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Youtube Premium Vanced APK has some cool features of this app like watching videos in floating windows, listening to music in the background, changing the resolution, changing the themes, etc.
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YouTube Vanced APK – Videos have become one of the most important parts of our daily lives. Whenever we search for anything on the web, we try to watch a video to get to know more about our searched query. Now, almost everyone prefers to watch a video and it’s fair enough because nobody wants to read lengthy articles and waste their precious time. 90% of the internet audience prefers to watch videos instead of reading articles. They are in many categories like funny, comedy, songs, emotional, movies, etc. So, do we have any video-sharing platform where we can watch lots of videos related to any topic? Yes, we do have Youtube which is the world’s 2nd largest search engine. We watch videos on almost every website like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc but here we are particularly discussing YouTube. Hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube daily.

Content of millions of minutes is being watched daily by YouTube users. But, there is a problem that disturbs YouTube users the most and that is annoying ads appearing between the videos. Content creators monetize their YouTube channels to earn money through Adsense(appearing ads on videos), but viewers don’t like it as they get disturbed by these disturbing ads which are a big headache especially when you are focusing.

So, what’s the solution? How to remove those ads? Or how to watch videos without those ads? Well, Youtube Vanced APK is a solution to this major problem as there are no ads in this application. But, there are some other cool features of this app like watching videos in floating windows, listening to music in the background, changing the resolution, changing the themes, etc. But these features are not available in the free version. Don’t worry, to overcome this problem, I have brought you the Youtube Vanced MOD APK that contains all the above features and makes the user experience even better.

You need to install MicroG to log in. Without it, the add account button won’t do anything.

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YouTube Vanced Features

Here is a list of awesome features of YouTube Vanced

Blocked Annoying Ads

One of the best features of YouTube Vanced is that it blocks all the annoying ads that appear between the videos and disturbs our focus. Eventually, you can enjoy a continuous and uninterrupted video experience without being disturbed by unwanted ads. And if you want to support your favorite channels, you can still choose to watch their videos with ads so that you can enjoy their videos and they can earn money from ads.

Enjoy All YouTube Features

YouTube Vanced is programmed based on the official YouTube version, so the developers still keep all the useful features that are loved by most users. This is why you’ll still have access to all the features of the original YouTube app. In addition to this, it even comes with the same interfaces as the official version. Hence, new users will find the app relatively easy to use if they’ve used the official YouTube app before. Isn’t it great?!


 Micro G is a straightforward clone of Google’s exclusive core libraries and programs. It is the most reliable imitation of Google services. Since this app is primarily designed for phones without root access such that Google Play Services won’t work on it, you’ll need a bypass program called Micro G to sign in. By logging in, you can receive expert recommendations for videos based on your viewing preferences. You will therefore find all the necessary information in this section, along with a download link for the Micro G program. Without Micro G in Advanced, you can still use every premium feature of YouTube, but you’ll need it to sign in with your Google account.

Watch videos in floating windows

This app also allows its users to watch their favorite videos while they’re doing something else on their Android devices. With this option enabled, you can create a floating window that displays the content of your videos. Hence, you can still watch YouTube videos while browsing the web or taking important notes.

Listen to music in the background

Well, this is an additional feature in this app that the original YouTube app doesn’t have. Now, users can also listen to music or informational videos on YouTube in the background, allowing them to do other things on their phones without having to open their YouTube app. You can even turn off your smartphone’s screens and still be able to hear the music. How amazing that is!! This is extremely useful for those who often listen to music on their YouTube app.

Change the resolution

While watching videos in your YouTube Pro app, users can also adjust the resolutions of the videos to match their screen resolution. However, that’s not all. You can even override the maximal resolution of your videos and convert them to varied resolutions to match with your phone-supported resolution. These features will prove to be quite handy for devices with the new 18:9 screen ratio as you’ll able to utilize the larger screen.

Swipe Controls

The app also comes with an intuitive swipe controls system, in which users can swipe up and down with their fingers on the two sides of the screen to crank up or down the brightness and sound. This ensures a continuous & focused video experience since users won’t have to use the physical smartphone buttons.

Auto-repeat videos

Another feature that makes this app such a desired one is the auto-repeat or loop videos option. With YouTube Vanced, users can choose to re-watch their favorite videos anytime or they can put them to loop so that the video keeps repeating every time it ends. With this, you can easily replay your favorite playlist or MV multiple times without having to reconfigure.

Zoom In And Out The Videos

With YouTube Vanced, users are also allowed to zoom in and out of their videos while watching them on their Android devices. This is extremely useful if you’re trying to spot certain details being displayed in a video. However, this won’t work on low-resolution videos because when you zoom in on them, pixels will burst and you won’t be able to see anything.

Change The Speed

As already mentioned, Youtube Vanced is programmed based on the official YouTube app and it has similar features as Youtube, so there is also an option with which you can change the playback speed to your desired choice. This is helpful if you are listening to rap because you can slow down the speed.

Fans can watch the live stream.

The majority of well-known artists and actors have their own YouTube accounts. They also do discussion shows from time to time to share and engage with their followers. You can join the live stream at that time, ask questions, and engage with your idol. You can communicate with your idols by leaving a comment next to (or below) the video on YouTube.

In addition, the Livestream feature gives streamers a place to work. A Streamer is a well-known YouTuber from around the world. He continues to stream gaming regularly, showcasing new products and demonstrating excellent content creation with the games he chooses. Of course, you can do the same as him and start a channel and Livestream.

Discovering new content

Today, YouTube is steadily improving and progressing. New features include discovery, which allows you to locate exclusive editor-selected content as well as your favorite categories such as Games, News, Music, and Trending.

In addition, YouTube has introduced two new features: Story and Short Video. It’s created similarly to Facebook’s and Instagram’s Story features. Like a social network, you can share your experiences here. People can, however, like, dislike, share, and leave public comments on a post.

In the background

Since YouTube’s early phases of development, this is one of the things that fans have been anticipating. People occasionally prefer Youtube to an MP3 player program. They must, however, maintain the device’s screen unlocked at all times, or the video will be immediately paused by the program. As a result, the background music option was created. It comes as part of the premium plan. For a better experience, users will have to pay monthly or annually. Our version, on the other hand, is a viable option for everyone, as it is absolutely free.

  • Play in the background.
  • Force the highest resolution (4K if you use the HD screen).
  • White, Black, Dark theme.
  • Slide your finger to adjust brightness and volume.
  • Automatic Loop.
  • Zoom in.

A different Theme

The designers of YouTube Vanced have now enabled the configurable theme function to allow users to get even more out of their YouTube app. You may quickly switch between three different themes: Black, Dark, and White. The Black and Dark themes are the way to go if you want something that will soothe your eyes. If you want to safeguard your eyes, however, we propose the White theme. You can pick the one that best suits you based on your tastes.

MOD Features

– Play in the background.

– Force the highest resolution (4K if you use the HD screen).

– White, Black, Dark theme.

– Slide your finger to adjust brightness and volume.

– Automatic Loop.

– Zoom in.

– MOD Unlocked

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I hope you are clear about everything related to YouTube Vanced after reading this comprehensive article guide by APKMODKING. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section provided below. We would love to answer your queries. Also, go through other articles to get more amazing Mods.

What's new

  • Popup Mode
  • Enqueue Videos
  • Floating Popup Play Mode
  • Search Vanced Videos
  • Bookmark your favorite video and music


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