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Stick Cricket Live MOD APK - Stick Cricket Live Mod Apk on your phone or tablet. It's a free sports game by the Stick Sports Ltd studio that's available on the Android Market.
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Stick Cricket Live is a dynamic and engaging mobile game/app that brings the excitement and strategy of cricket right to your fingertips. Known for its fast-paced gameplay and intuitive controls, this app offers cricket enthusiasts and casual gamers alike the chance to dive into the world of competitive cricket without leaving their homes. Its unique blend of simplicity and depth makes Stick Cricket Live an appealing choice for all ages, including teenagers who are looking for a quick sporting challenge or a fun way to connect with the sport. With vibrant graphics and smooth performance, the game captures the essence of cricket, making every match an exhilarating experience.

Unlike traditional cricket games that require complex controls and deep knowledge of the sport, Stick Cricket Live simplifies the experience without stripping away the strategic elements that make cricket so captivating. Players can quickly learn the basics and start competing in live matches against opponents from around the globe. The focus on batting allows players to feel the rush of hitting big sixes and carefully navigating the bowlers’ tactics, offering a satisfying blend of action and strategy. Whether you’re a seasoned cricket fan or new to the game, Stick Cricket Live provides an accessible platform to enjoy the thrill of the sport.

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Stick Cricket Live Features

Play with your buddies.

Once you’ve learned how to play cricket, you’ll want to play it all the time. Cricket was the first sport I learned when I was very little. I was completely unaware of it at the time. I just discovered that it was a sport with a lot of complexities (ball, playing and polishing tools, etc.). And I long for cricket time with my father and brother outside of the schoolyard. But now it’s just a nostalgic trip down memory lane. I came upon a mobile game devoted to cricket one day and received a deluge of comments, so I downloaded and played it right away. And, well, it didn’t let me down.

Cricket’s main principle is to hit the ball with the bat. Stick Cricket Live 21 is a real-time one-on-one PvP game where you can fight anybody you want, from friends to other internet gamers, at any time, on your mobile. During the epidemic season, this is unquestionably one of the most enjoyable and beneficial activities.

Simple to play but Challenging

Everything is simpler in Stick Cricket Live 21 than in other Cricket games. It’s more of a one-on-one game. All you have to do is remain still and shoot the ball using two easy controls on the screen. The goal is to strike the ball as hard as possible and send it as far as possible. To accomplish this properly, however, you’ll need a lot of practice. As a result, many people still believe that cricket is a fun but exciting experience. It’s not as physically demanding as football or as aggressive as rugby, but it’s also not as quiet as golf. A sport that sits in the middle, balancing everything.

Cricket matches, in my perspective, move at a quick speed. It may take a few tries to get the hang of the game and take the initiative to hit the ball accurately. You’ll be back in shape once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of striking the ball. You can obtain an advantage over your opponent if you train diligently. The challenge comes not only from the fast speed but also from the Live competition. You take turns hitting the ball against your opponents. Whoever scores the most points in the shortest amount of time wins the match.

The third feature that makes this game challenging is that you will be playing against another person in real-time. Each individual will have a unique playstyle and strategy, making them less predictable than the machine’s NPC. It’s impossible to cut the ground beneath someone’s feet. Stick Cricket Live 21 has a unique allure due to its unpredictable nature.

You’ll be able to unlock a few fascinating things if you’ve amassed a large number of points. Unlocking famous 3D cricket stadiums around the world; unlocking new types of bats with a variety of unique abilities to help you hit the ball better in the future, and upgrading the bowler are just some of the options available. Making tactical decisions that are appropriate for the opponent you are about to face will help you get closer to victory.

Players face off in a 1v1 match.

In Stick Cricket Live, you will compete in a 1vs.1 battle against another player. The batter, not the bowler, will be the opposing player. When you hit the ball, it will disappear and be replaced by the other player’s red ball. Whoever’s ball travels the furthest receives more points. At the end of the game, the one with the most points wins.

To gain the most points, you’ll need to think about a variety of things. After each shot, the indication on the notification bar shows you where your shot is most accurate. If you hit the ball in that position, it will help you to improve your score. You want the ball to fly off the field and occasionally land in the stands when you make a successful shot. The ball will not travel far if you miss or hit it too early. As a result, it’s critical to pay attention and be precise with your shots.

Cricket stadiums from around the world in 3D

Cricket is a fast-paced, sight-based sport. The goal for each team member, bowler or not, is to get as near to the ball as possible before letting go of their arm movement. When one team misses their goal by a few inches, it will result in a fight between the two teams. I can’t wait for Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh), Dubai Worldwide Cricket Academy Indoor Stadium, and mandate fields England South Africa tri sovereign university venue to open in 2023. Unlock 3D stadiums from across the world and enjoy multiplayer cricket games in your own backyard. Users will be able to unlock stuff such as digital maps and player skins through a new app.

Unlock cards and collect them.

Start accumulating cards if you want a more talented and promising character. These cards will be sorted into groups based on their rarity. There are seventeen common cards, eight rare cards, five epic cards, and one unique hero card in the set. Famous Cricket players are depicted on each card. Aryu Insayn, Hugh Mungus, Raging Bull, and the famous Pavel Florin are among the most prominent players. You must win the big matches with the most decisive player. To become the new champion, defeat opponents with the greatest skills. What is important is how you use your skills while playing.


The tool bag is where you’ll keep your hunting supplies. When you accomplish a mission, you will be given a tool bag. It is possible to obtain it through events or to purchase it for a fee. There will be cards ranging from common to rare, as well as resources and nice sticks. Free bags, “run” loads, blue, enormous red, and extensive green bags will be shared among the bags. You will receive goods with the corresponding rarity according to the box based on this level. Every day, the more you play, the more boxes you’re likely to get. Find out what you’ll get when you open the package.

Outstanding Rewards

Players will be able to receive fantastic rewards such as diamonds, coins, and even chests after completing specific stages of Stick Cricket Live. Chests unlock a variety of unusual objects, as well as the batters and sporting equipment that go with them. At the same time, you can utilize your resources to open more chests, giving you the chance to improve the batters’ stats. It will assist you in getting more flawless photos.

MOD Features

– Auto Perfect Hit

– Mega Menu

– Auto Hit

– Locations Unlocked

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In conclusion, Stick Cricket Live is a must-try mobile game/app for anyone with a love for cricket or a desire for a fun, competitive gaming experience. Its blend of live multiplayer action, customization, and skill-based progression makes it an endlessly entertaining app that captures the spirit of cricket. Whether you’re aiming to dominate the global leaderboard or just looking for a quick sporting fix, Stick Cricket Live offers a vibrant and accessible platform to enjoy the game like never before. Grab your bat, step onto the pitch, and prepare to hit it out of the park with Stick Cricket Live.

What's new

Thank you for playing Stick Cricket Live. We are continuously working to improve the game. Please use the in-app feedback to provide ideas, report bugs and make feature requests - we're listening!

This update includes bug fixes and enhancements.


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