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Days After is a survival game developed by MrCiastku. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world after a mysterious virus outbreak has wiped out most of humanity, leaving only a handful of survivors struggling to survive in a world filled with danger.
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Days After MOD APK Overview

Days After Mod Apk is a survival game developed by MrCiastku. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world after a mysterious virus outbreak has wiped out most of humanity, leaving only a handful of survivors struggling to survive in a world filled with danger.

The gameplay of Days After is focused on exploring the world, scavenging for resources, crafting items, and fighting off hostile creatures and other survivors. The game has a day and night cycle, where players must be careful at night as the environment becomes more dangerous.

Players start the game with nothing but a few basic supplies and must work their way up by finding and crafting better equipment, building shelter, and improving their skills. The game offers an extensive crafting system, where players can combine items to create useful tools, weapons, and equipment.

One of the standout features of Days After is the game’s unique visual style. The game has a retro, pixelated art style that gives it a nostalgic feel while also adding to the game’s atmosphere. The game also features a permadeath system, where players must start over from the beginning if their character dies. This adds an extra layer of challenge and tension to the game.

Overall, Days After is a challenging and immersive survival game that offers a lot of content for players to explore. With its unique visual style and permadeath system, it’s a game that will appeal to fans of retro-style survival games.

Information About Days After MOD APK

App Name Days After MOD APK
Latest Version 10.6.0
Size 145 MB
Platform Android
Requirement 5.1 and up
Worldwide Downloads 5 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Immortality / Max Durability / Menu Mod
Updated 2 days ago
Category Simulation

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Days After MOD APK Features

Are You Prepared For Fight?

The game’s protagonist is thrust into a perilous setting where they must both survive in the wild while also enjoying the excitement of going up against zombies. Also, In this zombie shooter, society has been destroyed by an army of the undead, yet you still need to find a means to live. But, You’ll need to develop your ability to build shelter, fix weapons, and scavenge for food in order to live in such a hazardous environment.

Since there are so many potential dangers, In the event of an oncoming battle, securing food and amassing weaponry are all requirements for survival. The game’s expansive geography and varied setting offer players lots of freedom to explore and find new places that have been forgotten.

Learn The Survival Guidelines

You need a lot of experience and the ability to manufacture things if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse in this universe. Start by gathering every object you can see on the face. It may be something that someone left behind or even something as simple as a stone or a stick. We can make anything with them. Axes will first be made of simple materials like stone and wood. We need more experience to construct more significant things after a period of survival. To live on your own, you will eventually need to make weapons.

Enjoy Your Realistic Role-Playing Games

Android players will find Days After to feature a well-written plot with numerous fascinating plot twists and exciting story progressions that will help them to have a lot of fun with their role-playing experiences. Enjoy the deep RPG gameplay at your leisure, where you may play your survivors any way you choose. Experience the genuine RPG components, where you may level up your characters and get experience points to unlock new game features. Maintain your RPG characters, take part in thrilling adventures, and create your own survival tales to survive in the wild.

Create Your Own Home

With this game, you can build the world of your dreams. This implies that in order to play the game, you must set up various sorts of homes. There will be a lot of zombies if you don’t build dwellings. These zombie toys won’t force you to do anything; if you provoke them more, they’ll engage in combat with you.

You must struggle against those defective toys and knock them from their perches. These kinds of challenges are present in this game. Because of this, if you set up the dwellings you require comfortably, these toys won’t give you any difficulty. Days After MOD APK has a wide variety of gadgets that may be used to combat those zombies.

Take Pleasure In The Fight And Finish Your Work

It is not advised for expeditions of this size to venture too far from their starting place. In this simulation-based game, the player controls the main character, who must overcome obstacles including famine, thirst, and the possibility of getting sick. Read the diaries kept by unfortunate individuals to learn vital survival knowledge.

As you go closer to the ruins of human civilization, the zombie horde attack will get stronger, and if the player does not turn around, they will definitely die on the spot. Stockpiling as many efficient weapons and other supplies as you can is the most crucial thing you can do to protect your life in the battle against the zombies.

