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METAL SLUG ATTACK (MOD, Infinite AP) is a new game in the popular series, launched to commemorate the franchise's 20th anniversary. The game is designed in the strategy genre and features nonstop gameplay. You're looking forward to some fun modes and a corporate graphic design. During the battle, collect items that can be utilized to enhance your units.
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MOD Features

– Unlimited Money

– Free Shopping

– No Ads

– All Unlocked

– God Mode

Metal Slug Attack is a thrilling mobile game/app that builds on the legacy of the classic Metal Slug franchise, renowned for its action-packed gameplay and distinctive animation style. This tower defense strategy game injects new life into the series, offering both longtime fans and newcomers an exciting mobile experience. Set in the same universe as the original arcade and console games, Metal Slug Attack allows players to command units and heroes from the Metal Slug series in battles against a wide range of enemies. The game combines elements of strategy, real-time tactics, and the fast-paced action that the series is known for, creating a uniquely engaging experience on mobile devices.

From the get-go, Metal Slug Attack captivates with its detailed pixel art graphics and lively animations, reminiscent of the original games. Players embark on various missions, deploying their units strategically to overcome enemies and complete objectives. The game’s depth comes from its extensive roster of characters, each with unique abilities, and a wide array of upgrades that enhance their skills and weaponry. Whether you’re defending your base or launching an assault, Metal Slug Attack offers a rich and dynamic gameplay experience that keeps players coming back for more.

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Metal Slug Attack Features

Construct Bases and Collect Resources

The element of the base building has grown significant and recognizable to everyone in most modern strategy games. However, in Metal Slug Attack, the player will use the base as a resupply point, a location for new quests, and a variety of other things. Players will be able to research more expansion mechanisms in the game, which will allow them to upgrade combat units or recruit new ones. Despite the lack of hostility from the other forces, the game allows players to create their bases in a variety of designs while still displaying specific tactical components.

Collect a Multitude Of Combat Units

Due to its mechanism for recruiting combat units and independent stats for each unit, the Metal Slug Attack becomes more user-friendly. Players can deploy a variety of units in battle, but the differences in their fighting effectiveness and stats provide the player with lots of options for selecting the best lineup. All of the iconic characters from the Metal Slug series will appear in this game, but they will be reanimated in a new and more spectacular style than the original. If the player wants to recruit new fighting units, the game will have a separate recruiting system that they must unlock or activate with unique keys.

Variety Of Missions and Questions

The plot of the Metal Slug series is simple, requiring the player to engage in a slew of intense encounters against a variety of foes. The mission system in Metal Slug Attack, on the other hand, will become more diversified and rich, giving players additional opportunities to explore the environment from a different perspective. The player will earn a variety of treasures depending on the content of each mission, and those objectives will speed up the development or exploitation of the base’s resources.

Management Of Units

Management of units through the mission chain. METAL SLUG ATTACK develops a variety of settings based on the capabilities and preferences of each player; each game will have its unique qualities. The objective is always to demolish the tower and reclaim our military stronghold, which the enemy has taken over. The army headed by Morden will astound you with its savagery. As a result, completing the assignment is usually difficult. Its difficulty, on the other hand, will be proportionate to the amount of the bounty at the end of the campaign. You’ll like this job more if you have a large chest full of cash, gems, and unique stuff!

Thousands of quests to choose from.

METAL SLUG ATTACK contains a mission system with several mission options. Completing these objectives will earn players rewards that can be used to purchase stronger characters. Make improvements to your team. This series of missions will be available in a variety of game modes. Hostage rescue, Combat School, and treasure hunting are just a few of the game modes in METAL SLUG ATTACK. Each model offers its own set of cool and distinct characteristics. Please try it out for yourself.

Upgrade your Squad

Upgrade your squad to be even more dreadful. There is one extremely significant component in the METAL SLUG ATTACK lineup that you should not overlook. If you survive tough conflicts and come out on top, you’ll be rewarded with resources. These funds will be used to improve equipment and advance it to a higher level. Unlock new abilities that will make them even more spectacular. Then your team will become more powerful. Can handle more challenging fights. You’ll have more resources to upgrade from there. Create powerful formations and crush anybody who stands in your way. Return the glory by defeating them.

Invite Your Friends

Invite your friends to participate in the battle. It’s not simply about fighting the other guy. You can also establish friends, invite pals to fight with you, and support and cooperate with them in METAL SLUG ATTACK. Guild Raid and Special OPS are examples of in-game modes. Friends can better understand each other by assisting each other in levels. Teamwork and communication abilities have improved. This adds to the drama of the game and increases the player’s ability to complete challenging stages. So, have you seen how intriguing this game is yet? METAL SLUG ATTACK is a combat game that you can download and play right now. To conquer hardships and challenges with friends. Create an unbeatable team and annihilate your opponents.

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Metal Slug Attack offers a compelling blend of strategy, action, and nostalgia, making it a standout title in the mobile gaming landscape. With its expansive unit roster, strategic gameplay, real-time online battles, cooperative guild system, and deep customization options, the game provides an endlessly entertaining experience that appeals to both hardcore fans of the Metal Slug series and newcomers alike. Whether you’re strategizing the perfect assault, competing against players worldwide, or teaming up with friends for cooperative missions, Metal Slug Attack delivers an engaging and satisfying mobile gaming experience. Join the fray and lead your units to victory in the chaotic world of Metal Slug Attack.

What's new

Updates :
Added Extra Ops
Added new units
Updated Mystery Crank
Added contents to the Dress Up
Updated Shops
Several bugs have been fixed



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