Legendary Fighter Battle of GOD MOD APK v Download 2023 Updated [New Mode]


Legendary Fighter Battle of GOD MOD APK is an action-packed game that combines thrilling 1v1 combat. Prove your fighting skills by conquering opponents in the arena, but stay focused as battles are intense and a moment's distraction can lead to defeat.
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Legendary Fighter Battle of GOD MOD APK Overview

Legendary Fighter Battle of GOD MOD APK is an action-packed game that combines thrilling 1v1 combat. Prove your fighting skills by conquering opponents in the arena, but stay focused as battles are intense and a moment’s distraction can lead to defeat. Choose your character and engage in thrilling battles right away in Legendary Fighter. Your objective is simple: strategically control your character to optimize strength and defeat opponents swiftly. Beware, your enemies are formidable and deadly, capable of ending your life instantly if you let your guard down.

To survive, keep your character in constant motion, evading enemy attacks while launching effective counterattacks. The match concludes when one player depletes their HP, determining the ultimate winner. Additionally, keep an eye on the energy bar to unleash powerful move combinations against your adversaries.

This game has four separate gaming types. Each mode is represented (versus, tournament, story, and boss fight). As a result, each mode is repeated numerous times throughout the matches. The game’s online edition includes a Versus mode and a tournament mode. A live competition will occur between you and your online opponents to see who will win.  Switching to story mode allows you to complete the task. The goal of any fight is to defeat your opponent by knocking him out. The following phase is to advance to higher ranks. The difficulty of the game will rise as you progress through it. They are up against opponents who are distinct from them and possess unique powers. Combat skills have also been improved. And the mode where you face the boss has loads of tough challenges.

Information about Legendary Fighter Battle of GOD MOD APK

App Name Legendary Fighter Battle of GOD MOD APK
Latest Version 2.9.5
Size N/A
Developed By OneStick
Platform Android
Requirement Android 5.0
Worldwide Downloads 5 M+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated 2 days ago
Category Action

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Features of Legendary Fighter Battle of GOD MOD APK

Simple operations:

Engaging in the game doesn’t require complex actions; players can simply use the virtual buttons on the screen to participate in battles. The left-side buttons enable various moves, levitation, and internal attacks, while the right-side buttons correspond to attacks, quick movements, skill usage, and more. Your goal is to strategically combine these virtual buttons to defeat enemies.

Own your favorite character:

Utilize the money earned from each level to purchase your preferred characters in the game. Legendary Fighter offers a wide range of distinct-looking characters, allowing players to freely select their favorites, all of which are inspired by the renowned Dragon Ball manga series, ensuring faithful representation and a satisfying gameplay experience.


Experience the joy and comfort of Legendary Fighter with its unique and captivating visual effects. The game showcases realistic and vibrant graphics, accompanied by energetic sound effects that inspire players and enhance their focus during intense battles.

More than ten maps:

Having a map in each battle simplifies control and resource allocation. Choose a clear and easily accessible map to monitor your team’s progress. Victory hinges on your strategic decision-making, attacking at opportune moments, and defending, when necessary, as failing to strengthen your forces can make victory elusive.

Confronting many enemies simultaneously:

In Legendary Fighter, demonstrate your skills by confronting challenging and formidable enemies. Your mission is to overcome complex challenges, accumulating experience and valuable lessons for future games. Beware of the powerful and relentless enemies who can defeat you at any moment, so remain vigilant and cautious in all situations.

Earn rewards and gifts:

In Legendary Fighter, players can earn abundant rewards following each battle, including weapon and armor sets, along with valuable tips to aid them in subsequent matches. Mastering unexpected challenges with flexibility and decisiveness will establish you as a heroic figure.

Enjoy many stories and transform into warriors:

Prepare to be amazed by the captivating and innovative storytelling in this game, where you can embody courageous warriors who endure immense pressure to reclaim victory and freedom for their people. They view enemies as insignificant and relentlessly seek ways to defeat them swiftly. Unleash your strength and conquer all adversaries with your unmatched talent.

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