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F1 Clash is an exhilarating mobile game that brings the high-speed world of Formula 1 racing to your fingertips. Developed by Hutch Games, this strategic racing game offers an immersive experience for both casual players and die-hard F1 fans.
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F1 Clash MOD APK Overview

F1 Clash Mod Apk is an exhilarating mobile game that brings the high-speed world of Formula 1 racing to your fingertips. Developed by Hutch Games, this strategic racing game offers an immersive experience for both casual players and die-hard F1 fans. With its intuitive controls, stunning graphics, and competitive gameplay, F1 Clash delivers an authentic Formula 1 experience like no other.

In F1 Clash, players have the opportunity to build and manage their own Formula 1 team, competing against other players from around the world in thrilling real-time races. The game offers a wide range of customizable cars, each with unique stats and abilities, allowing players to create their dream team and fine-tune their strategy.

The gameplay revolves around a strategic approach, as players must carefully manage their resources, including fuel, tires, and car components, during races. Making strategic decisions, such as when to pit for fresh tires or refuel, can make all the difference in securing victory. The game also introduces a card system, where players can collect and upgrade various cards to enhance their team’s performance.

F1 Clash features different race modes, including duels against other players, time-limited events, and league championships. The duels provide intense head-to-head racing action, where players must showcase their skills and tactical prowess to outmanoeuvre their opponents and cross the finish line first. Time-limited events offer unique challenges and rewards, while league championships allow players to compete against other teams for top rankings and prizes.

With its stunning visuals, realistic sound effects, and official Formula 1 license, F1 Clash brings the excitement of Formula 1 racing directly to your mobile device. Whether you’re a fan of the sport or simply enjoy thrilling racing games, F1 Clash is a must-play title that guarantees adrenaline-pumping action and endless hours of competitive fun.

Information About F1 Clash MOD APK

App Name F1 Clash MOD APK
Latest Version
Size 48 MB
Developed By Hutch Games
Platform Android
Requirement 6.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads 10 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Bucks
Updated 2 days ago
Category Racing

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F1 Clash MOD APK Features

Unlock All Amazing Cars

In this game, players have the opportunity to experience numerous stunning and high-speed F1 cars. Each car surpasses the previous one, so unlock all the cars and enjoy racing against your opponents. You can also personalize your F1s by changing their colours to your preferences, making them look even better and unique. However, if you prefer not to make any changes, that’s perfectly fine because F1 cars are already incredibly attractive on their own.

Compete Against Other Racers

This game offers various modes to play, along with multiple events and tournaments taking place worldwide. Compete against legendary racers and defeat them all to claim the top position on the leaderboard and earn the title of a legendary contender. Engage in races with multiple opponents or enjoy thrilling 1vs1 races that provide a highly competitive environment.

Unlock All Cars

During the races, you will come across many stunning cars. Meanwhile, you can unlock your favourite car from the shop and select it for the race. Each car has its own unique abilities and manoeuvres suited for different track conditions. Moreover, in the F1 Clash Mod Apk, all cars are readily unlocked and can be easily upgraded over time. Additionally, you have the option to customize your car by changing its colours and exterior appearance. While F1 cars are already visually impressive, the customization options make them look even more fantastic.

F1 Clash Unlimited Money And Coins

Money plays a vital role in upgrading car engines, changing tires, refilling fuel, and recruiting teams. Having unlimited money and coins allows you to easily unlock different levels and cars, and utilize them to the fullest. The F1 Clash hack provides unlimited money and bucks, which can be used for various purposes. With unlimited resources, you can fully enjoy the game with additional features and updates.

Build Your Own Team

As you may already know, each racer has their own team that supports them throughout the races. You have control over your team’s actions, such as managing pit stops, repairing the vehicle, changing tires, refuelling, and more. Therefore, having a skilled and professional team is essential in F1 races. Build your own team and let them handle everything for you.

All Cars are Pre-Unlocked

The advanced cars are locked in the regular version of the game. You need to play the game and earn money to unlock these cars. However, the amount of money you earn is insufficient compared to the car’s cost, so it will take multiple attempts to unlock them. In the F1 Manager mod apk, all these cars are pre-unlocked, allowing you to drive any car without any restrictions.

Realistic Simulation

The F1 Clash Game APK provides a simulation that closely resembles reality, as it features characters, cars, and official circuits from the “Formula_1 World Championship 2021.” If you aspire to become a professional racer in the future, the realistic atmosphere of the game will help you prepare. Some drivers who can serve as a source of motivation include Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, and Daniel Ricciardo.

Deep Strategy

Being a good racer alone is not enough to win races; a well-thought-out strategy is crucial. As a manager, you need to think broadly and develop effective strategies based on the situation at hand. Consider factors like road turns and weather conditions while formulating your strategy.

One popular strategy is the pit strategy, where you analyze the weaknesses of your opponents and exploit them. Guide your driver to hit the opponent’s car from behind, causing an accident and eliminating them from the race. You can also block the path of dominant racers to secure your position and emerge victorious.

