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Super City MOD APK - Super City is a simulation game in which players take on the role of superheroes while running an organization for all extraterrestrials. Everything inside includes a diverse range of content, capabilities, possibilities, and more that may be used to improve gameplay or engage players to new levels.
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Super City MOD APK – Super City is a simulation game in which players take on the role of superheroes while running an organization for all extraterrestrials. Everything inside includes a diverse range of content, capabilities, possibilities, and more that may be used to improve gameplay or engage players to new levels. Furthermore, the game is entirely built on the hero element, allowing players to use their imagination when creating a unique metropolis.

Each character in this game has unique abilities that can be employed during tough conflicts. When you reach higher levels, your character becomes more reliable and you gain access to additional strong moves and combinations. Fortunately, we have the option of selecting a set of luxury accessories as well as our character’s appearance. However, as we all know, many amazing customization choices are locked in this game, and if we want to utilize them, we must purchase the editor option from the game store for real money.

Choose from 150 characters, modify them to your liking, and then head out into the city to plant your faction’s flag on every building and location. Immerse yourself in Super City’s wild environment and create your unique adventure.

Use a variety of strategies to overcome your opponents while remaining focused. Combat is much easier with superpowers. Superpowers such as Mouth Flame, Invisibility, Force Push, Freeze, Palm Fire, and others can be equipped. With the mouth flame ability, your characters can breathe fire and cause damage to their opponents from afar. Your characters become invisible when you use invisibility, and you can easily defeat your opponents in this manner.

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Super City MOD APK Features

System of heroes

The game’s developer has stated that there would be 150 characters in total. It will take a long time to fully understand each hero’s skills. Not only is it a long struggle, but players are also under a lot of strain when they play the character. The player can move without boundaries, walk, jump, and fly, which is the human side limit. Super City is a battleground for heroes, and the weak will be gradually eliminated. Mentally prepared and strengthened to face the threat posed by the enemy.

Combat abilities

Each character has unique fighting abilities. Letter symbols positioned on the sides of the screen are used to control the game. Of course, each one has its own set of abilities, such as jumping, attacking, and flying… It is, nevertheless, quite easy to memorize. Simply concentrate on a few battles and win, and you’ll recall the talent without even realizing it. Give the baddies some lessons they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Super City is a haven for real-life superheroes. Explore the enormous cosmos and summon hundreds of different characters to fight. In this game, hands and eyeballs can be used as weapons to assault the enemy. You can’t predict what you’ll face ahead of time. However, do not surrender to a powerful opponent. To return to the superhero survival mode and control this metropolis, download the Super City mod.

Customize Characters

Following hero choosing, you proceed to the part where you can alter your character’s appearance. The number of skins available in Super City (Superhero Sim) is enormous. Starting with the color of your hair, mustache, and beard, and finishing with the measurements, you have a lot of options. There are over a hundred different varieties of faces, as well as about 80 different hairstyles. After you’ve finished designing your hero’s appearance, you’ll need to choose a superpower for him and enhance his damage, defense, and speed indicators. The character editor is fairly diversified in general, and it can take a long time to have your hero ready here.


Aside from the conventional fistfights and weapon confrontations, each hero has his superpower, which is chosen during fighter creation. These abilities come in large numbers. Palm Lazer, Eye Lazer, Chest Lazer, Freeze, Web, Logthing, Invisibility, Arrow, Ninja, Mind control, Attract Object, Imitate appearance, Sleep, Blinding, Defecation, Forse push, Ignite, Rescale, Green Lazer, and Telepathy are some of the options available. As you can see, Super City has over twenty talents, many of which are rather unique, so you’ll want to think carefully before selecting one.

Combat Mechanics

The nicest part about the super metropolis is that you don’t have to use any of the numerous combat mechanics. It’s simple: simply press the controlling button to activate the heroes’ various superpowers. When you’re a superhero and your mission is to protect the city, it can be difficult, but if you know the correct type of mechanism, nothing will get in your way. The beauty of this game is that when things are kept simple, everything becomes rather likable.


This game’s aesthetics are unusual and unique in a variety of ways. A user who has never played this game will get astonished when they see their superheroes in such digital avatars. If you are the type of person who always enjoys seeing your superhero figures in the most designed way, then be ready to surprise. Because here everything is made uniquely, whether it’s the design of your favorite superhero or their characters, the visuals are created in quite funny and weird ways for sure.

Fantasy Battles

Simply by mentioning Marvel and DC’s iconic comic universes, their fans will provide you with daily clashes that only exist in fiction. They are overly invested in some personalities and believe they are indestructible. Or that they are so enamored with their comic universe that they believe other heroes are weak. As a result, for many years, it has sparked ferocious debates on social media. The debates went on and on.

This game will assist participants in achieving their goals. Super City allows you to create conflicts only in your imagination with over 150 superheroes and supervillains. Do you consider the Civil War or the Secret War to be the most important wars in your favorite comic book universe? You may also make tag team matches with a larger number of players here. You may also pit Marvel Comics characters against DC Comics characters. Of course, the fate of this struggle is determined by you, your gaming abilities, and your dedication.

MOD Features

– Unlocked Premium

– Superheroes Unlocked

– Unlocked Zones

– Unlocked Weapons

– Offline mode

Creating New Friendships

Apart from having sidekicks following you around fighting alongside you in every battle, and learning new talents, there are other reasons to make friends with in-game characters of the same alignment if they ask for it. (This also goes for in-game characters who become your boyfriend or girlfriend.) You’ll have more allies and individuals helping you out in combat if you have more friends, and some friendships begin when characters randomly offer useful ideas on how to play the game, allowing you to learn something new while making new friends.

Random Quests

Characters will approach you and ask you to perform something for them, just like in other MDickie games. One character, for example, might ask you to bring him a shovel in five minutes. We recommend that you follow and complete those tasks, as doing so will provide you with a vital ally if you are fighting in the same room. You might be taught some new special skills as part of your friendship. Just keep in mind that the new talent you learn will take precedence over the one you already have.

Hilarious Dialogues

Super City includes a lot of unique stuff for players to engage with various NPCs in the area, even though it is mostly focused on superheroes. Not only that, but a novel interactive mechanism will allow users to learn more about people’s personalities or make jokes. Some noteworthy contacts also lead to a slew of unexpected opportunities to finish chores more quickly and efficiently than normal.

What's new

Wider display for enhanced compatibility with modern phones in either landscape orientation, whilst still retaining support for older 32-bit devices.
- Faster frame rate is recommended by default (130%).


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