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Evertale Mod APK - Evertale is an anime-style RPG with pixel visuals. The player will travel to Erden, a magical world where he will confront several dangers and monsters.
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MOD Features

– Unlimited Soul Stones

– GOD Mode

– Unlimited Silvers, Team Cost

– 100% Capture

– Free Shopping

– MOD Unlocked

“Evertale” is a captivating mobile game/app that invites players into a fantasy world filled with mysterious creatures, epic adventures, and untold stories. Developed by ZigZaGame Inc., this role-playing game (RPG) offers a unique blend of monster catching, team building, and strategic combat, set against the backdrop of the vibrant land of Erden. In “Evertale”, players embark on a journey to explore diverse landscapes, from bustling cities to eerie, monster-infested wastelands, with the ultimate goal of saving the realm from a deadly curse known as Pandemonium. The game draws players in with its rich narrative, allowing them to become heroes in their epic tale of salvation and discovery.

What makes “Evertale” stand out in the crowded mobile RPG genre is its dynamic gameplay mechanics and the depth of its world-building. Players have the opportunity to capture and train a wide variety of creatures, each with unique abilities and evolutions, to form an unbeatable team. As they progress, they can unlock powerful weapons, engage in gripping turn-based battles, and forge alliances with like-minded adventurers. The combination of storytelling, strategic combat, and monster collection offers a deeply engaging experience that appeals to both hardcore RPG fans and casual gamers looking for an immersive escape into a fantasy world.

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Evertale Features

Interesting World with Epic Stories

Immerse yourself in a fascinating universe filled with legendary tales to tell. Android gamers will be able to enjoy the exciting and refreshing gameplay on their mobile devices thanks to Evertale. As you go on your excursions into the world of Erden, take on your ultimate monster-catching challenges.

The Pandemonium – the terrible shroud that appears once every 100 years to inflict ruin and desolate the lands – threatens the lives of humans and creatures in the regions that are burdened by an ancient curse. It is stated that only the Crestbearers can stop it. But it’s been a long time since we’ve seen them in Erden.

In the game, you’ll follow the adventures of two teenage heroes as they set out on expeditions to defeat the forces of evil. You’ll be able to battle the strong Pandemonium with the help of new companions once you’ve discovered the monsters’ abilities. Uncover ancient truths and put an end to the havoc they’ve wreaked once and for all.

Make a Team Of Heroes and Monsters

Assemble a powerful team of heroes and monsters. Gamers will have the opportunity to assemble their team of magnificent heroes and monsters, each with their unique powers and abilities, as they embark on their ultimate journey into the mystical regions of Evertale. Make use of their various abilities to create the perfect roster with incredible team abilities. You’ll be up against creatures and adversaries from throughout the world. Depending on your opponents, change up your strategies and approaches. As you progress to the next level, take them out.


The open world of the game comes with a variety of thrilling activities that are continually updated for players to enjoy. All content also includes numerous generous and worthwhile incentives, which are very helpful in fostering player development across a variety of content. In addition, additional characters are included to expand the player base and offer variety to their battle performance. The best role-playing game is Evertale, which blends a wide variety of components with gripping narratives to thoroughly immerse players in their exciting quest. The fighting system is very advanced and offers a lot of opportunities for players to use each special trait to its full potential.

Battle With Friends

Now on 4 × 4, you can battle with your friends. So, do you have any spare time for your pals? There’s no reason to consider playing alone any longer. Simply invite your friends, join a battle with your greatest creatures and combat abilities on various battles with a 4 × 4 arrangement of combats with pals on Evertale MOD APK, and begin feeling the adrenaline rush with each encounter. The high-quality visuals may provide you with a realistic visualization and an intense experience of each part that you will not tire of until the very end. Just to be safe, you’ll never grow tired of playing, and it ‘does get addictive’ with each new game. As a result, pick your time wisely!
The game becomes much more intriguing when there are multiple players since there are multiple brains with multiple talents who come together on the same field to combat hand in hand with their magical animals and gameplay skills. Whether you’re among your best friends or not, the excitement is as real and powerful as it gets. Different players are pitted against one another, but they all have the same aim in mind: to win!

Participate in Battles

During the battle, you now have a few alternatives. You can either “Pass” and flee or “Catch” the adversaries and recruit them to your team. However, the worse one’s condition, the simpler it is to catch them. To catch them, you’ll have to engage in warfare. Isn’t it simple enough? To begin, your entire squad is connected by “Spirit,” which is used to perform unique abilities. As skills are utilized, the Team Spirit will reach a maximum of 4 and then gradually decline. This gauge can be refilled by basic attacks.

Various Quests

Evertale transports you to the fantasy world of Erden, where you must embark on a quest to free the kingdom from Pandemonium’s soldiers. As you go across the land’s six areas, you’ll meet a variety of individuals who may join you on your quest, as well as monsters to battle, capture, gather, and train as you progress.

Various objectives will guide you through the game, and there are plenty of side quests to acquire goodies that will help you grow your team more quickly. There are numerous regions to find and explore since each zone has numerous treasures and unique beasts. Joining guilds and participating in real-time PvP leagues might give you specific bonuses in addition to the game’s story.

Join a Guild and Make New Friends

Become a member of an active guild and make new friends. Even if there are presently no prizes or guild activities in Evertale, there is still a lot to gain from being a part of one. Being able to employ mercenaries shared by stronger guild members can be advantageous in various game types, and if your mercenary is used by other players or guild members, you can earn friend points, which you can then use to summon additional troops from either the regular or premium friend summon.

While the guild is a good place to meet new people in the game, you can also add friends by selecting them after utilizing their mercenary in various game modes. You can also make more friends by entering friend codes from other players in the game to send invites, or by publishing your own on the game’s official Facebook page, the ZigZaGame website, or even Reddit. If you want to increase your chances of earning friend points in the game, you need to increase your friend limit.

Daily Missions

There are wonderful incentives for each objective you may fulfill on daily missions, but the best of them is the SR Character Core, which can instantly award experience points to a character. You can only claim rewards for lifetime achievements once throughout the game, however, they all come in the form of soul stones or SSR cores. Because these rewards are so vital for your success, try to set your sights on accomplishments that you can do in the shortest amount of time.


You’ll become utterly engrossed in Evertale’s lovely and magnificent environment. Enjoy catching your lovely monsters while playing with your legendary heroes. Multiple evolutions with amazing monster designs are available. And, because of its simple graphics, the game will run on the majority of Android devices, which is fantastic.


Evertale allows Android gamers to become entirely engrossed in epic in-game events and stories thanks to rich and compelling sound experiences.

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In conclusion, “Evertale” offers a rich and immersive mobile gaming experience that combines the best elements of RPGs with monster collection and strategic combat. With its captivating storyline, strategic turn-based battles, monster capture and evolution, online PvP and guilds, and diverse world exploration, the game provides endless hours of entertainment for players of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned RPG enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, “Evertale” invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey through the magical world of Erden, where adventure, mystery, and battles await at every turn. Join the fight, capture and evolve powerful creatures, and become the hero Erden needs to break the curse of Pandemonium.

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