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Infinite Flight is a highly acclaimed mobile flight simulation game that offers an immersive and realistic flying experience on your smartphone or tablet. Developed by Flying Development Studio LLC, Infinite Flight provides an extensive range of aircraft, diverse global landscapes, and a wide array of realistic flight features.
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Infinite Flight MOD APK Overview

Infinite Flight Mod Apk is a highly acclaimed mobile flight simulation game that offers an immersive and realistic flying experience on your smartphone or tablet. Developed by Flying Development Studio LLC, Infinite Flight provides an extensive range of aircraft, diverse global landscapes, and a wide array of realistic flight features.

Players can choose from a vast selection of aircraft, including commercial jets, general aviation planes, military aircraft, and even space shuttles. Each aircraft is intricately modelled with accurate physics and detailed cockpit instruments, providing a true-to-life simulation experience. The game features a variety of airports worldwide, allowing players to take off and land in iconic destinations and challenging conditions.

Infinite Flight boasts stunning graphics, with high-definition satellite imagery and realistic terrain elevations, giving players a visually stunning and immersive environment to explore. Weather conditions are also realistically simulated, including wind, turbulence, and precipitation, further enhancing the authenticity of the flying experience.

The game offers multiple gameplay options, catering to both casual gamers and aviation enthusiasts. Players can embark on solo flights, engage in air traffic control communications, participate in live multiplayer sessions with other players worldwide, or join virtual airlines to simulate real-world airline operations.

Infinite Flight supports a dedicated online community, where players can connect, share experiences, and participate in virtual events. The game also provides regular updates and expansions, introducing new aircraft, airports, and features to keep the experience fresh and exciting.

With its attention to detail, stunning visuals, and realistic flight mechanics, Infinite Flight has established itself as a leading flight simulator on mobile devices, providing an accessible platform for aviation enthusiasts and gamers to indulge in their passion for flying.

Information About Infinite Flight MOD APK

App Name Infinite Flight MOD APK
Latest Version 23.2.1
Size 662 MB
Developed By Infinite Flight LLC
Platform Android
Requirement 7.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads 5 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Everything Unlocked / All Aircraft / Patched
Updated 2 days ago
Category Simulation

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Infinite Flight MOD APK Features

Detailed 3D Airport Experience

Experience the immersive 3D graphics of Infinite Flight, offering stunning visuals and a captivating flying environment. The game incorporates high-resolution satellite imagery to replicate real-world terrain accurately. Navigate using satellite imagery and pinpoint your destinations with precision. The game’s terrain is intricately designed, capturing every detail of hills and landscapes for a realistic flying sensation.

The modern airports in the game feature clear runway and taxiway layouts. With bustling vehicles like trucks, cars, and coaches, the airport atmosphere feels vibrant and alive. Every aspect of the aircraft is faithfully simulated, including realistic weather conditions. Witness the beauty of the atmosphere with the rotation of the sun, moon, and stars, providing a breathtaking view of the planet.

Flying Experience

Embark on the thrilling and challenging journey of Infinite Flight Simulator. Controlling an aeroplane is a complex task that requires understanding the intricacies of its engines and controls. Piloting skills are highly demanding, and only a small percentage of individuals achieve pilot qualifications. To fly confidently and efficiently, familiarize yourself with your aircraft’s details.

Explore a Variety of Aircraft with Unique Characteristics

Infinite Flight offers an impressive collection of advanced aircraft. Experience flying in a diverse fleet of airliners for an authentic simulation. Military aircraft are also available, providing high-speed travel options. Unlock exciting features as you progress in the game.

A Vast World with Multiple Regions

Immerse yourself in a vast world map featuring various regions. Accurate topographical information allows you to observe the landscapes beneath your plane. Travel virtually across the globe, visiting famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. Capture detailed and realistic pictures using the in-game camera.

Realistic Elements for Immersive Simulations

Infinite Flight Simulator delivers an immersive plane simulation game that encompasses all aspects of flying. Experience accurate weather systems and realistic physics. Encounter challenges like wind affecting your plane’s trajectory or navigation disruptions caused by lightning strikes. Atmospheric changes with the rotation of the sun, moon, and stars add to the realism. Take control of weather conditions to enhance your simulation experience.

Realistic Atmosphere

Infinite Flight Simulator ensures a realistic atmosphere, from the sun’s rays to the colours and shapes of the clouds. Enjoy favorable weather conditions with clear blue skies and a serene environment. The game seamlessly transitions between day and night, enhancing realism. The high-tech graphics create breathtaking scenery. Despite the challenges faced by pilots, the joy of being in the air is unparalleled.

Play with Others

Interact and communicate with other players in this expansive world. Choose the multiplayer mode to connect with random players in a waiting room. Coordinate complex manoeuvres and improve your skills through cooperative flights, fostering a sense of community. Join a large and vibrant player community, sharing exciting moments during flights.

Fly Online

Infinite Flight offers an online multiplayer mode where you can fly with others in real time across different servers. Each server has its own rules and requirements. Park your planes at specific airports, as indicated by the airspace status table. Follow time and commands from Air Traffic Control (ATC) if available at an airport. Enjoy the dynamic experience of flying online.

Surround Yourself with the Marvels

Gain new perspectives as you fly above expansive mountain ranges, snow-covered plains, and desert landscapes. Marvel at the grandeur of the mountains and be captivated by the beauty of sunsets, moonrises, and dawns during your flight. Experience these moments in real time, adding to the immersive nature of the game.

