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Magic School Story MOD APK - a wonderful city-building simulator in which you can establish a school of magic and sorcery and then focus on the growth of an educational institution. Happy Labs developers propose to invite new students, construct educational structures, and compete with competitors who have been instructing young wizards for a long time.
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Magic School Story is an enchanting mobile game/app that invites players into a captivating world where magic is real, and dreams come to life. In this simulation game, players have the unique opportunity to build and manage their very own magic school, designing it from the ground up to become the most prestigious institution in the magical world. As headmaster, you’ll oversee everything from constructing classrooms and dormitories to recruiting legendary wizards and witches to teach the next generation of magical beings. With its charming graphics, engaging gameplay, and an endless array of fantastical elements, Magic School Story offers a magical escape into a world filled with wonder and adventure.

The game combines elements of strategy, creativity, and management, allowing players to immerse themselves fully in the experience of running a magic school. As you expand your campus, you’ll unlock mysterious realms, rare magical creatures, and ancient artifacts. Each decision from the courses offered to the decorations chosen affects your school’s prestige and allure to prospective students. Whether you’re dueling in magical competitions, embarking on spellbinding quests, or crafting powerful potions, Magic School Story provides a rich and interactive experience that will captivate players of all ages.

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Magic School Story Features

Customizable School Design

Magic School Story stands out with its highly customizable school design feature. Players can let their imagination run wild, creating everything from towering wizard towers to sprawling enchanted gardens. With hundreds of magical items and decorations at your disposal, each school can be tailored to reflect your style and vision. This feature not only allows for a high degree of creativity but also ensures that no two schools are ever the same.

Diverse Courses and Magical Subjects

At the heart of Magic School Story is the vast array of courses and magical subjects available for study. Players can design curriculums filled with everything from basic spellcasting and potion-making to advanced magical ethics and creature care. Choosing and developing these courses strategically can attract different types of students and faculty, each adding their unique charm and benefits to your school.

Exciting Quests and Magical Competitions

The game is packed with exciting quests and magical competitions that challenge players to go beyond the confines of their school. From retrieving ancient artifacts to competing in inter-school tournaments, these activities offer valuable rewards and the chance to increase your school’s fame. Participating in these adventures not only progresses the storyline but also tests your strategic thinking and resource management skills.

Play the mini-games

The menu will expand when you tap the arrow button in the lower right corner of the screen. The Gather icon can be found there. You can play a match-three minigame by tapping on it. In this minigame, finishing a stage will reward you with stars, money, and upgrade materials. Keep an eye out for the element next to the stage number; this is the material you’ll get after you clear it.

If you’ve ever played a match-three game, you’ll recognize the strategies. On the left, you can see your goals as well as the number of moves you have left. To clear the board more rapidly, try to employ special tiles. Prioritize tiles that contribute to your overall goal. You will fail the level if you run out of moves before hitting your targets. You will, however, earn a few coins as compensation. You have a maximum of five lives, which are represented by five hearts. When you fail, you lose one heart, but when you accomplish a stage for the first time, you gain one. Hearts, like all other organs, heal throughout time.

Create a Magical School

A school is a place where many children congregate daily to learn. Students will experience many stages in the actual world if they wish to learn and work in the future. However, there will be a wide variety of experiences and uncommon things that people can learn in every school. Download Magic School Story right away if you’ve always wanted to start your own school! You can create your own magic school right now in this game. By offering as many classes as you can, you can persuade numerous students to enroll in your magic school right now. To help students learn more, you can set up a variety of interesting lessons here with specific magic subjects! You can also do quests to raise your school’s quality while also gaining extra cash. Professors and students can also be taken on adventures to earn money for you. Finally, you may enlarge your school and build dorms!

Make a Large Number Of Friends

You can follow other players in the game because it has a social aspect to it. You can pay these athletes a visit and volunteer at their schools. If you add a large number of friends, they will very certainly add you back. You will then have a large number of guests who will assist with the various constructions in your school. When you’re seeking aid in the mines, you have several options.

The game does not automatically propose friends for you to add, unlike most other games with the same Social feature. Don’t worry, there’s still a way for you to find new people to follow. To expand the menu, tap the arrow icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Keep an eye out for the Rank icon. When you tap it, a list of the game’s top players will appear. Simply scroll through the many names to find one you’d like to visit. You can follow that player by tapping on the + sign above his name on the top left of the screen once you’ve entered that player’s school. You can now assist him in his school and seek his assistance in the mines.

– Create and personalize your very own magical school from the ground up!
– A plethora of classes, facilities, and decor are at your disposal! Choose from Elements, Potions, Broom Flying, Totems, and Kage Bunshin! Change their appearance, characteristics, and effects by upgrading them!
– Enroll new exceptional students and see them grow from freshmen to powerful professors once they graduate!
– Collect materials and enhance your classes by playing match-3 games!
– Be the best magic school in the world and brag about it on the scoreboard! Make your pals jealous!
– Make a list of your favorite friends and swap assistance with them!
– Use magic to help your school and make a lot of money!
– Earn extra resources by participating in quests and adventures!
– Be on the lookout for live events!

MOD Features

– Unlimited Money, Gems

– MOD Unlocked

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In conclusion, Magic School Story is a mobile game/app that offers players a unique and immersive experience into the world of magic and fantasy. With its customizable school design, diverse courses, exciting quests, rare magical creatures, social interactions, and regular updates, the game provides endless entertainment and creative possibilities. Whether you’re a fan of magic, fantasy, or simulation games, Magic School Story invites you to step into the role of headmaster and create the magic school of your dreams.

What's new

See you in the Fantasy realm!
- New Classes: Orc Lore, Dwarven Puzzle, Ring Enchanting
- New Facilities: Magic Hammer, Elk Feeding, Hotdog Shop, Isabelle's Tour
- New Decos: Wandering Minstrel, Dweller's Home, Glistening Tower
- New Tiles: Rocky Path, Elvish Tile, Rune Tile
- New Student Groups & Profs: Orcs, Sunelves, Dwarves
- Bug fixes and general improvements


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