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Airline Manager 4 is a simulation game developed by Xombat ApS where players get to run their own airline company. In this game, players start off with a small airline and gradually expand their operations to become a global airline powerhouse.
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Airline Manager 4 MOD APK Overview

Airline Manager 4 Mod Apk is a simulation game developed by Xombat ApS where players get to run their own airline company. In this game, players start off with a small airline and gradually expand their operations to become a global airline powerhouse.

Players have control over various aspects of the airline business, such as purchasing and managing aircraft, setting ticket prices, creating flight routes, hiring and training staff, and expanding the airline’s infrastructure. The game also incorporates real-world economic factors such as fuel prices, passenger demand, and global events that affect the airline industry.

Airline Manager 4 features a dynamic and challenging gameplay experience that requires strategic planning, careful resource management, and quick decision-making skills. As players progress through the game, they can unlock new features and abilities, such as purchasing more advanced aircraft, expanding their network to new destinations, and optimizing their operations to maximize profits. The game also includes a multiplayer mode, allowing players to compete with other airlines from around the world. Additionally, the game is regularly updated with new content, including new aircraft models, airports, and features.

Overall, Airline Manager 4 is an engaging and immersive simulation game that provides players with the opportunity to experience the excitement and challenges of running their own airline company.

Information About Airline Manager 4 MOD APK

App Name Airline Manager 4 MOD APK
Latest Version 2.6.2
Size 6 MB
Developed By Xombat Development – Airline manager games
Platform Android
Requirement 4.1 and up
Worldwide Downloads 1 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked, Free Purchases
Updated 2 days ago
Category Simulation

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Airline Manager 4 MOD APK Features


You will start the game with a limited amount of resources, but you must earn money and invest it in growing your business in order to make it lucrative. The main goal of this game is to establish yourself as the best airline tycoon in the world and grow your business into the biggest airline in the world. You must quickly and effectively apply your management and strategy-making abilities for this aim. You must oversee the efficient and prompt execution of all activities in this game, which has comprehensive and realistic flight operations as well as a large number of airports. To ensure the quality of your services, you must also take care of your fleet and staff.

Upgrade and Personalise

You can customise your aircraft’s look, feel, features, and performance in this game by changing its appearance, design, features, and functionalities. To achieve your desired outcomes and rewards in the game, you can alter the aircraft’s engine, colour, design, and seat layout. Like in real life, these upgrades and alterations cost game money, and they are the only way to improve the performance of your aircraft.

Create the Plan

You must create the ideal growth strategy in this game to build your airline to the same size as well-known carriers like Lufthansa, Fly Emirates, and United Airlines. To build this corporation as quickly as possible, you must establish sound economic strategies and handle the company’s finances well. You must take care of all problems and oversee the efficient operation of your airline company’s cargo and passenger flights as the CEO of your business.

Control Your Airline

In this game, you have to oversee every aspect of your airline’s operations and keep the flight schedules running smoothly. You will start the game with one Airbus A320-200 or Boeing 737-800, but you may grow the number of your aircraft by running your business successfully and by turning a profit that is sufficient. You can unlock many very pricey aircraft for your corporation in this game by growing your airline business.

Different Playing Modes

You can choose between two different gaming modes: Easy or Realistic. In order to understand and master the gameplay, beginners should start the game in easy mode. After that, you can begin playing it in the “Realism” mode, which is rather demanding and complex but offers its users an interesting and realistic gameplay experience.

Airline Manager 4 Aircrafts

In this airline simulation, you can use in-game currency to buy new aircraft for your business. You can earn game currency in a number of ways, such by selling tickets, scheduling cargo, and offering other airline services. The money made through aviation services, however, is never enough to purchase your preferred and most expensive aircraft. The best aircraft in this game, such as the A380-800, A330-900neo, MC-2-400, DC-9-10, BAe146, B737-800, etc., can also be unlocked by making in-app payments.

Spend Money Wisely

In this game, you should primarily concentrate on managing your money since you must make sure to use it where it is most needed if you have a limited budget. You need to invest your money in other airlines to raise the value of your shares as well as buy CO2 and oil quotas at the right time for this goal.

Develop and Oversee Your Personal Airline Strategy

You have the chance to surpass actual companies like United Airlines, Emirates, British Airways, Lufthansa, American Airlines, and Ryanair in this multiplayer aviation simulation game. Even if you don’t fly personally, you can travel while lounging on your couch to a major airport in a fantastic city like New York, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, London, or Dallas.

Select between the EASY or REALISM game modes. Choose the simple route to cut costs and boost revenues, or test your mettle with realism by taking the tiniest details like airport runway lengths into account. Choose the shortest route possible to move your goods or people. not over land or water.

Unlimited Money

If you download this game from the Google Play Store, you will need to make in-app purchases using real money in order to unlock airports, planes, and other game items/features. Even if you are a pro player, you cannot obtain enough game currency by finishing the tasks and missions in the game. Because of this, developers have included the option of in-app purchases, allowing you to pay real money to get your favourite game’s features and goodies. These costs range from $1.99 to $139.99. (per item).

But, you can download the modified version of this game from our website for free if you want to avoid making in-app purchases in order to access the game’s pricey and exclusive items and features. You can purchase all of the pricey aircraft, airports, fuel, and game shop stuff in this game for free thanks to the additional feature of infinite money in this edition. Additionally, having infinite money enables you to use all of the game’s premium features—including customizations, upgrades, investments, etc.—for nothing at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Airline Manager 4 MOD APK

What is fleet limit in airline manager 4?

The size of your hangars will influence the fleet limit. You will initially have 20 slots available, and you can raise this number through training (up to a maximum of 28 slots) or by expanding your hangar. The maintenance tab has hangars. Training cannot raise the number of cargo hangars beyond 50 + 10.

How do I improve my reputation in airline manager 4?

The reputation of your airline is a result of numerous factors. By becoming environmentally responsible or promoting your airline, for instance, you can further enhance the reputation of your airline. Keeping up with maintenance is another crucial element.

How do I get more passengers on airline manager 4?

Keep your advertising current and maintain your airline’s environmental responsibility by purchasing CO2 quotas if you want to expand the number of passengers on your flights.

Can you sell planes on airline Manager 4?

You can sell an aeroplane on the details page for each one. Either click the aircraft in the status list, then click details, or click the route icon, then click the aircraft or route in the list to access the details page. The sale price is determined by the aircraft’s present location.

What is IPO in airline manager 4?

The term “IPO” or “Initial Public Offering” is used when a firm first lists its shares on the stock market. Once you have completed an IPO, both you and other airlines will be able to invest in one another’s airlines.

What is easy mode in airline manager 4?

You have the option of “Easy” or “Realism” in AM4. Aircraft will fly at 4x speed in easy mode. You can select between two beginning planes when you sign up.

What is the difference between easy and realism in airline manager 4?

Those that like realism may encounter a few more difficulties, such as longer runways, cheaper tickets, and real-time speed. Aircraft for easy players will fly faster, and some costs & prerequisites are waived for them.

What is co2 in Airline Manager 4?

To balance your company’s carbon footprint, you can buy CO2 quotas. You can be labelled as “eco-friendly” by exceeding your quotas. Your airline’s reputation will improve as a result.

Is Airline Manager 4 multiplayer?

You have the chance to surpass actual companies. Like United Airlines, Emirates, British Airways, Lufthansa, American Airlines, and Ryanair in this multiplayer aviation simulation game.

How do events work in Airline Manager 4?

Events are in great demand for a brief period of time. As long as there are passengers still travelling on these routes and as long as the ticket rates are reasonable, the aircraft flying these routes will operate at full capacity.



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