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School Days MOD APK - School Days is a life simulation game with unique and humorous material that will entertain players while also revealing latent gaming potential.
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School Days MOD APK – School Days is a life simulation game with unique and humorous material that will entertain players while also revealing latent gaming potential. The fact that all students are prisoners is the most striking aspect of the player’s setting or surroundings. The state employs a novel method for reintegrating inmates into school settings. That makes things much more perilous when the player’s day is full of hidden surprises.

The first feature of School Days is that everything takes place in real-time, and players must make the most of every opportunity in school. The character will grow or create several intriguing situations in the classroom depending on how they use their time. Furthermore, similar to a student, the player must meet all of the basic standards, such as sleeping, eating, studying, and more, and must do everything with flying colours.

High school is a time to learn while still having fun. We are carefree throughout these years and wish to learn while having fun. As a result, a plethora of films, anime, and television episodes centred on high school life have been produced.

School Days is a popular high school simulation game. You begin by inventing a character that meets your preferences in this game. You can make it about yourself or about someone else. Also, You can change your hairdo, hair color, skin tone, clothing, and other features. Aside from that, you have the option of selecting its personality. You can either be the school’s heartthrob or the nerd. Perhaps you aspire to be the most popular and attractive girl in school, attracting the attention of all the boys. It’s your choice during School Days!

Information About School Days MOD APK

App Name School Days MOD APK
Latest Version
Size 26 MB
Developed By MDickie
Platform Android

Varies with device

Worldwide Downloads 10 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Full Unlocked
Updated 2 days ago
Votes 1452369
Ratings 4.8
Category Simulation
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School Days MOD APK Game Overview

You will live every day and hour in real-time in the “School Days” game, including getting out of bed and attending a planned lesson. In a city full of objects and people, you must also explore and interact. If you want to get a good grade and graduate from high school, you’ll have to choose answers to ten different topics. On School Days, there are contests held in the hall where you must answer questions in order to determine who is the greatest. In addition, this game requires you to choose whether your day is happy or sad.

You can customise your school using the game’s built-in methods. You can either start with a student you generated or modify the entire staff and faculty of the school. The customizable open mechanism makes this game more appealing than ever, offering to provide players with fascinating and new experiences.

Simulation games are always a good choice for giving players information or expertise in a specific sector. As a result, that genre’s gameplay is diverse and spectacular, and gamers can always discover games that fit them. This article will introduce School Days, a simulation of all Western school cultures with a unique perspective for gamers to explore. Furthermore, the game will leverage real-time to introduce new components to the simulation genre, enriching and improving the experience. School Days is a great game to play if you want to experience school life in the West. It’s full of surprises.

School Days MOD

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School Days MOD APK Features

Enjoy Your School Life

Many people think of school as a prison, yet it can be interesting and pleasurable if the player understands how to use all of its features. In-School Days, players will take on the role of regular students and experience school life. Players move and interact to progress or complete missions in this game, which features engaging and fun gameplay. In addition, the game incorporates real-time in-game components and incorporates all of a student’s basic functions on a daily basis. In addition, players will be able to interact with other characters and achieve all of the tasks that they have set for themselves.

Interactive Environment

School Days is an interactive universe that is richly detailed to enhance the player’s experience. The user receives access to Western customs, including school life, through the main character. All of the characters you meet along the journey are interactive and have their own personalities, which helps to bring the city to life. Furthermore, gamers can make friends with and form relationships with characters they like. Players will be able to complete many group tasks with their friends in the future, creating enjoyable and unforgettable memories.

Dialogue Interaction

All of the characters and scenarios in the game are dynamic and vibrant, giving gamers a realistic school experience. Character interactions will also result in a number of outcomes, such as missions and future interactions. There is also an affection system for major characters, which grants players varying outcomes depending on their level of care for each object. If a player’s actions have a beneficial impact on others, the game will have a lot of appealing features that will encourage players to move faster in school.

