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City Island 2: The Building Story (MOD, Unlimited Gold/Cash) - A free economic strategy that requires you to construct houses, public buildings, organize jobs, and simply adorn their city in order to provide comfort and life? as well as to assess the emotions and desires of your employees, because it is through them that you will be able to gauge the success of your company.
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City Island 2 emerges as a captivating sequel in the beloved City Island series, offering an enhanced mobile city-building experience that combines creativity, strategy, and simulation in one immersive package. This game/app invites players to step into the shoes of a mayor, tasked with transforming a deserted island into a bustling metropolis. With its intuitive gameplay, detailed graphics, and expansive content, City Island 2 appeals to a wide audience, from young teenagers exploring their architectural interests to adults seeking a relaxing escape into urban planning. The game builds on the success of its predecessor by introducing new features, buildings, and challenges, ensuring that both new players and seasoned city builders find something to love.

At its core, City Island 2 maintains the engaging gameplay mechanics that fans of the series have come to appreciate. Players start with a blank canvas – a pristine island ready to be developed. Through careful planning, resource management, and strategic building, players work to attract citizens, stimulate the economy, and create a thriving community. Each decision, from the layout of the roads to the placement of buildings, impacts the city’s growth, making every playthrough a unique experience. Whether you’re designing residential neighborhoods, constructing commercial skyscrapers, or developing industrial zones, City Island 2 offers endless possibilities for creativity and innovation.

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City Island 2 Features

Create your Dream City

Create the city of your dreams. You’ll be quite busy building your fantasy city because there will be so many things to do. There will be numerous events and tasks that you must accomplish to earn money. You’ll be able to unlock fantastic content with over 200 distinct buildings and 9 islands. Each island’s accompanying buildings must be renovated and put on various terrains. After finishing the quest, you’ll be given a treasure chest containing a variety of useful stuff. Money and experience are especially important for you to level up and upgrade. You can unlock structures and upgrade them once you get there.

Build and Expand your First City

Residents and other basic functions, such as electricity, food, water, and a variety of other commodities, are required if the city is to be put into service. Players will start by constructing the first residential community, which will earn cash for a short time. The next step is to develop practical buildings that provide the basic necessities for the entire metropolis. Finally, structures that provide services such as jobs, transportation, and a variety of other amenities that a city needs. The player can construct a large number of similar structures, but they must prioritize the diversity of the structures, such as the functions and services they provide to the city.

Complete the Question and Go up to Level

The mission system is the game’s fundamental function, as well as a mechanism to guide the player through all of the game’s functions and gameplay. In it, the mission system varies depending on the player’s level, and there are some needs that players can respond to right away. The mission system will provide players with a variety of appealing incentives, including EXP, structures, and game currency. The game unlocks new features as the player progresses, such as expanding the city’s area, unlocking new functionalities, enhancing city performance, and introducing new types of structures. Players will be able to unlock new islands after they reach a specific level, allowing them to begin developing more towns.

Unlock Additional Islands

Each game in the City Island series will have various islands, and the fifth game will be no exception. Each island has its unique qualities, including climate, environment, weather, and topography. Players will construct appropriate structures based on the current island type, and each island will automatically classify separate buildings. With the help of a special vehicle, the player can freely travel between each island and build new constructions while they are gone. Of course, each island will offer its standard service, which gamers can take advantage of to help the islands thrive.

Quests and Achievements

To keep gameplay exciting and rewarding, City Island 2 incorporates a series of quests and achievements. These objectives provide clear goals and challenges, encouraging players to explore different aspects of city management. Completing quests not only progresses the game but also rewards players with money, gold, and experience points, unlocking new buildings and features.

Weather Effects and Day-Night Cycle

Enhancing the game’s immersive experience, City Island 2 features realistic weather effects and a day-night cycle. These elements add visual depth and complexity to the gameplay, affecting citizen behavior and city dynamics. The shifting weather and time of day bring the city to life, making it feel like a living, breathing community.

Intuitive Resource Management

Resource management plays a crucial role in City Island 2, with players needing to balance their income and expenditures to keep their city thriving. The game introduces a simple yet deep economic system, where players must strategize on how to best utilize their resources, from tax collection and business revenue to managing the costs of construction and maintenance.

Key  Features

  • Free to play tycoon game – Tablet compatibility
  • Intuitive gameplay with hard tasks, prizes, and achievements
  • HIGH-QUALITY visuals
  • In this free-to-play city game, take part in fascinating quests to help you develop your own virtual paradise!
  • Create and decorate a gorgeous island with over 150 unique items, using your imagination!
  • Gold and currency as currencies – Parks, trees, a railway with trains, boats, decorations, and community buildings are used to attract inhabitants.
  • Profit from your commercial properties
  • Improve your city structures – Assist your residents in constructing a city on this exotic island narrative
  • Earn XP and level up to unlock new buildings for construction – Earn dozens of REWARDS as you play
  • Expand your city to make place for additional buildings and develop your village to a metropolis with lofty skyscrapers
  • Shorten building and upgrade times – Unlock a variety of adventures and quests
  • Expand your city across land and water
  • Countless hours of free entertainment
MOD Features

– Unlimited Money/Cash

– MOD Unlocked

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In conclusion, City Island 2 is a comprehensive and engaging mobile game/app that offers a rich city-building experience. With its expansive building selection, dynamic citizen feedback system, quests and achievements, weather effects, intuitive resource management, and social connectivity, the game provides players with hours of entertainment and creative expression. Whether you’re a budding urban planner or a seasoned strategist, City Island 2 invites you to embark on a journey of development and discovery, where your vision can truly come to life. Start building your dream city today and see where your imagination takes you.

What's new

- Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash for some people.
This update consists of mostly technical improvements. It should give you a more smooth overall experience. Enjoy!
Some tweaks and fixes
Your privacy is important to us, so the game is now fully GDPR compliant.
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Stability improvements
Better zoom possibilities
Extra buildings


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