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Bad Piggies MOD APK, a spin-off from the wildly popular Angry Birds series, offers a unique and engaging twist on the familiar franchise by putting players in control of the green pigs with the goal of crafting the ultimate flying/crawling/rolling/spinning device to guide them safely to their destinations.
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Bad Piggies, a spin-off from the wildly popular Angry Birds series, offers a unique and engaging twist on the familiar franchise by putting players in control of the green pigs with the goal of crafting the ultimate flying/crawling/rolling/spinning device to guide them safely to their destinations. This physics-based puzzle game turns the tables, focusing on creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills as players assist the mischievous pigs in constructing machines that navigate through various levels to snatch up pieces of a map that lead to the Angry Birds’ eggs.

Unlike its avian predecessor, Bad Piggies emphasizes construction and experimentation over destruction. Players are provided with a grid and a selection of parts – from simple wooden crates and wheels to more complex items like fans, balloons, and rockets – to assemble their contraption. Each level presents unique challenges and objectives, encouraging players to think outside the box and try out wacky combinations to achieve three-star completions. With its intuitive interface and gradual difficulty progression, Bad Piggies is accessible to gamers of all ages, providing hours of entertainment through trial and error and the joy of discovery.

Bad Piggies Features

Inventive Vehicle Building

The core of Bad Piggies lies in its inventive vehicle-building mechanic. Players are given a toolbox filled with a myriad of parts and materials to construct vehicles that traverse land, air, and even water. The game encourages creativity and experimentation, as there is often more than one solution to reach the goal. This feature not only enhances the replayability of the game but also fosters a sense of accomplishment as players witness their wild inventions come to life and successfully navigate through the level.

Multiple Levels with Varied Challenges

Bad Piggies boasts an extensive number of levels, each offering a different set of challenges and objectives to complete. From avoiding hazards and enemies to racing against the clock, the variety keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging. Levels are spread across several themed worlds, introducing new types of terrain and obstacles that require players to continually adapt their strategies and designs.

Physics-Based Puzzles

At its heart, Bad Piggies is a game of physics-based puzzles. The success of each contraption hinges on the laws of physics, with gravity, friction, and propulsion all playing crucial roles. Players must account for these forces when designing their vehicles, making the game not only fun but also educational, as it imparts basic principles of physics entertainingly and interactively.

Creativity and Customization

In addition to building vehicles, Bad Piggies allows for a high degree of creativity and customization. Players can decorate their creations with a variety of skins and accessories, adding a personal touch to their mechanical masterpieces. This feature not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also encourages players to get creative and express themselves through their designs.

Sandbox Mode

For those who love to let their imagination run wild, Bad Piggies includes a Sandbox mode, where players have access to all the parts from the outset and can build without the constraints of specific level objectives. This mode is perfect for testing out new ideas, practicing construction techniques, or simply creating the most outrageous vehicles imaginable. Sandbox mode serves as a creative playground that amplifies the game’s emphasis on innovation and experimentation.

There are 200 levels and 40 special levels in this game.

When playing Bad Piggies, you must solve 200 riddles that correlate to the game’s 200 stages. You will be able to unlock 40 special levels of the game by completing specific levels with three stars. Ground Hog Day and When Pigs Fly are two of the game’s modes. If you get stuck at Ground Hog Day for too long, you can relax by practicing in When Pigs Fly mode.

Even though the game encourages inventiveness, each level has a limitation on the number of items you can utilize. If you want to earn the highest score, you must follow the game’s instructions to the letter. At difficult levels, you will almost certainly fail numerous times and become stuck for an extended period. When playing puzzle games, this is a common annoyance. There’s an adage that says there’s always one more step to success after a failure.

MOD Features

– Unlimited Money

– All Levels Unlocked

– Paid For Free

– All Unlocked

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In conclusion, Bad Piggies offers a refreshingly creative and engaging gameplay experience that stands out in the mobile gaming landscape. With its inventive vehicle-building mechanic, varied levels with unique challenges, physics-based puzzles, and ample opportunities for creativity and customization, the game provides endless entertainment for players of all ages. Whether you’re a fan of the Angry Birds series looking for a new perspective or a puzzle enthusiast eager for a challenge, Bad Piggies delivers a compelling blend of creativity, strategy, and fun.

What's new

Made some minor fixes, but only you can stop these pigs from crashing.


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