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European War 5: Empire is a captivating and immersive strategy game that takes players back to the tumultuous era of the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe. Developed by EasyTech, the game offers a unique blend of historical accuracy, strategic decision-making, and engaging gameplay.
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European War 5 MOD APK Overview

European War 5 Mod Apk is a captivating and immersive strategy game that takes players back to the tumultuous era of the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe. Developed by EasyTech, the game offers a unique blend of historical accuracy, strategic decision-making, and engaging gameplay.

Set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars and the Age of Enlightenment, European War 5: Empire allows players to take on the role of a great military leader, commanding their chosen nation’s forces to conquer Europe and establish a vast empire. With a wide array of European powers to choose from, including France, England, Prussia, and Russia, players can strategically deploy their armies, manage resources, and engage in intense battles across beautifully rendered maps of Europe.

The game provides a comprehensive campaign mode where players can experience key historical events and challenges, such as the French Revolution or the Battle of Waterloo. Alternatively, players can engage in custom battles, allowing for endless possibilities and strategic experimentation.

European War 5: Empire features a deep and intuitive gameplay system, where players must manage diplomatic relations, conduct research, develop infrastructure, and trade resources to strengthen their empire. The game also offers a multiplayer mode, enabling players to compete against friends or other strategists from around the world.

With its immersive historical setting, strategic depth, and visually stunning graphics, European War 5: Empire provides an enthralling gaming experience for strategy enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Whether you aim to rewrite history or test your strategic prowess, this game offers endless hours of engaging gameplay and tactical challenges.

Information About European War 5 MOD APK

App Name European War 5 MOD APK
Latest Version
Size 140 MB
Developed By EasyTech
Platform Android
Requirement 4.4 and up
Worldwide Downloads 5 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Medals
Updated 2 days ago
Category Strategy

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European War 5 MOD APK Features

Expand the Implement

Welcome to our Empire Mode, a feature-rich and mission-packed experience awaiting you. This realm is ready for the construction of a magnificent empire under your command. Over 6 eras spanning 2000 years, players can freely explore enigmatic mysteries and ancient relics. Once established, the empire must be expanded to new heights, with a constant stream of quests presenting themselves.

Empire Mode

In Empire Mode, players assume the role of a formidable commander tasked with building and expanding their empire across six distinct ages. Starting small, players gradually extend their territory by capturing enemy cities and acquiring resources for development. However, the game goes beyond mere warfare. Players can recruit skilled generals from taverns and form alliances with princesses from different nations, each possessing unique abilities. As the empire expands, players engage in trade, defend their borders against invading forces, and gather diverse materials for growth.


At the outset, players select renowned generals to represent their kingdom and choose a region to begin their battle. The controls are straightforward—click to select your army and drag them to the desired location. Similarly, engaging enemy armies is as simple as clicking on them. Players receive appropriate instructions to gain an advantage. Victories allow for territorial expansion, capturing vital resources and items.

Princesses provide guidance through their words, showcasing distinct skills and tactical thinking. Players should explore each princess to cultivate diverse strategies for every match. While instructions are available, important decisions ultimately rest with the player, who has complete control over troops, combat methods, and formulating the perfect plan for their army.

Stunning Graphics

Despite the game’s simplicity, the graphics are sharp and detailed. The images may be small to fit the mobile experience, but every element is easily discernible. The stronghold, for instance, exhibits numerous small tents, while battles showcase different types of soldiers in small armies. This clarity facilitates efficient observation and handling of any issues. Additionally, the game employs an anime-style design for its characters, each displaying unique temperaments and personalities. These characters serve as a great inspiration for players indulging in European War 5: Empire.

World Conquest

However, the ultimate challenge lies in World Conquest. Players must exercise their power to develop the economy, declare wars, and establish diplomatic relations while navigating influential events throughout their conquering journey. Upgrading ages, recruiting armies and generals, and encountering talented princesses are crucial elements for success. Players must exhibit diplomatic skills by forming alliances, declaring wars, or remaining neutral, all while expanding their empires worldwide.

With over 90 unique military units, players have endless options to shape their armies and conquer their foes. Whether leading a cavalry charge or relying on the strength of archers, focusing on building a robust economy or investing in a mighty navy to control the seas, the choice is theirs, and the possibilities are boundless.

