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Animal Revolt Battle Simulator (ARBS) is a physics-based strategy game developed by Toge Productions. In ARBS, players take on the role of an animal commander leading their troops into battle against other animal armies.
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Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK Overview

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod Apk(ARBS) is a physics-based strategy game developed by Toge Productions. In ARBS, players take on the role of an animal commander leading their troops into battle against other animal armies. The game features a wide variety of animals, including lions, tigers, bears, and even dinosaurs, each with their unique abilities and strengths.

The game’s campaign mode consists of a series of levels, each with its unique map and objectives. Players must strategize and use their troops’ unique abilities to defeat enemy forces and complete objectives. The game’s physics engine plays a significant role in the gameplay, as troops can interact with the environment, knock over obstacles, and cause massive destruction.

In addition to the campaign mode, ARBS also features a sandbox mode, where players can create and customize their battles. The game’s level editor allows players to create and share their levels with other players, adding to the game’s replayability. ARBS features colourful and cartoonish graphics that add to the game’s charm. The game’s sound effects and music create a fun and immersive atmosphere. The game is available on multiple platforms, including Steam, iOS, and Android.

Overall, Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is an entertaining and unique game that combines physics-based gameplay with strategy elements. The game’s wide variety of animals, customization options, and level editor provides a lot of replayability and make it an excellent choice for fans of strategy and simulation games.

Information About Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK

App Name Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK
Latest Version 2.9.6
Size 457 MB
Developed By Vdimension
Platform Android
Requirement 5.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads 5 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Gold / Summon
Updated 2 days ago
Category Simulation

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Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK Features

Many Creatures

The animals that were built for Animal Revolt Combat Simulator are quite varied. Modern animals like elephants, bears, lions, tigers and other creatures we frequently see will be included. Also, there are extinct animals like dinosaurs, barbarians, ancient monkeys, etc. They all have a dreadful power you’ve never considered. There is no imbalance because some species can outnumber one another in size. Before engaging in combat, you will need to make a number of calculations regarding their strength. Play comfortably and without too much concern for winning or losing. Let your gladiator fight, and you take care of the rest.

Fights Between Distinct Animals

Players in the Animal Revolt Combat Simulator will engage in combat with various animals of varying tiers. In deploying animal warriors against other monster foes, gamers will demonstrate their tactical prowess. You may spend some time thinking when playing a game since you must adhere to its rules and attempt to advance to the next level. The game’s landscape will be split in half at the same time, allowing you to see the foes you’ll be up against and plan difficult confrontations. Also, you are free to decide which fighters you possess and deploy various forces into battle. You won’t be able to disregard it as a feature.

Fantastic Gameplay

The gaming experience provided by this game is both exhilarating and terrifying. The meeting will be terrifying, even if you’ll be thrilled to make unbeatable beasts. You will see how the opponents are either crushed by your monsters or are crushed by them. Yet, the gameplay is entertaining, so you won’t get bored! When you first join, the levels will be easier and the combat won’t be as intense. Nevertheless, as you go along, the gameplay gets more challenging!

Putting two armies on opposing sides and guiding your camp to triumph will be your main responsibilities. Several configurable beast kinds will make up each army. To give your camp a competitive advantage, you are free to add whatever features you like. You will see the devastation throughout each session.

The opponent Can Be Defeated in a Variety of Ways

Players will receive a comparable number of bonuses to unlock new animal warriors after each combat. All the animal’s characteristics will be shown on the screen so you can pick more conveniently. Keep in mind that each unit will have unique attack styles and characteristics, so you must carefully weigh your options before selecting.

One of the things that help you boost your chances of winning battles against foes is using current weaponry. As a result, gamers in Animal Revolt Combat Simulator may give their animal warriors weapons to improve their battle skills. It may be a razor-sharp blade, a pistol, or strong explosives, among other things. The adversaries will also get stronger over time.

Demonstrate New Battle Modes

When playing in arenas, the game always seeks to provide players with new experiences. In Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, there are many different fight types, and playing any of them may be fun. There are now a number of campaigns you may start to write a tale about your favourite monster or fighter. Sandbox and workshop modes have also been developed to gratify your creative need. Arms, legs, and weapons are improved and added to the research room. The wars that the game generates are fun to see. The flexibility of simulation allows for accurate player command execution.

Uncomplicated Customizing

The customising interface in this exciting game is straightforward. You’ll need to enhance the animals by giving them new traits like wings and arms. On the other side, you can decide to have the body’s scales and ridges removed. One of the essential components you’ll need when playing the game is this. You should wait a few seconds after making a modification before it takes effect. Buffs and debuffs are simple to handle.

You should be aware that riches are required every time you fight or enhance your soldiers. One of the essential components you’ll need when playing the game is this. You should take part if you want to find additional riches.

Put Weapons On

Are animals in addition to humans also armed? Animal Revolt War Simulator allows for something that appears impossible. Dinosaurs, archers, and gorillas can now be equipped with firearms, missiles, or melee weapons. Make them become the worst combat machine I have ever built. Therefore kindly use them in large venues and achieve advantageous results. There are several additions, including futuristic elements like laser weapons. They will provide you with exceptional upgrades to raise your chances of winning. Get them from the store and revel in the mayhem they may create.

