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Mr AutoFire MOD APK - A entertaining action game with classic 2D graphics is called Mr. Autofire. A traditional horizontal shooting experience is provided by the game. The game's plot is extremely straightforward.
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Mr AutoFire MOD APK – A entertaining action game with classic 2D graphics is called Mr. Autofire. A traditional horizontal shooting experience is provided by the game. The game’s plot is extremely straightforward. You take on the role of the hero by saving the planet from an extraterrestrial invasion. To combat, you pick one of the strong heroes and fire the automatic blazing pistol. You can fight a variety of monsters, including strong bosses with a lot of health, and you can travel swiftly to fantastic locales. The Player get superior weaponry after engaging in difficult warfare to increase combat effectiveness and take out bad guys.

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Mr Autofire MOD 1

Mr. Autofire MOD APK Features

Surprising Experience

You have a strong desire for adventure and frequently take on challenging tasks. You are now attempting to conquer the intriguing alien world. Players will face new difficulties and go on new, enigmatic travels during this excursion. More distinctively, this outing will have novel components that players won’t anticipate.

Numerous extraterrestrial monsters will be encountered by the player. They are the ones who will strike first if they notice a stranger. You won’t be shocked when they attack, of course. The unique aspect is that your carry-on bag is loaded with weapons. Each sort of firearm will reveal a different aspect, enabling you to shoot and eliminate those oddballs.

Conqueror’s Powder

The game will also give you more advanced guns in addition to the ones you already have. These are the tools you must carry with you at all times. Mr. Autofire also gives you a spaceship so you may flee if you run into an unforeseen circumstance. Each level will have a battle, and in order to advance to the next one and keep playing, you must succeed.

Mr Autofire MOD 2

Fight Harder

Those eccentrics will attack you in waves, and occasionally they will attack ferociously to drag you to the bitter end. You occasionally need to discover other enigmatic strategies to dodge those attacks. You can always find solutions to such problems in the game. But winning will give you more weapons, the vast treasure, and the authority to rule over that alien territory.

Choose Your Hero

The player can pick from a variety of heroes and characters in Mr. Autofire. You could think of these heroes as skins rather than new powers or weapons because they just provide players with a range of options for how they want to appear in the game. This feature gives the game a little more colour. Dwarf, fire girl, scientist, and more characters might all be substituted for the current cast.

Numerous Weapons

You will need the aid of weaponry in order to defeat the invaders. You have access to a variety of weapons through Mr. Autofire, which you can eventually unlock. Each weapon has a distinct look, function, and colour. Your assaults in the game’s early levels will be rather basic, such as poison shot, fire shot, quick shot, and so on. However, as you go through the stages, your weaponry improves and becomes more intricate. Regarding the character’s fighting style, there are numerous other advantages.

Navigating the Terrain

The player will engage in combat in a different setting on each level. Each area will have unique topographical characteristics, and the placement of the mountains and rocks will be arbitrary. The journey that players will take won’t be known to them until they embark on it. Each player’s tactics is greatly influenced by the features of the terrain. You can leap on rocks to attack directly or to avoid enemy fire depending on the circumstance. Your jumps will all be included in the fighting strategy.

Mr Autofire MOD 3

Become Knowledgeable about the Tools

The strength and appearance of the shots vary in Mr Autofire. Even if they don’t have a crucial part in the game, they are nevertheless essential. used to harm and eliminate many aliens. The gun will automatically aim on every game screen to make playing simpler for you. Therefore, a strong gun is still quite helpful. It has a high damage output and has a quick kill rate. At the same time, remove you from perilous circumstances when the enemy is too many.


The graphics are amazing and give the game a splash of vibrant colour. Character and building designs are straightforward and contemporary. The characters are built from tiny bricks, giving them an adorable, little appearance. With few sounds to disrupt the gameplay, the weaponry and fire are extremely amazing. The game is not at all dark and depressing, despite the fact that you have to use weapons to combat aliens.

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Mr. Autofire is a fantastic action game with easy controls. As a strong warrior, you move swiftly while taking out a horde of nasty aliens. Become a true hero who is prepared to exterminate all alien invaders and protect the planet from alien contamination. The action is engaging and memorable, and the game features an astonishing arsenal of weapons and foes. When engaging the opponent, you never lose excitement and are constantly prepared for the next challenge. Cute 2D graphics, as well as engrossing soundtrack, allow you have an even better action experience.

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