Collect Talents With Beautiful Girls

Furthermore, players are tasked with completing numerous peculiar quests in unusual locations. Talented generals can be tracked down in taverns while celebrating victories. These individuals possess both talent and ambition. Hiring such generals multiplies the power of your army, like a fish finding water. Additionally, players can pursue enchanting princesses from different countries.

Keep The Border

To conquer the world, special tasks must be undertaken in conjunction with market trading. This enables the collection of wealth and fosters relationships with prosperous nations. Furthermore, the border region remains a hot spot, necessitating the mobilization of a formidable army for defence against invading generals.

Increase Language

European War 5 allows players to actively challenge enemy cities, fighting for territory. This process yields unique resources and weapons, contributing to the glory and vibrancy of the recently established empire.

Battle Mode

In Battle Mode, players can relive the most thrilling historical moments, engaging in 150 grand battles from the Classical Age to the Industrial Age. Follow in the footsteps of legendary kings like Alexander, Genghis Khan, Caesar, and Barbarossa, leading armies to victory and experiencing the thrill of conquering new lands and expanding empires.

Military Level Up

Similar to the empire-building aspect, armies must evolve from rudimentary to modern levels. Initially equipped with simple weapons like sticks and bows, defeating enemies and maintaining troop numbers prove challenging. However, as modern structures and recipes are acquired, a significant shift occurs. Advanced armour and weapons are produced to equip armies, enabling the acquisition of novel combat units such as cavalry or gladiators. Powerful catapults are employed to demolish enemy fortresses. Battles become more manageable, ensuring victory.

Strength Ranking

Players on the server are ranked based on their glory points, accumulated through battles. These points serve as a measure of achievements, prominently displayed on a leaderboard. Higher scores denote greater strength and a place among the strongest players. Reaching such heights requires dedicated efforts in development, while losses in battles diminish glory scores. Therefore, smooth and successful attacks are essential.

Become a King European War 5

The empire recreates famous battles spanning 2000 years of human history. The game vividly portrays talented kingdoms, kings, and generals, offering players the opportunity to inscribe new pages in history as the masters of war.

As a king, players must construct a strong kingdom, ensuring stability both internally and externally. This challenging task demands rigorous training for all players. Each historical period within the game presents distinct characteristics. In ancient times, when people revered gods, ruling through the perception of becoming a powerful “lord” proved effective. In the modern age, advanced weaponry became a crucial factor in warfare.

Keep the Border Intact

Developing relationships with wealthy countries is crucial for a nation’s prosperity. Increased wealth facilitates trade opportunities with other nations. Concurrently, defending the country from invasions safeguards against enemy generals’ intentions.

Face Off Against Challenging Battles

European War 5 presents historically significant European battles, enabling players to engage in tactical combat against formidable foes. Precise troop control and a panoramic format enhance the gaming experience. The game employs hexagonal divisions to determine army movement, a feature common to other games developed by EasyTech. As players progress, newer updates provide increasingly demanding challenges. Notably, the fifth and sixth chapter levels in campaign mode are labelled as “Hard.”

From Novice to Military Professional

To modernize armies, players must develop primitive tools and weapons, such as bows and clubs. Initially, defeating enemies and maintaining population counts prove difficult. However, advancements in construction and access to recipes lead to significant transformations. New military equipment and offensive strategies bolster armies, replacing outdated units like swordsmen or spearmen with gladiators and cavalry. The acquisition of powerful catapults capable of destroying enemy castles streamlines battles and ensures victory.

Expand The Implement

Welcome to our Empire Mode, a feature-rich and mission-packed experience awaiting you. This realm is ready for the construction of a magnificent empire under your command. The kingdom will go through 6 eras, spanning 2000 years, allowing players to freely explore enigmatic mysteries and ancient relics. As soon as this place is built, you will have to expand it to new heights, with hundreds of quests continuously appearing before your eyes.

Collect Talents With Beautiful Girls

Continuing our adventure, we invite players to embark on numerous peculiar quests in unusual locations. Track down talented generals in taverns, celebrating their victories. These individuals possess both talent and ambition. By hiring them, the power of your army multiplies like a fish finding water. Additionally, charming princesses from different countries can be pursued.

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Frequently Asked Questions About European War 5 MOD APK

How do I get more literature on European War 5?

By accomplishing all five daily assignments that appear on the to-do list, literature can be obtained. The Classical Era does not always have access to these. Winning the Classical Era’s Conquest with China, the Inca, and Greece is another way to obtain literature.



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