Traverse A Variety Of Areas

Even in this post-apocalyptic world, there are a variety of terrains that we will come across. You will be able to view it if you can go far. Sometimes you have to go there and unlock it yourself or finish a quest in order for it to open. We are able to obtain the necessary resources to create furniture depending on the terrain. You have a lot of materials at your disposal to make self-defence hand weapons if the landscape is primarily made of rock. The body can get the essential amount of drinking water from the landscape with a lot of water. You can build anything on the available terrain depending on the variety of resources.

Outstanding Image Quality

The game’s aesthetics are breathtaking, with a variety of settings, weapons, and characters that have all been painstakingly drawn. There are two male and two female protagonists available, in addition to a sizable ensemble of lovable supporting figures. Because keyboard shortcuts can be positioned anywhere on the screen, they are simpler to learn and employ in battle.

Why are you seemingly waiting then? To immediately enter the fascinating realm of survival, open Days After. To survive, you must put up a fight. With any luck, this game will inspire you to liven up your boring house and make it the talk of the neighbourhood. Send any comments or recommendations regarding the game to the mailbox as soon as you can. We are still analysing and dealing with problems.

Playing A Realistic Survival Game With Many Real-World Components

And speaking of which, Days After will enable Android players to fully enjoy their immersive survival gaming thanks to the inclusion of several realistic and authentic components. Here, the post-apocalyptic setting provides you a variety of survival-related factors to think about. Start by controlling all of the vital attributes that are crucial for your characters, such as HP, thirst, hunger, motivation, poison, and so on.

Enjoy the realistic and in-depth gameplay of gathering, crafting, and constructing at the same time. Feel free to wander about the area for objects that you may harvest and utilise to create a variety of practical tools and props. Get yourself better tools and equipment so you can gather the materials more rapidly.

Meet And Fend Off Zombies

In Days After, fighting zombies is one of your main activities. Each level for each type has a different amount of risk for them. If you still believe that all zombies are the same as they were before, you are utterly mistaken. If all you have is a lot of weapons and no knowledge of zombies, you will eventually die since there are too many zombies to be defeated with only a lot of weapons.

They are extremely healthy and have lightning-fast movement. It would be beneficial if you were concerned about not having the necessary tools and information to combat the zombies. Thus, everything will depend on your knowledge and survival skills.

Find A Large Number Of Friends

It’s difficult to endure the horrible scenarios on your own given the numerous hazards that are just around the corner and your meagre supplies. It’s crucial for Days After players to make some friends so they can get the support they need while also serving as a motivational boost. May find that other survivors are going through similar things. Have them join forces with you and become a part of your tale so you can survive the hostile environment. Also included in Days After are cool pets that you can own and include in your gang.

Resolve Challenges And Missions

Days After is an open, free environment that you must explore and play in different places to fully experience. You must also perform several objectives and challenges to get prizes. You are playing a PvE survival game where a zombie apocalypse has struck the planet.

As fighting and shooting abilities are necessary for surviving and completing quests, you must practise them. You will be able to develop your skills and endure longer thanks to these assignments. Also, There are several tough people in the world besides you, so form a clan with them so you may talk and interact with one another. By combining your efforts to build/craft valuable objects and share resources, you may also aid one another in surviving.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Days After MOD APK

How can I increase my HP in days after?

HP may be refilled at any moment by eating food, drinking water, sleeping (which rapidly refills HP), and applying bandages or other medical supplies.

Can you play days after on PC?

A simulation game called Days After: Survival Games was created by REACTGAMES STUDIO LIMITED. The best PC platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for a realistic gaming experience is BlueStacks!

How do you level up in days after?

The quest system in Days After: Survival Games is the primary means of advancement. Multiple tasks that you can complete as part of a quest will grant you experience points. As your character advances in level, additional furnishings and things are made available for you to make under the crafting menu.

What is the mobile game days after?

Days After was created by REACTGAMES STUDIO LIMITED as a survival sandbox game. Everyone and everything in this post-zombie world is ravenous for blood and brains, you have no right to make a mistake. So, Pick your hero and give him all you’ve got. withstand the elements while gathering materials.

What's new

- Optimizations and bug fixes.



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