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Wildscapes MOD APK - Wildscapes APK is a Playrix match-3 puzzle game that is considered a sequel to Gardenscapes and Homescapes. Unlike the previous two times, we momentarily left Mr. Austin's pleasant home and modest garden to visit a vast zoo full of fascinating species. Many visitors, particularly children, like your zoo.
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MOD Features

– Unlimited Money

– Unlimited Stars, Coins, Gems

– MOD Unlocked

Wildscapes is a captivating mobile game/app that invites players to embark on a unique adventure of creating and managing their dream zoo. Developed with a blend of strategy, creativity, and puzzle-solving elements, this app offers a refreshing escape into a vibrant and interactive world. Players are tasked with the development of their zoo by attracting visitors with exotic animals, beautiful decorations, and various entertainment options, all while engaging in fun, match-3 puzzle games to unlock new resources. The objective is to transform a neglected zoo into a thriving wildlife sanctuary and entertainment complex that appeals to families and animal lovers.

The charm of Wildscapes lies in its engaging gameplay that combines the joy of building with the challenge of puzzle-solving. As players progress, they unlock different areas of the zoo, each offering unique themes and animals to add to their collection. From the savannah to the arctic, each environment requires thoughtful planning and resource management to flourish. The game is designed to appeal to a wide audience, with its intuitive controls, colorful graphics, and a storyline that evolves with the player’s progress, making every zoo a unique creation.

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Wildscapes Features

Diverse Animal Collection

Wildscapes boasts an extensive collection of animals from various habitats around the world, allowing players to create a diverse and educational zoo. Each animal adds a unique charm to the zoo, attracting more visitors and increasing the zoo’s reputation. Players can learn interesting facts about their animals, making the game not only entertaining but also informative. The challenge lies in creating habitats that cater to the needs of different species, from lush jungles for the tigers to cool ponds for the flamingos, enhancing the immersive experience of zoo management.

Puzzle game

You’ll develop the magnificent animation world in Wildscapes by completing missions, much like in the two popular titles Gardenscapes and Homescapes. Is your favorite photographer in need of a cup of coffee? Looking for a playground with a panda, baby girl? To assist them, solve a match-3 problem.

This game follows the match-3 puzzle rules. Match the same three objects (or more) in a row or column to clear the board and earn coins to make the zoo sparkle more. Jigsaw puzzles are incredibly appealing and diverse. Throughout the game, you will also notice a slew of additional assistance items arrive.

After completing the current level with all of the game’s requirements, you can play new levels. You are rewarded with a large number of coins after completing each problem. Money can help you unlock new creatures such as giraffes, lions, and so on. Unlock an animal family to gain additional goodies. When there are numerous animal families in your zoo, it becomes more appealing. You can also grow your zoo.

Amazing Mini-Games

Wildscapes creates beautiful yet enjoyable mini-games that are the ideal way for players to earn extra rewards. To diversify the player’s experience, their content is varied and based on various themes; some of it even calls for specific interactions. Major events will frequently feature brand-new mini-games to increase the fun and excitement of the zoo and gaming.


As the player administers the zoo and discovers new interactions and secrets along the way, the tale advances significantly. Now, while caring for gorgeous creatures, players can take pleasure in unique stories. Along with helping to refurbish the zoo to make everything more magnificent, more personalities will eventually enter the scene to make it livelier and busier. Wildscapes’ lighthearted tone and leisurely pace are ideal for players who like to spend time with cute animals. Additionally, the supporting cast will cheer up the zoo while assisting players in expanding their companies and safeguarding the animals.

Make your zoo seem nice.

You can unlock ornamental things for the zoo with the money you earn each time you play. Create more and more habitats for each of your species. An ice lake is required for a polar bear family and penguins. Hippos prefer clear lakes. Animals are in serious need of natural habitat. Plant a lot of trees to aid with air quality.

Decorating and unlocking animals, on the other hand, costs a lot of money. Even some high-end animals and ornaments necessitate the use of diamonds – the premium currency. You no longer have to be concerned about money if you use our Wildscapes (MOD Unlimited Money). You can afford to buy the products you want with the money you have. Unlock the most elusive beasts. But don’t forget to take good care of them.

Complete the mission.

After completing the game screen and meeting all of the system’s requirements for that level. Players will gain bonuses based on their performance in the game. Then you can add new creatures to your zoo, such as lions, polar bears, tigers, giraffes, and zebras. You may even unlock an entire family of animals to earn extra money. After each level, the difficulty of Wildscapes will gradually grow. As a result, to overcome the next hurdles, you must practice your observation abilities. In addition, players can gain stronger by expanding the zoo. However, you will have to spend a lot of money.

Create a living space

After completing the game’s difficulties, you will receive a large sum of money to use. Then you can go out and acquire the essential stuff to make your zoo more magnificent and lovely. Also, don’t forget to create extra habitats for other animals. Building a lagoon for hippos, planting lush lawns for tigers, or creating a snowy habitat for polar bears are just a few examples. All animals, in particular, require a wild natural environment. As a result, you should plant many trees and expand the aquatic habitat in which they can flourish. In addition, there will be some rare animals on the red list, but you will have to spend a lot of money to own them.

Social Features

Wildscapes also incorporates social features that allow players to connect with friends and other zoo creators. Players can visit each other’s zoos to get inspiration, exchange gifts, and help each other with resources. This social aspect adds a community feeling to the game, encouraging collaboration and sharing of achievements. Leaderboards and events also foster a sense of competition, motivating players to improve their zoos and puzzle-solving skills.

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In conclusion, Wildscapes offers a unique and enriching gaming experience that combines the excitement of building and managing a zoo with the challenge of match-3 puzzles. Its diverse animal collection, extensive customization options, engaging quests, and social features make it a standout app in the mobile gaming world. Whether you’re an animal lover, a puzzle enthusiast, or someone looking for a creative outlet, Wildscapes provides an immersive and enjoyable platform to explore your passion. With its intuitive gameplay and vibrant world, Wildscapes invites players of all ages to build the zoo of their dreams and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

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