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Farming USA 2 is a popular farming simulation game that allows players to experience the challenges and rewards of running a virtual farm. Developed by Bowen Games LLC, it offers an immersive and realistic farming experience for mobile devices.
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Farming USA 2 MOD APK Overview

Farming USA 2 is a popular farming simulation game that allows players to experience the challenges and rewards of running a virtual farm. Developed by Bowen Games LLC, it offers an immersive and realistic farming experience for mobile devices. With its detailed graphics and engaging gameplay, the game has garnered a loyal following among farming enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

In Farming USA 2, players start with a small plot of land and a few basic farming tools. Their objective is to build a successful farm by cultivating crops, raising livestock, and expanding their operations. The game offers a wide range of farming activities, including planting and harvesting various crops, such as wheat, corn, and soybeans. Players can also tend to livestock, including cows, pigs, and chickens, by feeding them, cleaning their shelters, and collecting their produce.

One of the key aspects of Farming USA 2 is managing resources effectively. Players must balance their finances by selling their produce at the market, investing in new equipment, and upgrading their farms to increase productivity. They can purchase a variety of farming vehicles and machinery to streamline their operations, such as tractors, ploughs, and harvesters.

The game features a day-and-night cycle and changing weather conditions, adding a sense of realism and variety to the gameplay. Players need to plan their activities according to the seasons and adapt to unpredictable events like storms and droughts.

Farming USA 2 also includes a multiplayer mode, allowing players to collaborate and compete with friends or other players online. They can join forces to complete farming tasks or engage in friendly competitions to see who can achieve the most successful farm.

Overall, Farming USA 2 offers a comprehensive farming experience, blending realistic simulation with enjoyable gameplay mechanics. It provides hours of entertainment for farming enthusiasts and those curious about the agricultural world.

Information About Farming USA 2 MOD APK

App Name Farming USA 2 MOD APK
Latest Version 1.79
Developed By Bowen Games LLC
Platform Android
Requirement 6.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads 50K+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated 2 days ago
Category Simulation

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Farming USA 2 MOD APK Features

Construction Of Secret Based

Experienced professional farmers have advanced farming and breeding skills. However, the demand in the market doesn’t always guarantee a steady supply of goods for export. That’s why having a storage facility is essential. The latest update for Farming USA 2 introduces a manure cellar, allowing farmers to store animal feed and milk.

The Art Of Simplification

If you’re familiar with this feature, we’ll reiterate it for clarity. Farming USA 2 is a modified version of Farming Simulator 20, incorporating its graphics, mechanics, game elements, and more. However, it is a limited edition with a more streamlined and focused gameplay experience.

While the main goal remains the same—to become a skilled farmer in the county by maximizing your fields—you must also focus on breeding more animals and expanding your land. However, it’s important not to rush and instead enjoy the game without solely focusing on profits.

The farmer’s Everyday Life

The game’s core revolves around the classic routine of growing, planting, harvesting, and repeating. The gameplay has remained unchanged for years, offering a familiar experience. If you’re satisfied with your work but haven’t finished a task, you can hire a helper to complete tasks like harvesting, ploughing, or sowing.

Selling your crops at the right time and delivering them to the appropriate location can earn you a significant amount of money. With enough funds, you can purchase new fields, vehicles, or animals to expand your farm.

The shop menu offers a selection of over 100 vehicles across different types. While fewer than the PC version, they are still sufficient to make you proud and more efficient in the field. As expected, these vehicles are all real models from top agricultural brands.

Experience the Daily Life Of Farmers

Farming USA 2 accurately simulates the daily tasks of a real farmer, which include developing, planting, breeding, and harvesting for profit. The gameplay and interaction are similar to other games in the same genre, with minimal changes. In addition to using specialized vehicles for crop care, players can raise livestock to optimize their profits.

There are two ways to work with livestock in this game: harvesting milk from dairy farms or raising pigs in barns to sell in the city. You can raise up to 2000 pigs at once, and using specialized animal feed can help them grow faster if you have the financial means.

Becoming A True Farmer Through Hard Work

As a Farming USA 2 farmer, you’ll need to grow trees and crops, take care of various livestock breeds, and handle other small tasks related to farming. Cows are a lucrative option, so paying attention to your dairy herd is crucial. They require more care and need to grow quickly, often benefiting from a specialized diet. Increasing the number of female pigs can also boost your revenue.

Monitoring Weather Patterns Is Essential

Understanding weather patterns is important for deciding which crops to plant. Farming USA 2 accurately simulates seasons, day and night cycles, making players feel like they are in the real world. Checking the weather updates daily is crucial. Collecting seeds before winter prevents them from being affected by snow and hail, making it impossible for them to grow.

