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Stick War: Legacy MOD APK - Stick War: Legacy isn't your average game. The game includes everything you'll need to keep you hooked. The game includes an endless dead Zombie mode in which you may put your abilities to the test by fighting nasty zombies who are hungry for your blood.
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Stick War: Legacy is an engaging mobile game that invites players into a world of stick-figure characters embroiled in epic wars and battles. This game, available on both iOS and Android platforms, has captured the attention of millions worldwide, thanks to its unique blend of strategy, action, and animation. Developed by Max Games Studios, Stick War: Legacy stands out for its inventive approach to the strategy game genre, allowing players to control an entire army of stick figures, manage resources, and lead their units to victory against formidable opponents.

At its core, Stick War: Legacy is more than just a game; it’s a test of wit, strategy, and leadership. Players embark on a journey through the game’s mythical world, Inamorta, where they must unite the divided territories under their banner. The game’s appeal lies not only in its combat mechanics but also in the profound strategy required to outmaneuver opponents. With a captivating storyline, a vast array of levels, and challenges that keep players engaged, Stick War: Legacy offers a rich gaming experience that appeals to both casual gamers and strategy enthusiasts alike.

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Stick War: Legacy Features

Entertaining Strategy Game

Stick War: Legacy’s battles are highly tactical. Every kingdom has its own unique and contemporary warfare technology. You can obtain significant rewards and a piece of the area if you win them. The wars are brutal, but the winners will reap enormous rewards. “The winner is the strongest,” as the saying goes. You can defeat anyone if you have a reasonable strategy and a group of fearless warriors.

For instance, the balance between front-line melee soldiers (Swordsmen, Soldiers…) and long-range forces like Archers and Wizards. Giants are capable of both attacking and defending the turret. Every fight shows that the size of the leader is enormous, both in terms of battle leadership and military strategy.

Varieties of items

Leaf items, ice items, lava items, salvage items, and vamp items all have their unique features. When you wear leaf items, you will obtain a minor speed increase over other items, but your power will be diminished. Enemies of units wearing ice items are slowed and may freeze as a result of the cold. Lava goods, on the other hand, have the power of powerful volcanoes, which burn your adversaries and return some of the damage to them.

Vamp goods, which were born from chaos, make your soldiers resistant to poisonous harm and let them steal life energy from adversaries. Furthermore, the goods fire a devastating energy blast at any incoming enemy. Finally, the savage things, which are constructed from the bones and skins of great monsters, provide their wearer with extreme strength and resilience, allowing them to rush through the enemy’s line like a savage warrior.

Increase Strength

Players in Stick War: Legacy will aim to improve their strength by unlocking a variety of forces. They can be close-range warriors, archers, or even massively powerful giants. At the same time, they all come at a cost, and you’ll have to invest time in gathering resources to assemble an army. You’ll be able to uncover a variety of techniques to improve the efficiency of gold mining and the strength of your army from there.

You can use them in two ways: as army items and as army enhancements. The troops and elements available in your area are listed in the upgrade section. As a result, you’ll be able to raise the strength of your army, the amount of gold created, and a variety of other things to choose from and prioritize. You can also buy some things to enhance your troops, such as improving production speed or speeding up recuperation to fight foes, but they will have a restriction on how many times they can be used.


Each significant nation in Stick War: Legacy must not only have a strong military but also a strong economic foundation. Military superpowers, as in the real world, have huge financial resources to dedicate to their armed forces. This game is no exception. A large amount of gold is required to build a powerful army. Please take advantage of all of the territory’s resources. A large number of employees and miners are willing and able to extract gold from mineral sources. Upgrade your miners to increase your gold harvesting potential and the amount of gold you can mine per day.

A gem is the most valuable monetary unit in Stick War: Legacy, aside from gold. The upgrade of battle forces is aided by strengthening the stickman warriors. As a result, miners may work twice as fast. Gems are widely used to purchase spells and other items at the store, for example.

Play both offline and online

Previous editions of Stick War can only be played on PCs, and they cannot be downloaded to your phone. The new Stick War: Legacy, on the other hand, is available for both Android and iOS devices. Stick War is a single-player game in which no other players can interact with you. You can play the game without having access to the internet, Wi-Fi, or even mobile data.

Unlock Weapons

Weapons provide you an advantage over your opponents, but without them, you will be unable to defend yourself and will lose your entire kingdom. As a result, you must gather weapons as much as possible because they will aid you in combat with your foes.

However, obtaining weaponry is not simple; you must first complete a large number of missions before weapons become available. By the way, you can unlock it with actual money, but I’ve found a way to do it for free with Stick War Legacy MOD APK. So, download the most recent version of Stick War Legacy and unlock all of the game’s weaponry.

Various Modes

In the game, there are three modes: tournament, survival, and zombie mode. The most intriguing and popular game is zombie mode, in which zombies attack your kingdom and you must defend yourself to safeguard your country and its residents from dangerous animals. Everyone is fighting each other in survival mode, and the one who lasts the longest will win the game.

Customize Your Troops

Without the emergence of military customization, legacy content, and gameplay will become more uninteresting and saturated than most strategy games today. Players will be able to obtain interesting clothes and personalize each unit with various options if they participate in new game modes. This feature will enrich and enliven the player’s army, displaying regularity and magnificence in fights. Stick War: Legacy is a fun and pleasant strategy game in many aspects, including the ability to personalize your army and many more features based on your preferences. This demonstrates that Stick War: Legacy’s quality and appeal are limitless, and players will have numerous opportunities to enjoy the game in a variety of ways.

MOD Features

– Unlimited Money

– Unlimited Gems

– Army No. 99

– MOD Unlocked

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What's new

New Undead Skins were Added for all units!
Units that die wearing Undead Skins spawn back as Deads.
User-controlled last hit kills spawn back as Deads and convert to your team.
Endless Deads now has 3 difficulties!
New and updated missions!


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