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Total Conquest MOD APK - An action-packed strategy game set in the Roman Empire. Rome is looking to you to safeguard their kingdom after Caesar's death. As a result, you should quit playing games and focus on assembling a legionary army and controlling the Roman Empire. You join legions and become the governor of your city and army in this game.
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Total Conquest is a captivating mobile game/app that transports players back to the ancient Roman Empire, where strategy, leadership, and combat prowess determine the rise or fall of their cities. As a city-building and strategy game, Total Conquest allows players to assume the role of a Roman governor, tasked with the development of their city and the formation of an unbeatable army. This game combines the thrill of real-time strategy with the depth of city management, challenging players to expand their territories through conquest while ensuring the prosperity and defense of their realms. The engaging gameplay is set against the backdrop of ancient Rome, offering a rich historical ambiance that adds to the game’s immersive experience.

From constructing formidable fortifications to leading legions in epic battles, Total Conquest provides a comprehensive gaming experience that appeals to both strategy enthusiasts and fans of historical simulations. Players must navigate the complexities of managing resources, training troops, and forging alliances to secure their position against both AI and player-enemies. The dynamic battles and strategic planning required to succeed in Total Conquest make every decision impactful, offering a satisfying blend of tactical warfare and long-term city development.

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Total Conquest Features

Defend Your City

You may play a variety of entertaining war games right now. Clash of Clans and Total Conquest is the most popular. Despite the similarities between the two games, the latter includes epic mythical units, legendary armies, and Roman empires. You will build a city from the ground up and surround it with defenses in this game. With numerous walls, traps, towers, gates, and units, you can defend your base.
You can use this game to build a powerful city by employing war-winning techniques.

Furthermore, you have the authority to hire and train ten different unit types, each with its own set of responsibilities. Long-range heroes, close-range heroes, wizards, and more abound. Through the campaign mode, you’ll be able to invade a variety of locations with your powerful armies. You can upgrade your units to increase their strength and stats.

Overall, there are many fun legions to join or you may start your own. Invite your Facebook friends and enlist the help of your family and friends. Conduct Legion wars to earn valuable gifts and climb the ranks. In this battle game, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of strategies.

Strategic City Building and Management

At the heart of Total Conquest is the strategic city building and management aspect. Players are responsible for constructing and upgrading various buildings within their city, including barracks for troop training, farms for food production, and defenses to protect against enemy attacks. Managing the city’s resources effectively is crucial for maintaining a strong economy and supporting a powerful army, requiring players to think tactically about the layout and development of their empire.

Diverse Troop Types and Formations

A key to victory in Total Conquest lies in the mastery of troop management. The game offers a variety of troop types, each with its strengths and weaknesses, including archers, cavalry, and siege weapons. Players must strategically choose and position their troops to exploit enemy vulnerabilities, using formations and tactics derived from ancient Roman warfare. The depth of the combat system allows for a rich tactical experience, challenging players to outsmart their opponents on the battlefield.

Multiplayer Battles and Alliances

Total Conquest includes a robust multiplayer component, where players can engage in battles against others from around the globe. Joining or forming alliances is a strategic aspect of the game, allowing players to cooperate with allies for mutual protection and to wage wars against common enemies. These alliances can be pivotal in dominating the game’s world, adding a social and competitive edge to the strategy gameplay.

Campaign Mode and Events

In addition to multiplayer skirmishes, Total Conquest features a single-player campaign mode where players can embark on missions across ancient Rome, battling against AI-controlled enemies to conquer new territories. The game also hosts regular events and challenges, providing opportunities for players to earn unique rewards, compete in leaderboards, and participate in special battles. These events keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, encouraging players to continuously develop their strategies and adapt to new scenarios.

Rich Historical Theme and Graphics

Total Conquest boasts rich, detailed graphics and a strong historical theme that brings the ancient Roman Empire to life. The architectural styles, unit designs, and battlefields are all inspired by historical records, offering not just a game, but a journey through time. The visual and thematic elements of the game enhance the overall experience, making players feel as if they are truly commanding legions and shaping the destiny of Rome.

MOD Features

– Unlimited Money/Crown

– No Ads

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Total Conquest offers a compelling blend of strategy, management, and historical simulation, set against the backdrop of the ancient Roman Empire. With its strategic city building, diverse troop management, engaging multiplayer battles, and rich historical theme, the game provides an immersive and challenging experience for mobile gamers. Whether you’re a tactician at heart, a history buff, or just looking for an engaging game to dive into, Total Conquest invites you to test your mettle as a governor in ancient Rome, leading your city to glory and conquest. Command your legions, manage your city, and carve your name into the annals of history with Total Conquest.

What's new

Various game performance improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes.


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