Embrace Winter With The Right Preparations

During winter, everything is covered in a beautiful white snow coat. While it creates a poetic view, it negatively affects your farm. Frozen plants struggle to grow, and livestock becomes immobilized. To combat this, you’ll need a snowplough to clear the snow and create a path in your garden.

Work Smart For Increased Productivity

As both a farmer and an entrepreneur, investing in modern machinery and equipment is crucial. These tools will help you work efficiently and achieve effective results with minimal effort. Farming USA 2 provides control over more than 100 different machines, including plows, excavators, and fruit harvesters.

User-Friendly Interface Designs

The economic side of the game offers no shortcuts. You must always strive to produce as much as possible and closely monitor price fluctuations to sell your crops at the right time. The game menus provide important statistics about field productivity, animal status, and vehicle wear and tear. These statistics are easy to read and interpret compared to the PC version.

The graphics are less detailed, and the settings have a more minimalistic design. There are fewer atmospheric details, which is a bit disappointing considering it was a strength of the original version. However, it’s understandable given the limitations of a portable console’s hardware.

Don’t Fear the Winter-Loving Environment

While the winter landscape is beautiful, it poses challenges to gardening. Springtime gardening becomes difficult due to the presence of snow. Additionally, plants grown during winter take longer to develop. Livestock and poultry are immobilized by the cold weather. During this season, a snowplow becomes essential to clear paths and maintain functionality in the garden.

Earn Profits By Selling Wood

Apart from farming, there are other ways to generate income in Farming USA 2. Harvesting wood in your spare time and selling it to merchants is a viable option. Woodcutting provides a new and enjoyable experience. Simply visit the two logging forests available on the screen to experience the satisfaction of cutting, transporting, and selling wood. Timing and efficient processes are crucial to maximizing profits during the logging stages.

Expand Your Fields With Unlimited Money

Money is the premium currency in Farming USA 2 Mod, allowing you to purchase various items like vehicles, seeds, and fields from the in-game store. Expanding your agricultural fields is a recommended investment to increase profits.

Create Personalized Farm Models

Designing livestock and poultry farms is an essential aspect of creating a perfect farm. Farming USA 2 encourages players to express their own style and personality by designing their farms. You can breed cows for milk and take care of more than 2000 pigs. Selling beef, pork, milk, and chicken eggs can provide additional income.

Profit From Abundant Forests

In addition to livestock farms, you own two more forests on the hilltops. When you’re bored with livestock or waiting for crops to grow, you can visit these forests to harvest wood. This is an excellent source of income and provides new experiences, including cutting trees and transporting wood to the plains.

Immerse Yourself In American Country Style

Engaging in exciting farm activities allows you to experience peaceful moments in the field. Imagine driving through your fields on a cool autumn afternoon, immersing yourself in the beauty of nature. Only those who truly appreciate nature and the outdoors can fully embrace the tranquillity of the countryside. After taking a deep breath of fresh country air, farmers must return to their tasks on the farm.

Visit Your Neighbours

Your Farming USA 2 is connected online with farms from around the world. You can visit other players’ gardens with their permission, and they can also visit yours to admire your plants and crops. This is an opportunity to chat and share interesting stories about farming. You can learn about unique farm models and exchange tips on plant care.

Managing A Workforce

Modern machinery enhances your farm’s productivity. To make Farming USA 2 the richest place to live, you can hire workers on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. They will become your efficient assistants, completing assigned tasks and saving you time and effort. This allows you to focus on research and invest in new projects.

Experience Farming In A Legendary Style

As the owner of nine fields spanning over 250 acres, you can plow, fertilize, and harvest various crops. Depending on your preferences and market demands, you can cultivate different types of plants. Some popular crops include barley, soybeans, and hay, which are in high demand. You can also expand your fields further in the future.

Key Considerations In Your Work

Market fluctuations, both daily and hourly, directly impact your monthly income. Studying these changes and employing successful strategies is crucial to ensure profitability. Weather conditions also play a significant role in the farm’s development. Favourable weather, with moderate sunshine and rain, promotes growth. However, excessive rain can cause flooding and muddy conditions. It’s important to adapt and make informed decisions based on these factors.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Farming USA 2 MOD APK

Can you play Farming USA 2 on PC?

Plough, fertilise, plant, and, of course, harvest your crops in nine separate fields spread throughout a 250-acre region in Farming USA 2 for PC and Mac using BlueStacks.

Is Farming 2 USA multiplayer?

Join your pals in cross-platform multiplayer games and help them out on their farm. With realistic wheel mechanics, feel the surroundings as you drive your tractor through them! Four distinct methods for raising livestock!

What's new

-Fixed more screen/interface issues
-Fixed some camera issues
-Updated double-crop soybean planting/yields



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