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Godzilla Defense Force is an exciting mobile game that allows players to defend the world against the mighty Godzilla and other monstrous creatures. Developed by Nexon Company, this action-packed tower defence game puts you in the role of a commander in charge of protecting cities from relentless monster attacks.
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Godzilla Defense Force MOD APK Overview

Godzilla Defense Force Mod Apk is an exciting mobile game that allows players to defend the world against the mighty Godzilla and other monstrous creatures. Developed by Nexon Company, this action-packed tower defence game puts you in the role of a commander in charge of protecting cities from relentless monster attacks.

In Godzilla Defense Force, players begin their journey by selecting their favourite monster-fighting force from different eras of the Godzilla series. This includes iconic characters like Godzilla himself, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and many others. Each monster possesses unique abilities and skills, adding a strategic element to the gameplay.

The game features a variety of cities from different parts of the world that are under constant threat from monstrous invaders. As a commander, your task is to strategically place defensive towers and deploy your chosen monsters to repel the attacks. You must defend key landmarks and prevent the destruction of the cities.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new monsters, upgrade their abilities, and strengthen your defensive capabilities. Collecting monster cards and enhancing their powers is a core aspect of the gameplay, allowing you to build a formidable team of kaiju warriors.

Godzilla Defense Force also offers cooperative gameplay, where you can team up with other players to take on powerful monsters in challenging boss battles. Collaboration and coordination with other commanders are essential to overcome these formidable foes.

With its immersive visuals, engaging gameplay, and a vast roster of iconic monsters, Godzilla Defense Force provides an exciting and addictive experience for fans of the Godzilla franchise and tower defence games alike. It’s a thrilling journey that allows you to become the defender of humanity against the destructive forces of the Kaiju.

Information About Godzilla Defense Force MOD APK

App Name Godzilla Defense Force MOD APK
Latest Version
Size 115 MB
Developed By NEXON Company
Platform Android
Requirement 6.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads 5 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money / All Resources / Boss Time / Moonstone / Invincible
Updated 2 days ago
Category Strategy

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Godzilla Defense Force MOD APK Features

Experience the First-Ever Monster Defense Game

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Godzilla Defense Force, a unique base defence game. Take on the relentless swarm of bugs that have been wreaking havoc on your city and face their colossal masters. Engage in epic battles against the most iconic monsters in history and protect major cities from their destructive onslaught.

Embark on a global journey, showcasing your commanding skills in various locations around the world. Defend vital cities like New York, London, Tokyo, Sydney, and more from sudden enemy attacks. Assert your dominance over the monsters as you strike them down and prove who the true ruler of this planet is. Will your defences stand strong, or will the offensive might of Kaiju and Godzilla prevail in this ultimate showdown?

Lost in the Noble Mission

Initially, players can passively complete defence missions, even when not actively playing. Consider it your accessible and comfortable working environment, but when disturbed, it’s time to fight back. Moreover, with just a single touch, players can enhance their defence system to its maximum potential, further bolstering their strength.

Unleash a Wide Array of Diverse Characters

When you enter this world, you’ll encounter thousands of monsters, each with its unique genre and danger. Notably, Godzilla takes on various forms synthesized from its appearances from 1954 until the present day. That’s why this game is renowned for featuring the largest number of Godzillas on the planet. Additionally, players can join forces with giant monsters from 29 movies, each possessing distinct personalities.

Protect Your City

Everything changed when a nuclear test triggered a catastrophic event, awakening gigantic creatures from beneath the Earth’s surface. Known as the Kaiju, these creatures seek to invade and conquer humanity’s domain. Countless lives are at stake, and you have been entrusted with the noble duty of eradicating these monsters. Join the mighty Earth Defense Force and demonstrate your unwavering determination to rescue the world’s endangered major cities.

Godzilla Defense Force combines card game-style gameplay with tower defence mechanics, making it accessible to newcomers. Design a robust defence system for multiple cities, strategically countering the Kaiju onslaught, mostly originating from the sea. Plan fortresses, and bases, and deploy nuclear bombs at optimal positions to unleash devastating damage and facilitate their demise.

Upgrade the Battle System

Besides formulating defensive strategies against monsters, you must also devise smart counterattacks and seize the initiative. Exciting rewards await you as you progress, allowing you to acquire advanced weapons for maximum effectiveness. While humans face a daunting challenge in defeating the mighty Kaiju, targeting their weak points and focusing all firepower on them can inflict substantial damage.

Moreover, each vanquished monster grants powerful cards that can be used to recruit other Kaiju. These newfound allies will fight alongside your faction, utilizing their immense power against the malevolent Kaiju. Use your resources to upgrade your Kaiju, bolstering their combat capabilities and increasing overall strength.

Worldwide Missions

The sudden appearance of Kaiju across the globe caught everyone off guard, with major cities serving as their primary targets. Each city presents unique terrain features, significantly influencing your gameplay style. Consider the number of military bases and the strategic placement of construction works, as they play a crucial role in your victory. Monsters may attempt to destroy buildings, but rebuilding them is essential to preserve your forces and continue the onslaught. Persist until you can unleash the ultimate secret weapon.

Save Innocent Lives

Whenever a Kaiju emerges in the human world, it heralds an impending apocalypse, triggering volcanic eruptions, natural disasters, and enveloping darkness. Countless lives are endangered as a result. Alongside your Godzilla Defense Force missions, it’s imperative to rescue those trapped within buildings, listening to their cries for help. Their salvation is paramount in every battle you undertake. Communicate with them from inside the buildings, guide them to safety, and ensure their survival.

