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Delivery From The Pain is a survival game developed by DigiPotato Studio. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must survive against zombies and other survivors who have turned to violence.
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Delivery From The Pain MOD APK Overview

Delivery From The Pain Mod Apk is a survival game developed by DigiPotato Studio. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must survive against zombies and other survivors who have turned to violence.

The gameplay revolves around players managing their resources and exploring the environment to scavenge for supplies. Players must build and fortify their shelters to protect themselves from the dangers of the world. They must also manage their hunger, thirst, and fatigue levels to stay alive. The game features a unique infection system, where players can become infected by zombies or other survivors. If players are infected, they must find a cure before the infection becomes fatal.

Players can recruit survivors to help them defend their shelter and scavenge for supplies. Each survivor has unique skills and abilities, making it important to choose the right survivors for different tasks. Delivery From The Pain features a rich storyline with multiple endings, influenced by the choices players make throughout the game. The game also has a day and night cycle, with zombies and other survivors becoming more dangerous at night.

The game has immersive graphics and sound effects that create a realistic and terrifying atmosphere. The gameplay is challenging, with limited resources and tough enemies, making it suitable for players who enjoy a challenging survival game.

In conclusion, Delivery From The Pain is an engaging and challenging survival game that offers a unique take on the zombie genre. Its infection system, multiple endings, and immersive gameplay make it a must-play for fans of the genre.

Information About Delivery From The Pain MOD APK

App Name Delivery From The Pain MOD APK
Latest Version
Size 467 MB
Developed By HuaYi Game Studio
Platform Android
Requirement 6.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads 1 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlocked
Updated 2 days ago
Category Strategy

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Delivery From The Pain MOD APK Features

Select A Character And Begin the Survival Journey

You can select from two characters in Delivery From the Pain, including Samantha Aran and Freeman Mason. Every character has a unique backstory. So that you may utilise each character to enjoy the game’s whole storyline, I suggest playing the game more than once.

Samantha Aran is an excellent attorney, but she struggles in a battle. Therefore. One may argue that she was unable to handle this epidemic. Freeman Mason is a police officer with vast combat experience who formerly served in the army. He is able to have a range of methods and talents that boost survival rates because of his significant expertise in combat.

Get Supplies To Survive

You’ll be led at the beginning of the expedition by an officer named Morgan. He will instruct you on how to obtain stuff, how to walk quietly, etc. In this game, the zombie is not very sensitive to sounds. In contrast to World War Z and Zombieland, they don’t run riot and die. You may avoid running into them by moving with skill. Additionally, if they follow you for only a short while, they will give up.

A Final Pronouncement Or Remark

Delivery From the Pain’s PC version is still being created. Furthermore, the mobile version offers a free preview of the first chapter. A second part of this independent zombie survival game is also available for purchase. The entire game experience can only be accessed by making a purchase. In Delivery From the Pain, the human side of survival takes precedence over the terrifying nature of reanimated corpses. Players have the option of fighting or running away.

Awesome Playvalue And Versatile Controls

No other survival game comes close to matching the thrill and immersion of this one when it comes to urban environments. To get past perilous circumstances, players can either charge in with all weapons blazing or employ stealth. A significant benefit is having the ability to approach zombies covertly and kill them with impunity. Players may also take use of their surroundings by, for example, creating noise or hiding in corners, all the while taking in the captivating and traditional top-down perspectives.

Create And Professionalize The Survival Experience

The strongest and safest shelter will be given to the players, who will then need to build, enhance, and install additional systems. Regardless of what the player does during the day (play, collect, etc.), they must be back by 6 o’clock. The zombies are now more powerful and will continue to follow the player as they come back. Players spend their days gathering resources and their evenings building or enhancing structures and strengthening their bodies thanks to the game’s sophisticated crafting and construction systems.

Construct Your Shelter

Delivery From the Pain also provides gamers with a safe haven. It is the location where you will be safe from zombies up until the very end. Your goal is to construct a base with strong enough defences to stave off zombie onslaught. Zombies don’t get tired, but you do. You must build a strong foundation to defend yourself from the undead because they will assault you until you perish.

Beautiful Graphics

The zombie pandemic sequence in Delivery From the Pain MOD APK was portrayed in gloomy, cloudy tones. I have to confess that the publisher has also done fairly well in terms of looks, despite the graphics not being that outstanding. There weren’t many unique aspects in the scenario. This game’s audio adds to the gloom and lonesomeness of the zombie apocalypse.

High-Definition Graphics That Are Outstanding For Immersion

The game’s landscapes, zombies, and player interactions are all made with a high degree of realism thanks to the use of a photorealistic 3D graphics engine. Due to the inclusion of both visual and audio elements, which portray the sensation of dread radiating from the game’s surroundings and enemies, the player’s senses are continually stimulated. Players will experience a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken control, and they will need to use their resourcefulness to advance through the game and achieve the conclusion of the plot.

Information That Is More Generic In Nature Concerning The Game

An anti-cancer medication research facility abruptly cut off communication with the outside world. This was done because vaccination was being developed. People become zombie-like creatures as a result of an unknown sickness. One of the people caught in the pandemic is someone who is trying to escape. When using Delivery From the Pain’s survival system, Day R Premium and Live or Die become apparent. Pain, one of the two games in the set, is used as the distribution technique for this game. You can cope with Delivery From the Pain’s challenging gameplay by gathering extra materials to create survival equipment.

Detailed Expansion And Development Of The World

Long-term users will discover that the world changes to accommodate their gaming tastes. The map’s apparently endless diversity of locales, environments, and flora, as well as the growing dearth of resources and zombie population, are the first stage. However, everything will be under control if the player takes advantage of every opportunity and protects himself to maintain maximum vitality. Because the game will impose mechanisms like weariness, worry, hunger, and thirst on them, players will always have to carry the planned food amount, even if their backpack runs out.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Delivery From The Pain MOD APK

What is delivery from the pain on Android?

Playing as one of the few people who have survived a bloody zombie apocalypse in Delivery From The Pain, you must utilise the few resources at your disposal to find refuge and try to discover and aid other survivors.

Is delivery from the pain offline or online?

Can I play it without being connected to the internet? OK to be offline.

Is delivery from the pain survive offline?

Here is a download link and more offline mobile games! A superb RPG plot and survival-strategy game combine in Delivery From The Pain, which requires more than 30 hours to complete. A special end-of-the-world adventure featuring riddles, hints, and hidden game elements.

What is the storyline of delivery from the pain?

The Human X Plan, a company propelled by a vaccination, was created by Faith Energy Company to spread it around the world. Sadly, the vaccine was ineffective, and all infected people have since turned into zombies. With several possible outcomes, the decisions you make along the road will affect how your adventure pans out.

How can I save progress in delivery from pain?

Every time you enter the shelter, the game automatically saves. A save icon may be seen in the lower right corner.

What weapons are in delivery from the pain?

Melee: A wooden bat, a knife, a machete, an iron bar, a crowbar, a hand axe and a large axe.

What language is delivery from the pain?

The Switch eShop currently has Delivery From the Pain for sale. There are options for languages in English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional).

What's new

Hi, survivors in Delivery From The Pain, we would like to thank you all for supporting small indie game studios like us, we have provided you a better survival adventure experience with new updates:
1. minor optimizations and game problem fixes

If you like our game, please recommend our game to your favourite YouTubers, streamers, and friends around you.
If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. [email protected]



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