable Touch Controls That Are Intuitive

Beginning with the accessible principles and simple touch controls, Darkrise players will be able to rapidly become acclimated to the game. Enjoy controlling your character with arrows or a joystick. Utilise the action buttons, which you may customise by changing their opacity and sensitivity, to enjoy the game. Examine how auto-collect features can be used to quickly pick up objects without manual labour. Here, you may choose the kinds of objects you wish to pick up and the sensitivity settings for the equipment, jewels, resources, potions, skill books, quest items, runes, and other items that are automatically collected.

Engage In Conversation With The People To Learn Fresh Facts And Insights

The players are always in for a lot of shocks when NPCs show up in towns or along the path. They constantly provide arbitrary tasks and prizes, bringing life and vitality to settlements. They also engage with the gamer to quicken gaming. However, some NPCs may behave suspiciously and bring about danger or unfortunate circumstances. With Dark Rise’s vintage 2D visuals, the fighting system and story complexity are very well-liked.

Due to the numerous potential endings in this game, every choice players make results in fresh experiences. Players who learn that there are countless opportunities for adventure because of their interactions with the outside world get more and more fond of this game.

High-Paced Combat Mechanism With Fluids

Players may appreciate the best combat methods brought to life thanks to the game’s fluid, fast-paced, and flawless character control and battle mechanisms. Since the skill system is also geared towards combat, players must coordinate each action with a skill to develop new strategies for dispatching monsters or enemies. To increase the fun and variety of ongoing activities throughout the dungeons, the main character’s battle pace will gradually vary.

Lost Kingdom

The story of Darkrise is fairly intricately constructed as it introduces a really unique backdrop and draws players in from the first encounter. The powers of evil are threatening your realm. People regularly make pointless sacrifices because monsters frequently come and wreak devastation on the nearby settlements. You must gather a force of exceptional power now that you are aware of the circumstances in order to stop the enemy’s approach.

Three prominent characters from the game are Alice, Kira, and Godric. Players must make good decisions while selecting their character in order to enjoy the game. Each character has a distinct strength and a varied look. The characters’ gameplay will be different from one another. You may thus develop your own gaming and combat style based on the benefits they offer.

Play As Several Characters Each With Their Own Special Skills

You may now play the thrilling game Darkrise with three distinct characters, each of which has its own special qualities and in-game powers if you’re interested. Enjoy engaging in the game’s epic battles as Alice the markswoman, Godric the warrior, and Kira the assassin, who each have distinctive gameplay features that let you approach the situation differently. As you go through the game, learn about their special abilities, combat techniques, and amazing stories.

Small-Size Control Methods

The gameplay of Darkrise is comparable to those of other games in its genre. Therefore, it also provides players with simple and simple-to-learn control mechanisms. You may move the main character left and right with the two arrow buttons on the left side of the screen. You may access your character’s skills via the buttons on the right side of the screen. It is crucial for your warrior to coordinate these many powers in order to execute deft movements, deliver significant damage, and rapidly eliminate the opposition.

16-Bit Visuals Evoke Memories

Darkrise has 16-bit visuals, allowing players to enjoy incredibly captivating and visually appealing combat in a traditional and vibrant manner. The game’s details maintain the recognisable pixel aesthetic while yet ensuring the highest picture quality, which improves the player’s experience. Additionally, the game’s transition effects are fairly seamless, which draws players in and creates extremely delicate skill scenes. By doing this, you may play reliable games on any device, no matter how basic its settings are.

Foes That Are Distinct

Players on mobile devices will encounter numerous opponents in Darkrise’s various levels and gaming environments. Players of Darkrise may always have fun playing the game since creatures and bad spirits spawn randomly in front of you and through nearby portals. Enjoy engaging in side-scrolling action in this thrilling mobile game as you engage in epic fights with a variety of foes, each with unique abilities. Additionally, the increasing difficulties and changing foes will always make your in-game battles absolutely incredible.

Begin Your Adventure

You can immediately begin playing the game after selecting a character to avoid wasting time. Players will be given relatively easy tasks that will allow them to quickly learn how Darkrise operates. Let’s concentrate on the initial obstacles since they will serve as a significant stepping stone for the next conflicts.

Demons, stone people, fire dragons, and other various monsters are among those that Darkrise introduces. Everything is designed to stop the player from moving. To succeed at every level, you need to be very shrewd and choose wisely. Additionally, there are 6 levels of difficulty, ranging from easiest to nightmare, that guarantee that players won’t be able to take their eyes off the screen.

A System Of Various Character

There are several playable characters, and each has its own specialities and weapons. You only have access to one hero initially, and you must first earn money in order to play as another hero. Warriors can increase their attack and defence in battle as they level up since they have access to stronger armour and weaponry. You can reach Kira’s full potential after you unlock her since she possesses the most magical power and energy. It will be simpler for you to battle the shadow monster if you have this character.

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What's new

- New locations: Northern Outpost, Desecrated Field
- Several demon mobs were added
- Eruption unique set was added
- Mage got new skill
- Archer got a new skil
- Ground Slam: mana cost was increased, hit effect was changed;
- Rune of Oppression: overall power was decreased by 25%
- Surprise Attack: damage bonus was decreased from 35%
- Explosive Aura: damage was decreased by 40%;
- Breaker: now increases fire damage dealt
- Forest Hope: now also increases damage and health of summoned creatures



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