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Popular game Dream House Days (MOD, infinite money) Sim's own home, where we require space to accommodate a variety of small people. Build your house, have the rooms repaired, and have them landscaping legally earned their money for the delivery of housing for rent.
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Dream House Days is an enchanting mobile game/app that allows players to dive into the world of architectural design and management with a delightful twist. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, this game by Kairosoft takes you on a journey where you become the architect of your very own apartment complex. As the game unfolds, players are not just tasked with building and designing apartments but also with managing their tenants’ lives, making it a unique blend of simulation, strategy, and life management.

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At the heart of Dream House Days is the concept of creating the perfect living space for a variety of tenants, each with their unique preferences, dreams, and lifestyles. Players start with a small building and, through strategic planning and creative design, expand their property into a thriving apartment complex. The game challenges you to think beyond mere aesthetics, encouraging you to consider the functionality and comfort of your apartments. As you progress, your tenants’ satisfaction becomes the key to unlocking new architectural possibilities, decorations, and even special events that bring the community together.

Dream House Days stands out for its depth and detail. The game goes beyond the surface level of apartment management, inviting players to influence their tenants’ careers, hobbies, and even their love lives. This level of interaction adds a personal touch to the game, making every decision impactful. Whether you’re choosing the right furniture to boost a tenant’s happiness or organizing community events to bring neighbors closer, Dream House Days offers a rich and engaging experience that simulates the joys and challenges of creating a dream home.

Dream House Days Features

Run Rental Property

It’s not easy to run a rental property. If you make it through the building stage, you’ll move on to the equally difficult Management level. This is when you show flexibility and evaluate your circumstances, which is referred to as “managerial capacity.” Once you’ve found a tenant, you’ll need to double-check their details, including their occupation, background, education, health, and habits. Each of these criteria is related to affordability and the level of “rebellion” in some way (because if they have a lot of bad habits and bad hygiene, it means the maintenance of the home will be much more tired in the future)

The game gives you a lot of options here, and it’s generous in that it gives you varied attitudes and behaviors depending on what you do with each of the tenants’ “metrics.” You don’t acquire their respect if you, for example, look at the tenants with half an eye and dismiss their job.

Customizable Apartment Layouts

One of the most appealing aspects of Dream House Days is the ability to design and customize apartment layouts. Players can select from various room types, furniture, and decorations to create spaces that reflect the personalities and needs of their tenants. This feature not only allows for creative expression but also challenges players to optimize space for comfort and functionality, affecting tenant satisfaction and, ultimately, the success of their apartment complex.

Tenant Interaction and Life Simulation

The game deepens the management experience by incorporating tenant interaction and life simulation aspects. Each tenant has their own set of attributes, preferences, and life goals. Players can influence these by providing them with the right amenities, advising them on career choices, and even setting them up on dates. Watching tenants grow, succeed, and interact adds a personal dimension to the game, making each apartment story unique.

One-of-a-kind scoring system

The game’s scoring differs slightly from Dream House Days’. The first is that customers utilize change to buy houses, buy things, and get rent. The second is the research point, which is mostly used for market research and surveying. Finally, cash is utilized to fund high-end activities like scratching and advertising.

You’re the one who dares to dream, so why don’t you try it? If you’re a good landlord, you’ll be able to assist your apartment to grow and expand right away. Download the Dream House Days mod right now to get closer to realizing your dream of building and managing a fantastic home.

Construction of houses

As previously said, Dream House Days allows the player to lead a little village. To lure people to reside here, you’ll need to improve and replace the structures regularly. Your property will initially have only four rooms, and you will begin by managing the first guests to make a profit. Expanding into new regions gradually can help you attract more potential clients.

As the owner, you must ensure that any difficulties are completely rectified. You’ll begin by putting up signs, seeking customers, advertising, handing out flyers, and other tasks. These jobs will assist you in obtaining a sufficient number of customers, as well as meeting their expectations for long-term rentals and consistent income.

Decorate Room

Make your decorations for the rooms. The consumer will properly communicate their needs during the contract signing procedure so that the player can fully absorb them. Before the official handover, you’ll start by decorating the room to meet each client’s needs. All of the rooms in the residential area must be fully furnished, which means you’ll have to spend money on the necessities. Kitchens, mattresses, fans, bathtubs, dining tables, and other items are common. Satisfied customers will hire you right away, and vice versa.

Community Sharing and Integration

Although primarily a single-player experience, Dream House Days includes features that allow for community interaction. Players can share their apartment designs and success stories through social media integration, fostering a sense of community among fans of the game. This sharing aspect encourages players to draw inspiration from one another, promoting creativity and innovation within the game’s ecosystem.

MOD Features

– Unlimited Money

– Unlimited Tickets

– MOD Unlocked

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Dream House Days offers a comprehensive and immersive experience for fans of simulation and strategy games. By blending apartment design with life management and economic strategy, it provides a multifaceted gameplay experience that is both challenging and rewarding. Whether you’re a seasoned architect at heart or someone who enjoys the intricacies of life simulation, Dream House Days invites you to build not just apartments, but a vibrant community where every tenant’s dream can come true. Through creativity, strategic planning, and a bit of tenant matchmaking, you can turn a modest building into a flourishing complex where stories unfold, and dreams are realized.

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Now available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean!


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