Formula One Official Content

F1 Clash also offers official content from the world of Formula One. You can drive on iconic tracks and with famous cars, battling for victory in each race weekend. With the Driver Tracker Mode, you can monitor your driver’s performance throughout the entire season, staying one step ahead. Detailed analytics, customizable team setups, and live leaderboards provide you with all the tools necessary to claim the top spot. Immerse yourself in the F1 Clash Mod Apk and become one of the greatest teams on Earth!

Double Your Rival

F1 Clash also features a unique mode called Double Your Rival. This mode allows you to select an opponent and earn double the points your driver scores compared to your rival’s performance each race weekend. It’s a fantastic way to maximize your team’s success and add an extra layer of fun while competing against other drivers worldwide. Challenge yourself today, push your limits, and become one of the top teams in F1 Clash!


Car Racing Manager provides a comprehensive and objective view from above. Instead of sitting behind the wheel, you manage the race like an observer. The game allows you to oversee the entire race from above, offering a distinctive experience compared to other games. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each racer, you can determine the best course of action for each race. This enables you to develop a winning strategy for the next race. The racing interface may not provide abundant information, but the accurately simulated F1 cars are worth appreciating. These cars closely resemble their real-world counterparts and are highly popular among motorsport fans.

Game Modes

The game modes in F1 Clash are designed to provide an authentic driving experience. You can compete in 1v1 races, engage in PVP mode, or practice laps. Allow your team to test different cars and become familiar with the various mechanics of Formula One racing. In addition to the game modes, you can race against top drivers from around the world.

In F-One Championship mode, you can choose from over 40 real drivers, including Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Valtteri Bottas. Each of these drivers possesses unique cars and skills that you can master. Compete against players worldwide and share your own races with others.

Grand Prix Events

The game features weekly Grand Prix Events that are highly competitive but offer attractive rewards in the form of coins, crates, and boosts. These events are divided into four levels: junior, challenger, contender, and champion. Make sure not to miss any of these events, as skipping them means missing out on valuable rewards.

No Ads

It can be frustrating when ads pop up while using the F1 hack. However, with F1 Clash Mod APK, you no longer have to deal with advertisements, as they have been removed from the game.

Seize the Opportunity

F1 Clash places the power of a Formula One team in your hands. With real-world drivers, dynamic race conditions, and detailed analytics tools, you can unlock new opportunities to challenge rivals in an international championship season. Compete against some of the best teams in the world and seize every opportunity for success—victory is just one well-made decision away!

Take Charge

Take charge of your own Formula One team and build the most successful outfit on Earth. With F1 Clash Mod Apk, you can manage every aspect of a championship season, from driver salaries to equipment upgrades. Embrace the full potential of modern motorsport—it’s time to achieve victory! Utilize detailed analytics tools to make informed decisions, monitor your rivals, and push boundaries with Double Your Rival mode. Join forces with other Formula One teams in Race as a Union for shared successes! Get ready—it’s time to take charge of an entire sport.

Personalize Your Strategy

F1 Clash also allows you to customize your strategy to match your preferred style of play. Whether it’s engaging in Double Your Rival mode against rival teams or collaborating with other Formula One teams worldwide in Race as a Union, the choice is yours! With detailed analytics tools, you can inform your decisions and ensure that each move is perfect for achieving success. So choose how YOU want to race, be creative, discover new strategies, and take charge of an entire sport today!

Compete with Opponents

Competitions with opponents are captivating for viewers. Within the game, you’ll find various multi-fam contests for racing and car running. The game has surpassed expectations and requires careful observation before customizing your vehicles. As the manager and team leader, it’s essential to share complete details to sabotage your opponent’s vehicle. F1 Clash unlimited bucks help you upgrade cars and engines while competing with opponents.

Control and Management

The best aspect of the game is the easy and manageable control it offers. You can effortlessly handle the entire team and its evaluations. Moreover, the drivers are under your control, and you can train them according to your requirements. You can thoroughly analyze the situation and observe every detail with various tools. Enhance your powers and the health of your vehicle. F1 Clash provides great features with numerous benefits.

Repairs and Enhanced Vehicles

Car Racing Manager features the latest F1 models, including McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, and more. These vehicles are faithfully designed replicas of their real-world counterparts. Additionally, you can upgrade engines, tires, and other vehicle parts for improved performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions About F1 Clash MOD APK

Do you need Internet to play F1 Clash?

Playing F1® Clash need a continuous online connection.

Can you play against a friend on F1 Clash?

Currently, playing versus your friends is not an option. The competitors you compete against in events are chosen at random.

How does F1 Clash work?

You control two drivers during a race. The higher on the leaderboard your drivers place, the more points they will receive. You may choose when each car should make a pit stop and manage their pace. The tyres will also wear out more quickly the faster you travel, as will your car’s condition and power unit bars.

How to get free coins in F1 Clash?

By watching adverts, which you may do seven times every eight hours, you can receive free coins and a free crate. Additionally, a Free crate option is available in the store and may be redeemed every four hours. By completing milestones in Pit Pass, you may also earn goodies every day!

Does F1 clash have bots?

We expand the search if a fair match is still not discovered. But beyond a certain point, when the scope of the search grows too large, we give up and give you a robot named Rival. Bots are identical replicas of other players that have recently played the game (name, load-out, etc.) and are thought to be a good match.

What's new

This release contains bug fixes and some optimisation work.



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