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State Of Survival MOD APK - a survival strategy in which the player builds the last base of humanity and survives the worst.
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State Of Survival is a strategic mobile game that thrusts players into the heart of a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Developed to combine survival tactics with state-building and strategic warfare, this game offers a complex and engaging experience that goes beyond the typical zombie game. Players are tasked with the challenge of building a haven for survivors, developing their settlement, and forming alliances to fend off the threats of the undead and rival factions. The immersive storyline and character development add depth to the gameplay, making State Of Survival not just a game of survival but also a tale of rebuilding civilization from the ashes.

The appeal of State Of Survival lies in its multifaceted gameplay mechanics. Players must manage resources, research new technologies, and train troops to defend their base against zombie hordes and enemy attacks. The game seamlessly blends elements of strategy, management, and RPGs, allowing players to engage in real-time battles, explore the wilderness to rescue survivors and uncover the mystery behind the zombie apocalypse. With regular updates and events, State Of Survival keeps the content fresh and engaging, encouraging players to devise new strategies and strengthen their alliances in the ever-evolving world of the game.

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State Of Survival Features

Survive In The Dangerous World

The State of Survival offers players the most amazing survival experience on mobile devices, combined with tactical elements to give players the real experience of becoming the leader of the survival team. The player’s first mission is to build a secure base, recruit survivors, undergo a medical examination, and ultimately develop everything that guarantees a better quality of life. In the meantime, they must fight, scout, scout, patrol, and participate in various activities to protect the base from damage. In addition to protection and development, players can bond with other survivors and form small communities to exchange resources and supplies for greater rewards.

Loot And Protect Precious Cargo

The game’s combat system is a style of real-time strategy in which the player controls the combat units to destroy all the zombies in the perfect location. In addition, the game adds an element called “environment” that complicates the situation and makes each player’s journey more interesting and impressive. Depending on the environment, the player’s behavior must be carefully adjusted and all resources collected. Each mission has a different goal to complete and players should always be more flexible in different situations to return safely.

Create A Stable Supply Line

The base is the most important place for players to survive a day in a world of despair. Players can build, expand, clean up, and upgrade every building in the camp for better performance. Each type of building has its uses, such as supplying ammunition, food, drink, and other rare resources. Of course, players can build more medical bases, armories, training areas, and many other locations to reload their combat units and prepare for the next expedition. As players level up, the location should be at the level they need, and regular people are constantly releasing new content to discover and build, creating a strong community for everyone.

Variety of in-game quests and challenges

State of Survival will present players with a variety of intriguing quests and challenges that they can enjoy as they go on their most extreme survival expeditions. As you participate in the game’s many events, you may find yourself accomplishing several objectives. Of course, there will also be a variety of intriguing incentives available for you to claim.

Construct A Base

When a zombie appears on Halloween, the story that players in the State of Survival encounter takes place in an intriguing environment, but no one knows the danger. Although it has since attacked a person, some people still think it’s just a Halloween prank. After the epidemic spread and more victims were attacked, people began to fear a pandemic, and the world experienced a horrific period. You will strive to build it to combat the enemies on the outside as a survivor in this harsh world. Similar to previous construction games, you will spend time building various structures to gather necessary resources. In addition, as you complete various tasks in the game, you will get spectacular gifts. Once all of your main base’s upgrade requirements have been met, you can upgrade it from there.

Create Alliance With Other Camps

If players want to get stronger, they must join other survival camps to form a survival alliance. This allows players to exchange resources, carry weapons, or participate in joint missions at a reasonable cost. The game focuses on developing alliances, allowing players to join powerful allies to make more discoveries. Every week there are more special events or exciting activities in the game that players have to work with to reach their goals with ease. This is also the goal of creating an alliance to make life easier for players.

Improve your heroes

Heroes are important in this game since they assist you in obtaining additional resources and progressing through the tale by completing “Trial” tasks. Trial missions are missions in which you lead a party of up to three heroes around locations collecting resources and things for your colony’s doctor to help him discover the cause of the virus.

Entering these trials costs energy, but when you finish them, you will be rewarded handsomely. With stronger heroes, you’ll be able to participate in higher-level Trials, which means you’ll be able to earn higher-level rewards. Combat Manuals, Resources, Hero Badges, Skill Books, and even Hero Fragments are among the rewards available from these trials. If you have enough Hero Fragments, you can find new Heroes to add to your roster or raise the tier of the ones you already have.

MOD Features

– Unlimited Money, Gems

– Unlimited Skill

– One Hit

– GOD Mode

– High Damage

– MOD Menu

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State Of Survival mobile game/app offers a rich and complex experience for fans of strategy and survival genres. With its strategic base building, in-depth hero system, alliance warfare, dynamic combat, and an engaging storyline, the game provides a multifaceted platform for players to test their skills against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. Whether you’re coordinating with allies to dominate the battlefield, managing your base to ensure the survival of your community, or delving into the mysteries of the outbreak, State Of Survival offers an immersive and challenging adventure for all. Join the fight for survival and begin your journey to reclaim the future for humanity amidst the chaos of the undead.

What's new

Emma's Regard: Children's Day is approaching. Eli, whose mental state is at the level of a child, is eager to receive his gift. Eli's caring sister, Emma, wants to make her brother his favorite doll, "Strong Eli," out of silk thread. Chiefs can complete in Daily Tasks to get Thread for Emma during the event.
Gift for Eli: Emma has made a number of cute dolls called "Strong Eli.” "Strong Eli” can be exchanged for rewards during the event.


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