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Building Simulator: City Island 3 (MOD, Unlimited Money) - This game is for you if you've ever wanted to explore the grandeur of the oceans. After all, on the high seas, you can learn about multiple islands at once. In every case, you will be given a choice.
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City Island 3 is an enchanting mobile game that invites players into the captivating world of island building and city management. As the third installment in the popular City Island series developed by Sparkling Society, this game combines the thrill of urban planning with the serene beauty of island life. Players start with a deserted island, embarking on an exciting journey to transform it into a bustling metropolis dotted across a beautiful archipelago. With its intuitive gameplay, charming graphics, and comprehensive city-building mechanics, City Island 3 offers a relaxing yet engaging experience for both seasoned city planners and newcomers to the genre.

The game stands out for its depth and versatility, offering a wide range of buildings, decorations, and landscapes to explore and utilize in creating unique island cities. Players can immerse themselves in the role of a mayor, making strategic decisions to balance the needs of their citizens with the islands’ development and economic growth. Whether it’s constructing residential houses, commercial buildings, or industrial complexes, each decision impacts the thriving community you’re responsible for. City Island 3 provides a delightful escape into city creation, where every player can bring their architectural dreams to life.

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City Island 3 Features

Unlock a brand new island

The buildings on a specific island have reached the highest level when you finish building on it. After that, a new island will be opened, and you’ll have to start all over again. Because you’ve already completed one island, it’ll be a lot easier. Buildings will gradually reappear, but only at a rapid pace. You’ll have a lot of money now that you have two islands in your possession. Skyscrapers are among them. The revenue isn’t taken into account. It’s even great while visiting various islands. You will also become the world’s richest person once you have conquered nine islands.

Unlock New Structures

As you go through the stages, you’ll be able to unlock new structures. And while we’re on the subject, City Island 3’s intriguing level system will be explored by players. As you acquire more constructions, get more experiences, and grow your city with a variety of new options, your characters will level up. As you design and build your perfect city, you’ll need to construct new buildings, transportation, attractions, and so on. You can always speed up the building and make your city more capable if you wish to.

Variety Of Events

There are a variety of events to choose from with a variety of themes to enjoy. For those who are interested, City Island 3 players will have access to a variety of exciting in-game events that will introduce you to completely new and distinct gameplay. When you have free time, explore the time-limited events and get your special goodies. Most importantly, there should be plenty of fresh gameplay to enjoy as you continue.

Completing the Building

Let’s start constructing the city you wish. Because you are the owner of this island, it is feasible. The projects that will be put into action as soon as possible will be completed. After then, important incentives will be given for finishing the task. Following the completion of each shop or structure, a reward will be given. Following that, a big sum of money will be awarded for the completion of work on an island.

Build with your pals

Your family members will now be your rivals. A competition is underway to see who can conquer nine islands in the least amount of time. You can invite your brothers to play City Island 3 in your spare time if you can’t work part-time. In the rivalry between you, buildings will compete with each other. Who among you will be the fastest builder? Take a look at City Island 3 and give it a shot.

It’s a fantastic game even if you don’t have access to the internet. While playing, there are no bothersome advertisements. It will transport you to a completely different world. A wealthy person’s life is unaffected by the events of the day. Their problem is figuring out how to spend all of the money. Download City Island 3 mod and live the life you’ve always imagined, day and night.

Fantastic Rewards

Enjoy the fun gameplay and earn fantastic rewards. Gamers in City Island 3 will find themselves exploring the entertaining and varied gameplay options accessible during their city-building quest. Allow yourself to be engrossed in the addictive gameplay as you attempt to complete the difficult tasks, rewarding achievements, and intriguing missions. And, of course, as you progress through the in-game obstacles, you’ll find yourself appreciating the fantastic rewards.

Variety Of Currencies

As you progress, collect money in a variety of currencies. To quickly transform your island city into a real-life paradise, City Island 3 players will need to earn a large amount of money from the game’s various currencies, ranging from standard gold and cash to the unusual pirate treasure. Take on a variety of in-game adventures, each with its own set of features and gameplay.

As you acquire money and pirate chests, you’ll be able to take on numerous missions and objectives. Make use of them to buy new structures and have them built on your islands. Furthermore, Android gamers can make money from their commercial ventures, which is incredible.

Attract New Citizens

To attract new citizens, provide high-quality services and gorgeous attractions. In addition, players in City Island 3 will have access to a range of different building possibilities, which will add to the game’s appeal. Feel free to entice residents with new parks, plants, decorations, and a slew of communal structures. Additionally, there are a variety of economic structures that you can use to help your city thrive.

Furthermore, the game will allow players to effectively design and decorate their entire island with many upgrades for your city and its buildings. To attract new citizens, provide high-quality services ranging from security to transportation. To allow for greater development, you should expand your city as soon as feasible.

Daily Activities

Take part in daily activities and reap the benefits. If you’re a passionate gamer, you may quickly earn rewards in City Island 3 simply by being active. Having said that, you can always gather dozens of interesting things from your daily awards. And, thanks to the stacking bonus, you’ll have a lot of fun collecting your special goodies at the end of the month.

Key Features

  • Simple to play building sim
  • Create and design magnificent islands in your own archipelago with over 300 unique things, and use your imagination!
  • A fun tycoon game that is completely free to play.
  • Tablet compatibility
  • Easy-to-understand gameplay with difficult challenges, awards, and achievements
  • In this free-to-play city game, take part in fascinating quests to help you develop your own virtual paradise!
  • Money: gold and cash, as well as pirate chests
  • Use parks, trees, a railway with trains, boats, decorations, and community structures to attract citizens.
  • Profit from your commercial buildings
  • Improve your city buildings
  • Assist your citizens by constructing a city on this exotic island narrative
  • Collect XP and level up to unlock a new building for construction
  • Expand your city to make more places for additional buildings, transportation, and progress your hamlet into a metropolis with tall structures
  • Shorten building and upgrading times
  • Unlock a plethora of adventures, pirate loot, and quests
  • Extend your city across land and water
  • Countless hours of free entertainment
  • Play both offline and online
MOD Features

– Unlimited Money

– Unlocked All

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City Island 3 is a mobile game that masterfully blends the joys of city building with the idyllic setting of island life, offering players a comprehensive and enjoyable experience. With its wide range of buildings, dynamic economy system, engaging quests, realistic environmental effects, and social interaction features, the game provides a rich and diversified platform for creativity and strategic planning. Whether you’re a meticulous city planner or a casual gamer looking for a relaxing escape, City Island 3 invites you to embark on a rewarding journey of turning a deserted island into a thriving metropolis. Unleash your creativity, strategize your path to success, and build the island city of your dreams.


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