Intuitive Controls

School Days is a simple simulation game in which players can enjoy school life in a variety of ways. Bullies, nerds, and standout characters are all possibilities for players. The game will include a variety of alternatives depending on the player’s choices. The game’s actions and control mechanisms will be used to interact with the surroundings. The gaming interface is user-friendly and customizable, providing players with more possibilities for engaging with their surroundings. Furthermore, the game will include a simple and amusing fighting system, giving players a taste of the types of battles they might encounter at school.

100% Free

On the Android platform, 100 percent Free School Days is a free-to-download and play the game. There is no need to pay anything to download and play this game to the very end. It is a completely safe game that contains no viruses or anything else that could harm your device. To provide a better gameplay experience, the developers maintain the game fully optimized.

Unlimited Money

School Days with unlimited money have the ability to do whatever they want in the game. You can buy whatever you want in the game with unlimited money. You can purchase many products for free in in-game stores. It is a completely safe mod version that will not harm your device in any way.

School Days MOD

No Ads

Ads may be extremely irritating because they disrupt gaming and are generally disliked. This customized version will provide you with a completely clean gaming experience. There will be no advertisements in the game because this hack has deleted all of the game’s obnoxious advertisements. You may quickly download and install this mod game from our website to gain access to additional features not available in the standard edition.

Maintain your sanity.

Your sanity gauge is the small yellow meter beneath your health meter. Your sanity meter will be reduced by stat drops, combat, and other negative events that occur to your character. Positive events, such as increased stats, on the other hand, restore the meter. Take care not to let it fall below zero; if it does, you will lose control of your character! Your character could suffer a mental breakdown in public, or perhaps turn on everyone around them, enraged!

Health is equally vital!

Your health meter depletes over time when you sustain injury from natural sources or combat. Try eating something from the cafeteria to replenish it. You can also grab food from stores, but keep in mind that you must pay for it otherwise, the shopkeepers may become enraged! Yes, it’s strange to pick up food from the ground and eat it, but you have to do whatever it takes to survive!

Avoid brawls!

This school is insanely chaotic, with students and teachers behaving badly. If you see a fight breaking out, do your best to stay out of it. You might inadvertently harm someone, resulting in a trip to the principal’s office. You’ll have to spend unnecessary detention time at school because the principal usually always sides with the professors. If you persist in fighting back, try utilizing a weapon that you have laying around.

Do not leave yourself vulnerable!

If you ever find yourself battered and on the floor for any reason, quickly slide the digital pad and touch the assault button to get back up faster. If you do nothing, your character will remain vulnerable on the ground, vulnerable to additional attacks. In addition, if you are grappled, tapping the attack button will sometimes allow your character to counterattack!

Play Online

Sure, you’re undoubtedly used to us telling you to turn on your Wi-Fi or data to give the developers a rest. There is, however, another advantage to playing School Days online. Because not everyone remembers what they learned in school, it’s a good idea to be online while playing so you can Google the answers to the tests and keep your sanity intact by not receiving a ding on your report card for answering teachers questions incorrectly.

Have the Correct Tools

Music class will necessitate the use of a musical instrument, Sports class will necessitate the use of athletic equipment, and Cookery class will necessitate the use of food or beverages. With that in mind, arrive 1-3 periods early for these lessons to ensure you have the necessary equipment — musical instruments may be found in the Theatre, sporting equipment in the Gym, and food/drinks in the Cafeteria. Bringing no equipment automatically lowers your grade and, as previously stated, your sanity.


The game’s graphics design is a major flaw. To begin with, we cannot deny that the game’s scenes are rather varied. The concepts are also incredibly genuine and alive. We believe the designers have attempted to describe real-life scenarios in great detail.

Yes, the game’s graphical design is acceptable in terms of quantity. However, there is a significant concern in terms of quality. To begin with, all of the characters’ customs, hair colors, and designs are antiquated. It will transport you back to the 1990s.

Second, in-game mobility is not as fluid as you might expect. To be honest, we think it’s phony and obnoxious. The game’s characters have absolutely no facial emotions. We understand that this is only a 2D game, and we shouldn’t expect too much. School Day’s aesthetics, however, are a unique drawback when compared to other 2D games like a Hard Time (Prison Sim).