Engage in Battles with Famous Beasts

Numerous beloved movie monsters from the MonsterVerse make their appearance in Godzilla Defense Force, alongside new adversaries yet to be seen on the big screen. This presents a unique opportunity to observe the fighting styles and physical characteristics of these popular monsters before their cinematic debut.

Creatures like Mechagodzilla, Behemoth, Leviathan, and King Kong, each with their distinct appearances and body structures, launch attacks on major cities worldwide. Overcoming each specific monster requires a combination of elements and strategic planning, posing a formidable challenge even for humanity.

Unlock Classic Monster Cards

Godzilla Defense Force brings back monsters from the Kaiju series, featuring iconic creatures from over 29 classic movies. Each monster species showcases its distinctive appearance and skills, faithfully recreating their original versions. Familiar faces such as Godzilla, Mothra, and other mainstays are easily recognizable. Notably, Godzilla boasts multiple versions inspired by various films.

Explore Unique Locations

Throughout the game, you’ll embark on numerous war campaigns set in various locations worldwide. The most epic battlefields include major cities like Sydney, London, and Tokyo, meticulously designed to resemble their real-life counterparts. Each city possesses different defensive positions and facilities, demanding strategic decision-making when entering new battlefields. The enemies’ power intensifies as you progress further.

Construct Bases to Withstand Enemy Attacks

Immerse yourself in thrilling base-building gameplay, leveraging your tactical insight and commanding skills to establish a formidable defence system. Strengthen your forces through lunar colonization and special training, fortifying your troops. The game even introduces a time-travel mechanic, enabling you to revisit previous timelines and halt the enemies’ progress. Build and defend bases against legendary monsters, and combine forces with established bases worldwide to create a comprehensive defence system capable of withstanding any attack.

Upgrade Technologies and Firearms

To gain the upper hand against the relentless monsters, investing time and resources in technological advancements is crucial. Accumulate multiple layers of technology to unlock powerful boosts that can turn the tide of battle. Enhance your units’ health and firepower, allowing them to effectively combat the monsters. Decrease manufacturing time to equip your allies with more advanced weaponry and war machines before the enemy strikes.

Expand Your Bases Worldwide

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to recruit individuals with outstanding merits in protecting cities. City infrastructure systems and security forces continue to strengthen, supported by ingenious lunar geochemistry and exceptional space-travel mechanics. You can establish multiple bases in cities across the world, widening the scope of the monster-slaying quest. Seize this unique opportunity to assemble a formidable team of talented individuals.

Summon Immense Power

Harness this extraordinary power to halt the giant monsters in their tracks. At the bottom corner of the screen, you’ll find an energy bar with a maximum capacity of 8. Engage in combat with giant monsters to accumulate energy. During battles, you’ll also obtain Monster Cards that can be utilized to influence the fight or summon colossal characters to combat the Kaiju, consuming energy reserves.

These cards can boost defence, create shields, and increase strength and battle speed, leading to greater damage output. Unleash the mighty Ultraman, Godzilla, or Mechagodzilla to engage the monsters directly.

Realistic Design and Vibrant Effects

Despite being an idle clicker game, Godzilla Defense Force pays meticulous attention to detail. Iconic cities worldwide are faithfully recreated, providing a lifelike experience. The monster roster from the Kaiju series is vividly brought to life, evoking nostalgia for the Godzilla movies and other cinematic works. Dynamic skill effects further intensify the battlefield, with fire-breathing and tornadoes delivering exhilarating excitement.

Varied Tactics and Unit Matchups

With a wide array of available equipment and gear, players in Godzilla Defense Force can adopt different approaches and tactics to combat various enemies. It’s your responsibility to leverage your strengths and defeat the enemies before they can escape. However, be sure to assess the situation carefully and make the right decisions when facing superior foes.

Oppose Iconic Villains

The monsters featured in the MonsterVerse return in the Godzilla Defense Force game. Each film showcases a different monster, offering an opportunity to encounter some of the most famous creatures in existence. Additionally, you can study the fighting styles and appearances of monsters yet to appear on the big screen.

With each new generation, colossal cities stand against towering Allosaurus, Mechagodzilla, Behemoth, Leviathan, and Godzilla. These iconic names reemerge and launch attacks, wielding their unique powers. Understanding the abilities possessed by these legendary monsters is crucial for facing the immense challenge they present.

Harness Tremendous Strength

This immense power can be wielded to combat greater threats. Located in the lower-right corner of the screen, an energy bar with a maximum capacity of 8 can be increased by engaging in battles with giant monsters. As you battle, you’ll also receive Monster Cards. These cards can be used to affect the fight or summon enormous characters to confront the Kaiju, depleting your energy reserves.

Achieve effects such as increased defence, shields, enhanced strength, or accelerated battle speed to maximize damage output. Summons such as Ultraman, Godzilla, or Mechagodzilla will engage the monsters directly, leveraging their immense power.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Godzilla Defense Force MOD APK

What happens when you time travel in Godzilla Defense Force?

The player receives a number of Time Shards as compensation for travelling across time. The number of shards provided varies according to how far the player advanced in that run prior to time travel.

How many stages are in Godzilla Defense Force?

The actual game consists of six bases to hold and one event stage, both of which are in Tokyo. London. Sydney.

What is the best card in Godzilla Defense Force?

The best card in the game is this one. Every great combination includes Godzilla ’67. It deserves praise for giving all troops a boost by giving them an attack power that is unequalled by any other card in the game.

How do I get better at Godzilla defense force?

Every kaiju has a weakness that will occasionally become apparent during a battle. If you tap on it as soon as you notice it, you’ll do some great additional damage. However, act soon because it won’t last for long.

What's new

- TTS (Text-To-Speech) system has been updated for Korean text..
: Applied TTS system to ingame Character text lines.

- Convenience fixes and other bugs have also been addressed.



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