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Idle Angels is a captivating mobile game that combines elements of role-playing and idle gameplay. Developed by Muji Game, it offers a unique gaming experience for players seeking strategic challenges and immersive adventures.
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Idle Angels MOD APK Overview

Idle Angels Mod Apk is a captivating mobile game that combines elements of role-playing and idle gameplay. Developed by Muji Game, it offers a unique gaming experience for players seeking strategic challenges and immersive adventures. In Idle Angels, players embark on a quest to save the celestial realm from impending darkness.

The game features a diverse cast of charming and powerful angelic heroes, each with their own distinctive skills and abilities. As a player, you assemble a team of angels and strategically deploy them in battles against a range of formidable foes. You can upgrade and evolve your angels to unlock their full potential, making them even more formidable in combat.

Idle Angels incorporate idle gameplay mechanics, allowing players to progress and accumulate resources even while offline. This feature enables you to passively gather rewards and strengthen your angelic team, ensuring that progress continues even during periods of inactivity.

The immersive storyline unfolds across multiple game modes, including the main campaign, dungeons, and various challenges. Engaging in these modes grants valuable resources and loot, enhancing the growth of your angelic squad. Additionally, the game features intense PvP battles where you can test your team’s strength against other players from around the world, competing for rankings and rewards.

Idle Angels offer stunning visuals and a user-friendly interface, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Regular updates and events provide fresh content and keep players engaged in the ever-expanding world of celestial battles.

With its captivating gameplay, rich storyline, and strategic depth, Idle Angels offer a rewarding journey for both casual and dedicated players, making it a must-try title for mobile gaming enthusiasts.

Information About Idle Angels MOD APK

App Name Idle Angels MOD APK
Latest Version
Size 540 MB
Developed By MUJOY GAMES
Platform Android
Requirement 5.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads 1 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Immortal / High Damage / Free Skills / Rewards / God Mode / DMG
Updated 2 days ago
Category Role Playing

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Idle Angels MOD APK Features

Strategic Game System

Idle Angels, a unique idle game, offers players an immersive experience to develop their game characters effectively. Even when offline, the characters continue to fight independently, enabling rapid self-upgrades.

To excel in the game, mastering combat tactics is essential. Making the right decisions involves selecting suitable angels, and choosing appropriate equipment and skills that align with your fighting style. By combining these elements, you can create an unstoppable force, known as the “Invincible Fleet.”

Historical Fighting Game

Idle Angels present a refreshing take on fighting games, sure to captivate gamers. Select your angel and equip them with the necessary skills to engage in combat. Utilize cards to form a formidable team, each card representing a unique character with its own fighting abilities and powers. Enjoy an accessible fighting game that features auto-battle functionality.

Engage in combat missions using various strategies. Explore different battlegrounds, each offering distinct enemy types and gameplay styles. Strengthen your skills and learn to face different adversaries. Join forces with your teammates in a guild to challenge bosses and establish dominance in the thrilling world of mobile gaming.

The Simplicity of Gameplay

Recruit angels to join you in battles against monstrous foes. Assemble a team of up to five angels and position them strategically to maximize their collective strength. Engage in battles at any time by entering the battlefield. The game incorporates an automatic battle system, enabling hands-free victory. Attain an 80% win rate to challenge the Boss, and defeating them unlocks the next battlefield.

Increasing Power

Angels play a crucial role in boosting your strength. By selecting an angel’s avatar, you can access the editing interface, which presents upgrade options indicated by red dots. Strengthen your angel by equipping them with new and more powerful equipment. Upgrading the character’s equipment also enhances their skills.

Recruiting Elite Angels

Before embarking on intense battles in Idle Angels, assemble a team of powerful angels. Each angel possesses unique fighting skills and ranks, so it is important to carefully consider their attributes to make optimal choices. The game allows for limitless recruitment of various angels, and you can switch angels during battles to employ different tactics.

Auto-Battle Mechanics

Similar to other idle RPG games, Idle Angels offers fully automated combat, providing players with a hassle-free gaming experience. Angels automatically engage in battles, defeating opponents and securing loot. Your role is primarily focused on summoning gods for each attack, and the game incorporates an AFK (Away From Keyboard) element, enabling characters to participate in matches autonomously.

Participate in Idle Battles

Initiating a battle is as simple as clicking the “Battle” button. Your objective in each battle is to lead your army of angels to defeat the enemy. Prior to the battle, you can assemble a powerful squad by selecting the strongest cards. During the battle, tap each card to activate their skills and witness their effects.

The gameplay of Idle Angels is straightforward, requiring minimal actions from the player. However, to gain an advantage, strategic thinking is essential. Familiarize yourself with each card’s attributes to discover the most effective combinations.

Explore the Angel Card System

Idle Angels offer a wide array of character cards, providing ample opportunities to devise strategies. Obtain a few free cards initially, while additional cards can be recruited using resources like gems or gold coins. Diverse card types facilitate strategic planning due to their unique characteristics. Attributes such as HP, damage, and defense vary among cards and can be improved through upgrades. Each card features up to six equipment slots, allowing the addition of weapons, hats, armour, shoes, rings, and more. Properly equip each card type with suitable items, and the “Auto-equip” feature can assist in this process.

