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Dislyte is a mobile game developed by Swipe Studios Interactive, that combines elements of puzzle-solving and adventure. The game is set in a magical world where players embark on a journey to restore light to a darkened world by solving puzzles and overcoming challenges.
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Dislyte MOD APK Overview

Dislyte Mod Apk is a mobile game developed by Swipe Studios Interactive, that combines elements of puzzle-solving and adventure. The game is set in a magical world where players embark on a journey to restore light to a darkened world by solving puzzles and overcoming challenges.

The game starts with players assuming the role of a young hero who has the ability to control and manipulate light. The hero sets out on a quest to collect magical orbs and restore light to various areas of the world. The orbs are scattered throughout the game’s levels, which are filled with obstacles, enemies, and puzzles that players must overcome to progress.

Dislyte features over 100 levels, each with its unique set of challenges and puzzles. Players must use their skills and strategy to solve puzzles and collect orbs. The game offers various game modes, including time-limited challenges, endless modes, and boss battles. The game features stunning graphics and a beautiful soundtrack that enhances the game’s immersive experience. It also offers a variety of power-ups and special abilities that players can use to overcome challenges and puzzles.

Dislyte is free-to-play, but it offers in-app purchases that allow players to buy power-ups and unlock additional levels. The game is suitable for players of all ages who enjoy puzzle-solving and adventure games. It offers a unique gameplay experience that combines puzzle-solving and adventure in a magical world full of challenges and surprises.

Information About Dislyte MOD APK

App Name Dislyte MOD APK
Latest Version 3.3.5
Size 206 MB
Developed By FARLIGHT
Platform Android

5.0 and up

Worldwide Downloads 1 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Gems
Updated 2 days ago
Category Role Playing

Dislyte MOD APK Features

Build Your Team Of Heroes

Dislyte Mod Menu is an adventure game where you will find various ancient deities and mythological beasts who have never fought a battle before. However now you have divine powers and you aim to save your planet. Therefore to battle against the huge army of monsters, build your team of heroes. Build a strong team and go for fascinating adventures. Battle against many deadly monsters and defeat them to earn unlimited money and other exciting rewards.

Extremely Sharp Graphics And Sound

Compared with similar products of the same genre today, it can be said that Dislyte has superior graphics. The game possesses colourful 3D graphics with a rock style. Because it is set in the future, the interface as well as the entire context of the game is a bit tech-fiction. Esper also has a strong impact on the experience when it is designed around legendary characters from all cultures around the world.

Warrior movements are also designed at the highest level by the developer. Thanks to that, each battle becomes extremely thrilling with beautiful moves. Music will enhance the player’s experience with this game, skill development is also a factor that makes battles memorable.

In-Game Chat

The competitive nature of the game is one of the main factors that make it so addictive. Players are constantly striving to upgrade their kingdoms and climb the leaderboards. In addition, the game features events and tournaments that allow players to compete for rewards and prizes. The social aspect of this game is another addictive feature. Through in-game chat, players can build alliances and communicate with each other, fostering a sense of community in the game.

Ultimately, the game’s time-based system creates a staple. addictive factor. With structures to build and technology to research, players always have work to do. Waiting for these missions to complete adds to the excitement and keeps players hooked.

Role-Playing Game Based On Mythological Characters

Many great games are now available for download. Some of these games are free to play, which makes it more accessible to gamers who enjoy playing different games. Anyone who likes to play games can find great titles to download right now. Download games of different genres, such as racing, RPG, action, and more.

There are many interesting games that you can find and play for free. Dislyte is an RPG that you can download for free. There are so many great games to play today. One of the games available is Dislyte; it has a mythical world full of magic as a game option You can collect the best superhero gods from different mythologies.

Various Strategies Available

With varied move options, there is plenty of room for creativity when playing this game – defensive gameplay focused on defending one side with moves carefully; most aggressive to catch fast; or more complex combinations involving multiple jumps in different directions! All of these abilities make every match unpredictable but still rewarding when used properly.