Kounter The Enemies You Discover

A noteworthy aspect of playing Animal Revolt Combat Simulator is that you have to follow certain rules in order to try to finish the level. You will receive a certain sum of money and a large number of combat-useful troops. So that you may pick a precise number to battle the enemy, you will be aware of the cost of the units you control. You must take into account that each unit has a unique set of attacks.

Players should also be aware of the fact that some levels also provide you access to various contemporary weaponry. In other words, you may simply arm the soldiers under your command with weapons to overpower the opponent more quickly.

Make Fierce Campaigns Your Business

In addition to letting you build an army and engage in multiplayer combat, the game also has campaigns. Just make sure you finish all the duties that have been set. Certain jobs, like the animal rebellion war simulator race, will be entertaining as you try to outperform your rivals. Moreover, strong monsters like Goro from the animal revolt battle simulator may be unlocked. Be careful to research the advantages and disadvantages of your rivals so you may take use of these to your advantage.

Colourful Images

Animal Revolt Combat Simulator’s visual appeal adds to our sense of admiration for what it offers. The majority of the creatures that feature in this game are expertly and realistically portrayed. As a result, you can easily identify the arrival of strong dinosaur warriors while engaging in the game. The fighting effects are also carefully planned, which will undoubtedly result in remarkable encounters. Also, the sound system did a good job of conveying the energetic mood of the bouts with the background music and standard combat sounds.

Create a Solid Unit to Construct

You can play a tonne of amazing strategy games right now in your free time. Several of these games are available for free download and instant play. There are a number of thrilling games available right now that will put your strategic thinking to the test. With games that help you build a powerful army and have fun, you can have a lot of fun right now. In addition to enjoying yourself while fighting in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, you may also enjoy yourself while creating, customising, planning, and managing your army.

Strategy Hilarious Physics-Based Graphics Game

The characters in this strategy game, in contrast to most others, are drawn from both the past and the present, including dinosaurs and exotic animals. The winner is the one who employs the most successful methods! Don’t undervalue an effective system’s potential. Use your understanding of the positives and negatives of each unit to win. Extinct and mythological creatures can be found by going back in time. You’ll love seeing the characters engage in combat, bending their limbs and necks, toying with their bodies, and soaking up all the blood that is splattered all over!

Unique Monster Battles

Animal Revolt War Simulator will adequately depict the animal conflict. I’m not sure what the main goal of this conflict is, but you must do all in your power to aid your army in overcoming the opposition. Just set up your strategies correctly, and you may enjoy the combat on the experience screen. It is clear that publisher VDimension has given players access to a wide variety of creatures so they may freely devise the most inventive strategies. Also, you may play the game in a variety of various game modes. This game will not let you down with all it has to offer—over 1 million installs on Google Play attest to that.

Choose The Game Mode You Prefer

Players will discover many gaming options as they play Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, which alters the experience. Particularly, in the campaign with a variety of chapters, the first method should be emphasised. The number of stages you must pass through in each chapter will inevitably rise as time goes on since each chapter will focus on a different animal’s struggle.

So, it will surely be a challenging voyage that you endeavour to complete. Together with the hard narrative levels, the game also features a sandbox mode with a tonne of stuff to discover. Since that users may quickly create any troops they choose, sandbox modes frequently inspire gamers to be creative.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK

What is needed for an animal revolt battle simulator?

Intel Core i5-2300 or a comparable processor. six gigabytes of Memory. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 graphics cards or similar. Version 9.0 of DirectX.

What is the weakest unit in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator?

The least powerful unit in the game, Coward Cole, only costs 0.5$ in in-game money. As troops approach him, all he can do is flee because he is unable to fight.

What is the strongest thing in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator?

The Brachiosaurus is presently the most potent real-world unit in the game, and the T-rex is right behind it.

What is gold for in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator?

Gold is a brand-new currency that can be used to buy units and equipment for Sandbox when you complete campaign levels and watch advertisements.

How do you get gold in animal revolt simulator?

You may get gold by completing campaign levels. There are now 5 campaigns, each of which grants 5–25 gold every level depending on the campaign and level, and roughly 40–60 gold upon successful completion of the campaign. Presently, there are 1365 gold pieces available.

What is scourge in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator?

One of the very few troops in the game that costs more than $200 is the Scourge. Without include insta-kill strikes performed on weak units, the spike attack of the Scourge is one of the most harmful assaults in the game. A reskin of Kozarog the Demon’s Flame Punch strike is used in this attack’s Fire Punch.

How do you rotate the camera in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator?

The camera rotates while your avatar remains motionless when you click “Style,” using the A and D buttons.

What is the most expensive unit in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator?

The Dragon is the game’s most costly unit. It is twice as pricey as the Hydra, the Fantasy faction’s previous most potent and expensive unit.

How to download workshop creations in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator?

To add material to your game, click the “subscribe” button when you discover it. The majority of the time, the material will be instantly accessible when you start the game again.

How do you see the health bar in animal revolt in battle simulator?

A unit’s health is indicated by health bars that appear over their heads. The gameplay settings panel allows you to enable or disable this feature. It is available in the whole version.

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