Touchgrind Skate 2 MOD APK v Latest May 2024 [All unlocked]


Touchgrind Skate 2 (MOD, Unlocked) - Continue the popular first section of the game, in which you can play as a genuine skateboarder. Perform various skateboard tricks to gain points and place first on the global scoreboard. Show off all of your abilities.
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Touchgrind Skate 2 is a revolutionary mobile game that brings the thrilling experience of skateboarding right to your fingertips. Developed by Illusion Labs, this game stands out with its innovative touch-based controls that mimic the movements of real skateboarding. Players use their fingers to control the skateboard, performing tricks and maneuvers just like they would on an actual board. Set in visually stunning skateparks, Touchgrind Skate 2 offers an immersive and realistic skateboarding experience, challenging players to master a variety of skills and tricks.

The appeal of Touchgrind Skate 2 lies in its combination of realistic physics and intricate control mechanics. The game requires skill, precision, and practice, much like actual skateboarding. Players can engage in different modes, tackling various challenges and missions. Whether you’re a seasoned skateboarder or a newcomer to the sport, Touchgrind Skate 2 provides an engaging platform to hone your skateboarding skills and execute complex tricks with a simple swipe of your fingers.

Touchgrind Skate 2 Features

Realistic Physics

Feel what it’s like to skateboard for the first time. Touchgrind Skate 2 is a skateboarding game with realistic physics and eye-catching 3D graphics that will make your tricks come to life. You can also learn new abilities by watching tutorial videos. Three skateparks featuring bowls, curbs, ramps, boxes, and over 2,000-meter rails are also available!

There’s also a name-detection trick in the game that you can test out! So, be ready for a thrilling experience in Touchgrind Skate 2, and don’t forget to tell your friends! This game could be able to assist you in learning a new skill!

Addictive Skateboarding

Enjoy the easy-to-learn but highly addictive skateboarding game. To begin, you’ll have access to easy yet addictive skating gameplay on your mobile devices, complete with genuine skateboarding experiences. The realistic physics and dynamic gameplay will keep you entertained.

As you maneuver your boards past a variety of obstacles, take advantage of the easy and intuitive touch controls. Use the easy gesture and touch controls to perform astonishing and dazzling acrobatics whenever you want. And immerse yourself in the wide range of fascinating gameplay that Touchgrind Skate 2 has to offer.

Time Attack and Training Modes

For players looking to sharpen their skills, the game offers a Time Attack mode, where they must complete as many tricks as possible within a set time limit. Additionally, the Training mode is perfect for beginners or those looking to practice specific maneuvers. In this mode, players can take their time to master the controls and tricks without any pressure.

Variety of Skateparks and Challenges

Touchgrind Skate 2 features a variety of skateparks, each with unique layouts and obstacles. Players can explore different environments, from street courses to halfpipes, each offering new challenges and opportunities for tricks. The game also includes a range of missions and challenges, testing players’ skills and encouraging them to improve and learn new maneuvers.

Compete Against Your Friends

Compete against your friends and other online players. For those who are interested, the game also offers fascinating online gameplay with friends and other internet gamers from across the world. Feel free to compete for the Leaderboards by challenging each other. Follow your friends’ progress and boast about your latest accomplishments to them. When you’re not playing by yourself, the game will be a lot more enjoyable.

Extensive Trick Library

The game offers an extensive library of skateboarding tricks, from basic ollies and kickflips to advanced aerial maneuvers. Players can experiment with different tricks, combining them to create impressive combos. The trick library serves as a guide and inspiration, helping players expand their skateboarding repertoire.


Collecting skateboards is an enjoyable aspect of any skateboarding pastime. These are significant to a lot of skaters. You can acquire a tonne of skateboard parts in Touchgrind Skate 2 to design your own! This will let you race in style in the skateparks and wow your buddies with your build.

Key Features

  • Stunning 3D graphics and realistic physics
  • Training, Competition, and Jam Sessions are three free-roam game types.
  • Video tutorials – watch and try for yourself!
  • Touchgrind and Touchgrind BMX evolved into natural multi-touch controls.
  • View from a tilted camera, similar to Touchgrind BMX
  • Three skateparks, each having bowls, ramps, curbs, boxes, and more than 2.000 meters of rails
  • Unlock decks, wheels, grip tapes, and stickers by completing the 100 challenges.
  • A true skating experience – Detection of trick names
MOD Features

– No Ads

– All Unlocked

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In conclusion, Touchgrind Skate 2 is a mobile game that offers a unique and realistic skateboarding experience. With its innovative touch-based controls, realistic physics, variety of skateparks, extensive trick library, and customization options, the game provides a comprehensive platform for skateboarding enthusiasts and gamers alike. Whether you’re perfecting your skills or just enjoying the thrill of skateboarding, Touchgrind Skate 2 delivers an exciting and authentic adventure on your mobile device.

What's new

- New Skate Park: The Office
- New special boards.


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