Unlock All Mythical Characters

In this game, you will find a huge collection of heroes with divine powers to awaken. These divine powers come from the creator of the planet God. In addition, the game is about Chinese, Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology. Unlock all the heroes from different locations and have the power of different gods. Each hero in the game has a different appearance, personality and strength. Collect all the heroes and lead them into dangerous battles.

Simple But Attractive Gameplay

Basically, Dislyte is a strategy, a role-playing game with card-collecting gameplay. Therefore, the game offers players a very diverse character card system. This character system is divided into 4 factions, including Shimmer, Inferno, Flow and Wind. These factions have a mutual relationship according to the rule: Flow vs. Inferno, Inferno vs. Wind and Wind vs. Flow. In addition, the Shimmer is not disadvantaged or superior to any faction.

Super Hero Characters

Get ready to be a hero with the game’s superhero characters! Establish your kingdom and enlist powerful heroes with extraordinary abilities to defend it. Each hero has its own strengths and weaknesses, so choose your team wisely. Travel through the city and fight with other players to show the bravery of your hero. Team up with other players, form powerful alliances, and communicate with them using the in-game chat feature. With this game, the possibilities are limitless. Download now and become the ultimate superhero!

Is Characterized By Its Outstanding Appearance

You can now play a fun role-playing game in style. His name is Dislyte. There are thousands of different games to play at any time. You can find many of these games by searching for “fun RPG” or “fun games”. These games include racing, puzzle, role-playing, simulation, action and many more. There are even more fun games you can play right now; Find them by searching for “fun games now”.

Dislyte is a free RPG game available. It takes place in a mythical world where everyone has extraordinary powers; It is one of the most popular games out there. This game takes place in a dark world where the best mythical heroes from different countries exist.

You can create a team using these heroes, like Egypt, China, Europe, Greece, etc. Many amazing characters with divine abilities are available to play today. If you like playing interesting games, you can keep playing this game now. They are wide/long respectively, which means it will take up only a little space and require heavy lifting if it needs to be transported easily. Either way, this is the perfect choice for those who usually enjoy playing games outdoors.

Various Game Modes

During the experience, the player must complete an endless series of main quests. Unlike other games of the same genre, Dislyte has a main sub-version with extremely difficult levels. And the gifts after completing the game are also extremely valuable. As an online strategy game, Dislyte offers a full range of PVP and PVE game modes, including ranking warriors, clans, climbing towers in Spatial Tower or intense battles in Cube Miracle.

Recruit Talented Musician To Enter Your Cities

Get in tune with the game! Build your kingdom and recruit talented musicians to please your citizens. Upgrade your concert hall and discover new genres to bring festivals to life. Travel through the city and compete with other players to become the ultimate music tycoon. Collaborate with other players, form dynamic alliances, and communicate with them using the in-game chat function. With Dislyte, the music never stops. Download now and feel the rhythm!

Fun Visual And Sound Effects Included

Finally, the engaging graphics accompanied by lovely accompanying soundtracks help create an immersive atmosphere throughout the experience. Of course, please, headphones, the results will please everyone after a long day of hard work!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dislyte MOD APK

How much storage does Dislyte take up on mobile?

What amount of storage does the Dislyte APK require? You will need to increase the storage space on your Android smartphone because the Dislyte APK uses up close to 200 MB of space.

How much storage does Dislyte use?

It is designed for a smooth gaming experience by optimizing speed and performance. HDD: 5GB Available on the Disk.

What are the different types of Dislyte?

Shimmer, Wind, Flow, and Inferno are the different sorts of elements. The effectiveness of your Esper in combat depends on matching elemental kinds.

What's new

New Features
1. Added new portraits in the following Espers' albums: Celine, Fabrice, Eira, Bonnie, Bai Liuli, Parmi, and Yuuhime. (Unlocks at Lvl 50 Esper.)
2. Added new Tactics Exams for Daylon (Sobek), Cang Ji (Cang Jie), Intisar (Kauket), Koharu (Ame-no-Uzume), Embla (Ymir), and Jin-hee (Dokkaebi).
3. Added the Esper Namecard frame for Yuuhime (Izanami) after she is max level, max ascended, and max resonated.



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