RPG Elements

Idle Angels incorporate role-playing game (RPG) elements, allowing players to choose from various character classes such as warriors, archers, and mages. Each class possesses distinct abilities and purposes, emphasizing the importance of making wise choices. The game also includes a counter system, enabling players to exploit their strengths against enemies, adding an extra layer of challenge.

Multiple Game Modes in Idle Angels

Idle Angels offer several game modes, including Idle Mode, Adventure Tasks, Angel Gathering, and Training & Awakening. Players can choose the most convenient game mode for their preferences, such as Adventure Tasks, Idle Mode, or Training & Awakening. Recommended modes include Fighting System, Angel Collecting, Idle Mode, and Training & Awakening, as they provide additional options for gameplay. Idle Mode ensures continuous level progression even when offline.

Successful Challenges and Community Engagement

In addition to its straightforward gameplay, Idle Angels incorporate special challenges that players and their characters must complete. Engaging activities include the battle system, idle mode, angel training and awakening, adventure and collection quests, and more. Building strong alliances with reliable comrades is crucial, especially when facing formidable opponents. Participating in unique matches against friends adds to the enjoyment, fostering camaraderie and celebrating victories together.

Exceptional Fighting System

Revive dormant angels to bolster your army’s ranks. Regularly upgrade your character to expand your options and establish a formidable fighting force. Winning is no easy task, and devising intelligent strategies is essential. Assign specific roles to each team member, capitalizing on their individual skills and strengths. By harnessing the full power of the angels, you can unleash their abilities to their fullest potential.

Rewarding Bonuses

Completing missions rewards players with experience points, gold coins, and various valuable items. Treasure chests, gold rings, and enhancement essences are among the rewards, offering benefits for character and weapon upgrades. Upgrading character attributes requires a monetary investment, so it is advisable to win as many levels as possible to gather resources and strengthen your team.

Notable Graphics

Idle games often boast unique and appealing graphics, and Idle Angels is no exception. Distinguished by its Japanese cartoon style, the game features charming, visually pleasing angel designs. Meticulously crafted scenes and settings enhance the overall gameplay experience, providing various perspectives, from top-down views of the general map to specific battle viewpoints. Graphic details have been carefully attended to by the dedicated design team.

Duplicate System

The world map in Idle Angels comprises numerous levels spread throughout. Each level presents a captivating theme to enhance gameplay, including scenarios such as heroic rescues, stunning sunsets, moonlit dissipation, haunted forests, and ethereal realms. The game offers a rich assortment of special quests, featuring escalating difficulty. Primary tasks include defeating monsters, battling boss characters, and acquiring additional angels.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Equipment selection in Idle Angels significantly impacts the strength of female warriors. Choosing suitable equipment for each warrior maximizes their combat prowess. Each equipment piece possesses unique attributes and bonus stats, necessitating careful consideration. Equipment with superior attributes provides greater stat accumulation. Optimizing equipment for each female warrior is an essential task within the game.

Vibrant and Beautiful 2D Design

In addition to gameplay, Idle Angels garner praise for its visually appealing art style. The captivating art highlights the beauty of angel cards, each possessing a distinct personality, ranging from cute to bold. Furthermore, each card showcases unique skill effects that create impressive combat displays when combined on the battlefield. Thoughtfully crafted dialogue elements further enrich the story conveyed by each card.

Harnessing Powers

Angels play a pivotal role in initiating gameplay. By clicking on an angel’s card, you can access the editing interface, which displays plus sign options. If a red dot appears, promptly upgrade your angel’s equipment. Strengthen your angel’s stamina by equipping them with authentic weapons. Each weapon comes in multiple levels, granting exciting powers upon selection. Empower your angel for the battle to secure victory.

Formulating Effective Plans

To triumph in Idle Angels, it is essential to follow well-thought-out strategies. These strategies revolve around the angels you select for combat. Choosing talented angels increases your chances of success while neglecting skilful angels leads to inevitable defeat. Seek advice from friends or top players worldwide for valuable plans. Additionally, browsing online resources, such as Google Chrome, can provide new insights. Implementing these strategies enables you to overcome bosses and adversaries.

Unlimited Gems

With Idle Angels mod apk unlimited Gems 2022, you can freely acquire all in-game materials without cost. These unlimited gems enable idle angels mod apk free shopping, granting access to premium weapons at any time. You can also use unlimited gems as gifts to delight friends, purchase new costumes, and unlock exciting powers. Some premium game modes exclusively require gems, making them invaluable for mission completion and enjoyment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Idle Angels MOD APK

What is the fastest way to level up Idle Angels?

The main method of obtaining a lot of resources in Idle Angels is through idle fighting. Almost all of the resources mentioned above are available as idle combat rewards.

Is Idle Angels online or offline?

You may discover a lot more engaging online games right here. With the mobile cloud, play Idle Angels for nothing online. The ideal hobby for gamers with a hectic schedule is MUJOY GAMES’s soothing idle role-playing title Idle Angels. Fight alongside your friends while gathering and enhancing your angels.

What to do with smelt pt on Idle Angels?

You may manufacture better gear or even artefacts with the Smelt Points you get from smelting stuff. Be aware, though, that you cannot begin using Smelt Points to create gear until you reach Level 25. The smelting menu will get a new tab named “Craft” after you achieve this level.

What's new

1. Added SSR+&UR&UR+ Angel: Frigga
2. Added New Destiny Star System
3. Added New Nightmare Battlefield Gameplay



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