Audio Effects

While the graphical design is a flaw, the game’s sound effect is strong, and some players may be disturbed by the inexplicable buzzing. However, it makes the game more realistic for us. This game contains practically every common sound, such as an alarm clock, an ambulance siren, and school guitar practice. Of course, considering you’ll be fighting a lot, it’ll come in handy for pain sounds. These are not complicated or unusual noises. They are just ordinary sounds that you can hear in your city on a daily basis. And, as we all know, simplicity is the best. The sounds in this game are fantastic. It will pique your attention. Furthermore, loudness may be easily adjusted or muted.

Players Reviews

Players Reviews
• To be honest when I downloaded the game I didn’t expect much but since I’ve played it for the first time I see this it’s actually really well made! The game has a premium feature where you can get special options like customizing before the start of the game but it doesn’t take away from the actual point and is more of a side thing that players can choose to buy to give the creator some support which they definitely deserve btw. I like all the questions and have even learned a few new things.

• Man, you can’t get a more engaging game than this! The objective of any game is to make the player play with fun, and glued in, and this game scores on both counts. But, two issues, my character was ended automatically after only three sessions who enrolled in class 10, and also, at times my player starts doing things on his own and I have no control over his actions! It hurts the gameplay and my grades, you know.

School Days MOD

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How to Install School Days MOD APK on Android?

First of all, make sure to delete any previous version of this game installed on your device. Then, go to settings, click on security, and then click on Enable The Unknown Sources(just in case the installation doesn’t start).

The mod APK file for this app is very easy to install. Here are a few steps to install this app on Android devices.

Enable Unknown Sources

  1. Click on the download button below to download.
  2. Wait until the download completes, then open it
  3. Install the app on your android device.
  4. Follow all the instructions given inside.
  5. Once it is properly installed, start, and enjoy the amazing features of this fantastic app.

How to Install School Days MOD APK on PC?


It’s very easy to Install School Days MOD APK on a PC. You can either use Bluestacks or NOX player to do so. Here is the method.
1. First of all you will have to download and install the Bluestacks player into your pc, which is an android emulator and used to run any mobile application on pc.
2. After installing the emulator you will have to download the mod APK from our site.
3. After downloading you need to execute the file or click on “Import From Windows” for installation purposes.
4. After installation click on the launch button and you are good to go.

How To Install School Days MOD APK file On Mac?

Installing School Days MOD APK on Mac is almost the same as a personal computer, one has to install an android emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox player first which is easy to do. It is very easy, Follow the following steps to get it.

  • Download an Android emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox player (whatever one prefers) from their official website.
  • Install the Emulator by following on-screen commands.
  • Download the School Days MOD APK file following the above download instructions.
  • Go to your file location on your PC. Right-click and choose “Open with Bluestacks or Nox player”.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions for installing the android app on your Mac OS device. Installing the School Days MOD APK on Mac OS will take a few minutes.
  • The installation will start. Once it’s over, you will be notified through an official notification. Click and create a shortcut on the desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions About School Days

What can you do in the School Days game?

School Days is a game developed by MDickie and is the sequel to a Hard Time. The objective of the game is to graduate from high school without being suspended or becoming so violent that you are transported to the hospital. If you are a teacher or a civilian, you can report someone to the principal.

How do you get a girlfriend on School Days?

Show an interest in her life.
  1. Ask her about her dance classes or any sports she plays. Girls love talking about their interests.
  2. Ask her about her pets. If she has a cat or a dog, she’ll love that you care.
  3. Make sure that you have a balance.
  4. Ask her about her friends.

How do you throw something in School Days?

I’ve finally changed how you throw in older games like Hard Time and School Days. You now merely hold a direction while dropping to throw, as in more recent games.


We hope that you’ll like this comprehensive article about this game and also, you’ll enjoy playing the game from our site. Comment on your queries.

What's new

- Wider display for enhanced compatibility with modern phones in either landscape orientation, whilst still retaining support for older 32-bit devices.
- Faster frame rate is recommended by default (130%).


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