A Lot of Airports

Infinite Flight features numerous real-world airports that accurately replicate their interior and structure. Begin your flights from a selection of 21 airports worldwide, with access to over 25,000 airports after subscribing. Select your departure and destination airports based on your daily tasks and missions.

Multi Modes in Infinite Flight Simulator

Choose from different modes to play Infinite Flight Simulator, including solo, multiplayer, and air traffic control. Experience the game individually, play with family and friends in multiplayer mode, or take on the role of an air traffic controller. Utilize flight planning systems and navigation aids for optimal flights.

Dozens of Airplanes

Discover a wide range of aircraft available in Infinite Flight Simulator, including passenger airliners, military planes, and cargo aircraft. Each aircraft has unique characteristics in terms of speed, range, and engine feedback. Utilize various camera views and replay modes to practice your skills and compete with players worldwide.

3D Airports

Experience takeoffs and landings at thousands of intricately designed 3D airports worldwide. Join other pilots in daily events and active flights to complete missions and challenges, earning rewards. The game utilizes real-world global navigational data, providing practical flying experiences. Regular updates introduce new aeroplanes, airports, missions, and more.

Become a Real Pilot

Infinite Flight Simulator offers a realistic and immersive flight experience. Experience the feeling of being a pilot with amazing aircraft models and a highly realistic flying interface. Sit in the cockpit and gaze at the vast sky. Control the steering wheel to enjoy the flight and ensure the safety of your passengers, relying on your skills and experience.

Practice Your Skills with a Realistic Attitude

Immerse yourself in the realistic aerial atmosphere of Infinite Flight Simulator. Clouds, winds, and day/night cycles are accurately simulated in 3D. Customize these features and explore the world with high-definition satellite terrain images. NavBlue provides real-world navigation data, enabling players to experience smoother and more realistic flights. The instructor guides you in mastering aircraft control, technical parameters, and adapting to different weather conditions. Autopilot and automated landing systems are available for certain aircraft.

Multiplayer Mode and Daily Activities

Engage in multiplayer mode with thousands of pilots worldwide. Experience various roles within the plane, such as pilot, flight attendant, or air traffic controller. Utilize flight planning systems and navigation aids to choose your flight path. Engage in daily activities and interact with other players to enhance your flying experience.

View Your Spectacular Flying Moves with the Advanced Replay Feature

Indulge in the immersive and addictive gameplay of Infinite Flight Simulator. Perform incredible stunts and manoeuvres with your plane, and use the replay feature to relive those amazing moments. Capture and share your favourite videos using the advanced replay system, delighting other players.

Prove Yourself as a Skilled Pilot

Master the Infinite Flight Simulator and compete with the world’s best pilots. Fly standard civilian planes and unlock a wide variety of aircraft. From the CRJ-200 to the MD-11F, choose from a range of options. Military and cargo planes offer additional possibilities. Broaden your horizons by flying different types of aircraft, showcasing your skills and abilities.

Handle All Situations

Being a skilled pilot requires vigilance and the ability to handle any situation. Engine failures or adverse weather conditions can occur during your journey. Maintain a calm demeanour and communicate effectively with air traffic control to navigate emergency situations and make unscheduled landings at the nearest airports. With nearly 20,000 airports worldwide, you have ample opportunities to plan your landing and ensure the safety of everyone onboard.

Diverse Aircraft System

Utilize the extensive aircraft selection available in Infinite Flight. Choose from ordinary passenger airliners, military planes, and cargo aircraft. Each model possesses unique characteristics, including speed, range, and engine performance. Select the aircraft that suits your upcoming flight, providing you with numerous options for your journey.

Realistic and Vivid Graphics

Infinite Flight Simulator boasts stunning and realistic graphics. The game utilizes a high-end 3D platform to replicate aircraft models, airports, and terrain with remarkable accuracy. The flight controls and day and night effects are vividly rendered, immersing gamers in a realistic flying experience.

Conquer the Wonders

Embark on a unique journey in Infinite Flight Simulator and witness the natural and man-made wonders of Earth. Marvel at glacial mountains, desert landscapes, and towering peaks rarely explored by most individuals. The sight of a single mountain peak against the vibrant backdrop of a sunset is awe-inspiring. Experience thrilling surprises during your flights, including the sunrise, sunset, and moonrise, creating unforgettable moments.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Infinite Flight MOD APK

What system is required for Infinite Flight?

Now, a device with a 64-bit CPU and Android 7.0 or later is needed to play Infinite Flight.

Do you need Internet for Infinite Flight?

Can Infinite Flight be played offline? Playing Infinite Flight always requires an online connection.

How do you control Infinite Flight?

That implies that all roll and pitch movements require is for you to spin or tilt your device. Rest of controls, including power and mixture settings, rudder, trim, flaps, and all other required controls, are controlled via our on-screen 2D button interface.

What's new

• Fixed: Locked camera unable to zoom on first use
• Fixed: Joystick and Keyboard inputs not working
• Fixed: App crashes on aircraft page

• Challenger 350
• Mission/Flight School modes
• Getting Started tutorial
• Merged logbook/replay screen
• Ground services auto-connect
• EDDF, VHHH, LEBL towers
• 74 3D airports

• EFB app support
• Multiplayer performance & crash fixes



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